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  1. You are amazing, great work and thank you I have some questions though. At first, are you absolutely sure we need to sarch 150 Word (green) not Double (Yellow)? And when I search for 150 Double there are 44 results, but they are as Anonymous not C++ heap. Do you have any idea why, because it can change something.
  2. Congratulations. Would you share with us the solution?
  3. I don’t remember if he has those buildings. But I think he has them. He trades items and sometimes appears in the GTHQ. I saw his city. He has a spider building near his GTHQ building. He is a Chinese hacker. I don’t play SCBI since they introduced gambling. It’s illegal and against my morality. I am not sure if he plays anymore. You need to play a lot to find him, because it’s a chance to come across him. And he rarely appears in the cheaters server ?
  4. Because there is a cheater called EA0086, who has unlocked all the buildings and he places them ANYWHERE in the map, not only in the AVAILABLE space. If he can unlock buildings, it means that it is possible
  5. Well, we know it is possible ? It is even possible to build items in the other side of the map (where you normally can’t). We just don’t know step by step how to do it. I tried like thousands times.
  6. I don’t know if it’s possible to do that using game guardian... We need to have exact code to be able to unlock them... I did some tweaking with those numbers, none of my efforts brought a result...
  7. I’ve already searched the numbers. They do exist, but I couldn’t do anything with them. They just are there. That’s all. If you can solve that, please write here I know a cheater city named something like EA0086, where he uses every special and seasonal buildings. So unlocking them IS POSSIBLE, but I don’t know how
  8. Okay. I searched in Game Guardian both 1) and 2) but found nothing. Then I searched 475;65536 and next 475;65537 and next 475;65538 and next 475;65539 and found some results in all of the cases. 475 number is green (WORD), 65536, 65537, 65538, 65539 are light blue (DWORD). But I am not sure what is next. Should I delete them? Or change value for something else?
  9. Please, tell me how? I love these red buildings _______________________________________________ added 0 minutes later What is the name of this apk mod?
  10. Hello, how can I unlock all season/special buildings (f.e. Red Day, Lunar etc.) in SimCity BuildIt using Game Guardian or other cheating tools? Please, help.
  11. Hello You need to use Game Guardian offline and switch between multiple devices. I didn’t get the ban for a week of using it, but if a game will detect cheating you got banned instantly. I got banned too, but I did it on purpose. Naughty Island is an awesome place, I have friends there, a club, people seems to be more kind and helpful. GTHQ is full of various items, not only sugar&spices or burgers. There is no competition in CoM as well. You can ask your close friends to cheat, then you will all in one place. If somebody will move me to regular server, I will cheat again to get on Naught Island. If you want to join us, please send a request to Active Mayors #JBHDPH
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