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  1. It does work. You may need to have more values to work with.
  2. If you add war cards to the specific card that is not working they will work again.
  3. You enter 1819633273; the cards amount you have for the cards you are searching::15
  4. I was having the same issues of the game crashing. Someone taught me a better way for finding the war cards Value. I will be doing a video soon for it.
  5. I don’t recommend modifying your game on the nice side unless you want to be booted to the naughty side
  6. I’ve always played on the naughty side so I do not know if it will work for the nice side. _______________________________________________ added 3 minutes later I believe the old method will only work if the cards are not maxed to level 15 you still need to purchase them in war store. as for finding the values I did that when buying war cards. you have to keep refining them and search the codes it’s the code that has -negative value x’s 2 in a row.
  7. I have 4 games I will be deleting. The war cards were all leveled up to 15. The game has not played enough wars to win war chest with getting war cards as rewards. I don’t recommend doing the war cards as we have been doing. Ea has fixed that and no longer works The new way of doing war cards is buying them and finding the card value and selling them in neomall. I’ve already tested this on a game that had level 8 war cards and I now have three war cards maxed at level 15 that work.
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