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Community Answers

  1. None of the virtual spaces work on my Chromebook, which is where I used GG.
  2. It would be easier if I had the game here, but currently I can't use GG anymore. Then another member can help you with that.
  3. So, why don't you use offset?
  4. So? The script he mentioned is open source, why don't you learn from it?
  5. Just be a little patient and things will get better, the GG community is huge and growing. There is no way this can end.
  6. Looks like he hasn't visited the forum for a long time.
  7. Collen

    need help

    Did you try encrypted search? I found this:
  8. Collen

    Script error

    You are using a wrong function, try change this: gg.setValues(so+py,4.0)
  9. This works for me: In your case you need search for - ~ -
  10. There is two values that always works for some Unity games: 0.08F - CA 0.000001F - XA or CB But may this happen or crash:
  11. You can check for colliders on dump, but I like to search the values on the game.
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