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  1. it is only the number 0 encrypted in this game. I put it that way to avoid getting much more search results and so not to take long.
  2. First part: Angry Brids Transformers - hack gold, gems, pigs, sparks - GameGuardian (#b0nog158)
  3. http://sendvid.com/8r2zttw8 ABT - Level
  4. You must uninstall or disable Facebook so you can start in parallel space. or you can uninstall FB and install FB Lite.
  5. http://sendvid.com/8fko30m1 Hack of Angry Brids Transformers - Gold - Gems - Pigs and sparks!
  6. https://gameguardian.net/forum/gallery/image/400-candy-crush-saga-hack-booster
  7. These are the values that are next to gold, that is why I place them, so that the search is more accurate and of few values in this case only those that I wanted. Sorry for the delay. _______________________________________________ added 2 minutes later works in the same way in GardenScapes
  8. EliudRm


    Totally in agreement with NoFear.
  9. Mm .. if you can run an LUA Script... just look for the script and run it.
  10. EliudRm

    DH5 New Update

    is it you, right?
  11. if you have your device is rooted you can increase zoom in by decreasing the screen size.
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