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  1. EliudRm

    No Root - Parallel Space

    Mm.. I have already tried it and I have not been able to root it and I think it is due to the security patch that I have. So I will look for another method. Equally grcs _______________________________________________ added 1 minute later but I just tried Xposed And it worked for me Although not quite right but at least I can do some things ...
  2. EliudRm

    No Root - Parallel Space

    Well, what I'm going to do is try each VSpaces, because in order to change the firmware I must have the boot manager unlocked, which I could not do so I can not root my device. By the way, the model is a Moto E4 Plus (XT1772) with the security patch of September 5. If anyone knows how to root it, please help me.
  3. EliudRm

    No Root - Parallel Space

    Ahh .. ok and if it still does not work?
  4. EliudRm

    No Root - Parallel Space

    You mean this ..
  5. EliudRm

    No Root - Parallel Space

    I have a new device which I have not been able to root for the moment, so I'm thinking about using a virtual space but it does not work for me either. I would like to know what I am doing Wrong ... I've also tried with Multiple Go and it's the same. What I do is, first, install GG, then I open GG and let it be reinstalled, now I go to Parallel Space and add GG and the game I want Hack it, but when you open GG you only find two Applications that are from Google Services and the game does not appear. Someone who can help me with this please!
  6. EliudRm

    Hill Climb Racing 2 - hack gold and gems - GameGuardian

    great .. how good it still works
  7. EliudRm

    Hill Climb Racing 2 - hack gold and gems - GameGuardian

    Well, sometimes it changes ..
  8. EliudRm

    Hill Climb Racing 2 - hack gold and gems - GameGuardian

    I increase one at the end, because that is the original value of gold and gems, the one you see in the game is just an illusion. And the ' ; ' I use it because as you say the value of the gems is next to the gold in memory, although now after the updates I think they are no longer together, so it is better to look for them separately.
  9. EliudRm

    Little big city 2

    just follow the steps of the explanation.. Is very easy!
  10. EliudRm

    Little big city 2

  11. EliudRm

    Skidstorm nitro hack

    There I do a group search to find the value of the nitro much faster.
  12. EliudRm

    Skidstorm nitro hack

    wait ... I think you'll understand it better with a video ..
  13. EliudRm

    Skidstorm nitro hack

    I speak of the GG memory editor list .. Well, it's complicated, but with the group search you can decrease the results. • For example: in a game you go to the store and you want buy '100' of gold for '10' gems, then no you would do a single search of '10' that would give you more than 10k of results, would a group search for '100:10:' (the method is not 100% sure that the value you are looking for is among the results you get) . • Also can select only one range of memory for diminish to a large extent results.
  14. EliudRm

    Skidstorm nitro hack

    suppose that in the 'nitro value memory editor' above the value there is a '127' and even if you close the game the number 127 is there, then you look for more similar values that never change and you do a group search, then you go to the editor of memory and you look for the value of the Nitro.
  15. EliudRm

    Adventure Xpress

    Are you sure you were increasing the value and not adding 1?