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  1. it is only the number 0 encrypted in this game. I put it that way to avoid getting much more search results and so not to take long.
  2. First part: Angry Brids Transformers - hack gold, gems, pigs, sparks - GameGuardian (#b0nog158)
  3. http://sendvid.com/8r2zttw8 ABT - Level
  4. http://sendvid.com/8fko30m1 Hack of Angry Brids Transformers - Gold - Gems - Pigs and sparks!
  5. These are the values that are next to gold, that is why I place them, so that the search is more accurate and of few values in this case only those that I wanted. Sorry for the delay. _______________________________________________ added 2 minutes later works in the same way in GardenScapes
  6. EliudRm


    Totally in agreement with NoFear.
  7. EliudRm

    DH5 New Update

    is it you, right?
  8. I increase one at the end, because that is the original value of gold and gems, the one you see in the game is just an illusion. And the ' ; ' I use it because as you say the value of the gems is next to the gold in memory, although now after the updates I think they are no longer together, so it is better to look for them separately.
  9. There I do a group search to find the value of the nitro much faster.
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