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  1. nalcwap


    is possible help me find chain of some app?i can not get chain of the find,i nead help thsnks
  2. nalcwap

    The sims mobile

    he not come here,not know why
  3. thanks, the life only accept one digit if more game freezes max 9 lifes but can be freezed by gameguardian [added 0 minutes later] how to get offsets from 32 and 64 how know?
  4. if the game have you can, you can get the other files and convert to apk but you need some emulator to get x86 or other device with x86
  5. i suspect that game is a bundle game,that mean playstore only send you depends your device, if your device not x86 he not gives you x86 libs if file are bundle
  6. one question if value of game add 10000 i need search add x1,x1, #0x10000?
  7. nalcwap

    strings help

    hi some people changed values with help of strings in games, my question how know the place for the values with the help of strings?example string life if i want find the value life how know where life value is stored?
  8. sorry you are wrong, not any, some games online you can not
  9. i noy test that game but if you want use pc emulator try game guardian nox version, not use the normal game guardian ,brcause is diferwnt in emulator
  10. nalcwap

    Help me on hex edit

    he not here i not know whats hapening to him
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