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  1. nalcwap

    iMonster - Rougelike rpg value doesn't change.

    same here , i see the changes when loose or get hp but when i edit no changes
  2. nalcwap

    Dupe Items

    ok thanks anyaway, if you find please send me private message, thanks
  3. nalcwap

    Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

    very thanks, can try this game i think is encryçpted but not sure , iMonster - Rougelike rpg value doesn't change. (#73lcg3k5)
  4. nalcwap

    Dupe Items

    app app is best for this in android?
  5. nalcwap

    Dupe Items

    ok thanks, that app is a pwa Progressive Web Apps app cache that work online and offline bujt than ks anyaway
  6. nalcwap

    Dupe Items

    one question can this change cached received files?example i have a app i need change in android , i can change temporary in devtools android but not exist for android and in devtools pc not save the changes in the cache i think , is possible in android with this?thanks and sorry of topic but i need this
  7. nalcwap

    Game guardian not finding results in

    one question when the errorf show your local places where search show is vale 0 and not the correct values?because i tried hack the harry pother game and same no searching and i find the places example cs,ca and more are all 0 value,thanks
  8. nalcwap

    Finaly started learning Lua

    good luck bro
  9. nalcwap

    Using Unrandomizer in iMonster

    i only find strings lol, include change name of place but no luck in this
  10. nalcwap

    8.69.0: Bypass ptrace protection - GameGuardian

    tthanks nolw not give error ptrace 106 to game man or vampire
  11. nalcwap

    8.69.0: Bypass ptrace protection - GameGuardian

    thanks for this
  12. nalcwap

    8.69.0: Bypass ptrace protection - GameGuardian

    great,now i can try see if i find the game is post with this error i not remember,thanks
  13. nalcwap

    8.69.0: Bypass ptrace protection - GameGuardian

    you mean if in old gameguardian give error 106 now is fixed?thanks
    great script, how to find the correct group search? i want hack farm heroes saga(same game developer) but im stuck with the valus not static to when i exit the values not static, exist any trick?other question is easy find the boosters?thanks
  14. nalcwap

    LUA scripting

    see this post by the enyby, > foo = function (n) return n*2 end > = foo(7) 14 Function must be defined BEFORE call. You define it AFTER. So BEFORE definition it is nil. , because in this example is the function called before in the variable foo , then we can call the funtion with the foo, i think is this he means