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  1. great tutorials as always thanks, can please post a example when have a encrypted game with more than one value?i mean the value encrypted not is one value but more values, thanks breo
  2. nalcwap

    Midnight Castle

    the score is easy hacked in region anonimus in dword value
  3. ok thanks bro, i tested in mumu emulator, thanks for help
  4. i mean that part where show this formats examle word , byte qword and more is unselected , and when i try change not save but in up part of screen is correct , see my scrren have 2 formats unselected but in up right part is correct and appear, in this case the double is unselected and in up part it appear
  5. sorry offtopic but i want report i think a bug in value formats the selection some formats are deselected and when i try select the changes not save, i see this in all normal,extended and experimental but i try with the pc emulator mumu i not know if in android is same error , update the up right part show the formats but in the part i show is unselected i not know why ,thanks
  6. the problem not the virtual spaces if is one or other , the problem is some protection if is in a virtual app
  7. are you using a virtual app or rooted device?if is virtual ap some games are protected to virtual app because not work the regions
  8. nalcwap

    Diggys Adventure

    sorry my bad english but i think you understand, the changes will revert if you close be advice
  9. nalcwap

    Diggys Adventure

    before you ask i not want money i like help if i can, second i find something, the energy left part (i noyt knoew if is visualy but i think not visualy because i found soe great values,you need freeze the eneegie, level asnd experiense not, if you find the energie is easy find experiense because show lv up,n now to find the energy put region anonimus , second search the left part energue dword value, and use until find one value, if you change that value and freeze when you use the value will change to correct value you change, when you find to change level and experience make goto in energie addreess and go up , puty the exp right part example 1 to when lv up go 1 lv see this scrrens with paint parts i changed, see values i put to know what i change , the money show i get when i lv up i not find this, i think is side server but you can use this for fun but wiill revert back to normal when exit , for fast search in anonimus and dword make group search like this lv, exp , exp until, your energiy left part vsalue for example lv 1 , 20 exp, 100 exp until, 200 energiy try with your values in my example aare 1;20;100;200:.40 , you need put ordered values and put 40 size , but the other vaslues not put this is depend your values , update when you restart you will loose all , only work freeze and will revert, i not know if is online or if bacause i not use account
  10. you need to freeze the values
  11. go rigion anonimus, search hp in double are there the min and max are next lines and freeze the values see screen, group search the hp/hp liker example hp 150/15o search 150;150::9
  12. bro i not try hp but when i try search something i find something cool by luck, remember the cheast in pubg i think is this game or im mistaske the name where the enemies show a color where them , i find the enemies line but not know correct value or values , try search and testing until find the correct, if correct show strange colors where the enemies, mark only anonimoa region to search, then make a group search 40;40;40::40 this mean in order and when find try increase 4 to values, if the lines not appear delete and revert the values, and try until find, i not will be responsible by any bad error , try only if you want, here the scrrens, not easy catch the lines with screrenshot
  13. nalcwap

    {9} IO Error

    sorry i not find any fix, try ask here
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