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  1. nalcwap


    is possible help me find chain of some app?i can not get chain of the find,i nead help thsnks
  2. he not come here,not know why
  3. thanks, the life only accept one digit if more game freezes max 9 lifes but can be freezed by gameguardian [added 0 minutes later] how to get offsets from 32 and 64 how know?
  4. one question if value of game add 10000 i need search add x1,x1, #0x10000?
  5. nalcwap

    Help me on hex edit

    he not here i not know whats hapening to him
  6. bro why tell?this can make some bad thing if you understand what i mean
  7. you mean this? Cheat Engine server (#46jhh44s)
  8. hi, you know how use http canary old version to change a requested tokrn.json and edit and send to get the changed app with this token?thanks

  9. thanks bro, i tried in pc emulator with root not work , in real device work, thanks bfor help
  10. you have last version?and what android?thanks
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