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  1. same error to game Family Guy The Quest for Stuff, but i not know how bypass this without root
  2. is this the bad block part of memory?thanks
  3. not permit attach the process name of game give error 9
  4. block the gameguardian read the game, for example in game Family Guy The Quest for Stuff_
  5. the game not have some protection?
  6. i mean break that protection to can read with the gameguardian search
  7. thanks bro, but how bypass with this?i not understand how, i see the logic but not know how to do this,he mean i can bypass with the pointers but how to do?
  8. im bad at programming, not know how make simple code, i have a brain problem(not a joke) and i forget much i not know if is sintoms of bad news but im try not beleave, sorry this but im try explain the situation, thanks you two
  9. very good idea but only for programmers, but thanks for help
  10. thanks, but not possible attach to process how attach?
  11. @ Enyby exist any bypass for non root phones to break that protection in games? Yep, i saw same shared lib mapped about 6 time. Just like you said.. they map and unma)
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