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  1. bro why tell?this can make some bad thing if you understand what i mean
  2. you mean this? Cheat Engine server (#46jhh44s)
  3. nalcwap


    no worry if you download here, now if download in other site be carefull, here is the oficilal site noworry and of course this app not have virus
  4. bro you need the obb in folder created in virtual spaces not work in sd card or storage internal if apk is in virtual spaces
  5. hi, you know how use http canary old version to change a requested tokrn.json and edit and send to get the changed app with this token?thanks

  6. thanks bro, i tried in pc emulator with root not work , in real device work, thanks bfor help
  7. you have last version?and what android?thanks
  8. one question in exposed you can go to the modules?because when i try go there the app not let me go close
  9. nalcwap

    Virtual space error

    if the game uses for example .obb you need to put in virtual app because the .obb in android /obb not work in irtual spaces out i think
  10. try this if helps 96.0: Fixed work in some 64-bit virtual spaces - GameGuardian (#4nbtc2mg)
  11. requires pc? and where you get the second icon cheat engine that you press second?
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