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  1. Thank you very much for your attention. Yes, that's exactly what I meant. Is that for ordinary users using scripts it would be necessary to exit the script to perform the update manually. To streamline the process and ensure that errors would not occur in the searches because of user failure in not updating the memory. I had the need to have an internal GG function that would update the analyzed memory in an autonomous way. I had not referred to the regions themselves but the size of them. For after the GG append the process any data loaded into RAM after this it ignores. To save GG processing by constantly analyzing the process in order to update the memory when needed. I thought of a more practical, such a function in class GG that would update the parsed memory only when the programmer set it needed just like it is done in the hack in manual form.
  2. I looked for a topic for this subject but did not find it, sorry if I put it in the wrong place. I have two suggestions for the GG API. 1) A function in api GG that updates the analyzed process memory (eg game) Some games have memory allocated dynamically, in other words, loads data into memory only when needed. When the GG is run it will analyze the memory of the process allocated at that moment. It is necessary later to have to update the analyzed memory manually in the GG. Anyway, there comes my need / request, I want a function in the GG API that updates the memory analyzed by the gg of the game process. 2) Colors in api prompt menu If possible add the "Choice" and "multiChoice" functions as well. More for a visual effect and having a better user interface, I need to replicate the use of the colors present in the "SpeedHack: functions" menu (example in the screenshot below) Many thanks to the GG team for the excellent work!
  3. has no problem in the program, my Android is also the PIE. Probably the error is the user. The game and GG must be installed inside the virtual space. And obviously the game must be opened from within the virtual space.
  4. Eduardo28


    Hello @Tinno Before asking is always good to do a search before, read the GG documentation. https://gameguardian.net/help/classgg.html The function you want is not hard to find, use the function: gg.sleep (int milliseconds) For 20 seconds, convert to milliseconds and pass as a parameter in the function, like this: gg.sleep(20000) -- Waiting 20 seconds
  5. Eduardo28


    GG fits your region, you do not have to use hundreds separators, only dozens. In the international standard: "," is for tens and "." For hundreds. But if you are going to use scripts, the American standard is required. (Use "." For desenas)
  6. @Enyby Developers are having trouble sending the APK to Github. But they have already made available the updated APK Within a few days the update will be on Github but it's already possible to download it from the link below Weishu<admin> (developer) : http://www.lanzous.com/u/weishu
    UPDATE 0.14.x Already available on the official website https://github.com/android-hacker/VirtualXposed/releases/tag/0.14.0 Direct link: https://github.com/android-hacker/VirtualXposed/releases/download/0.14.0/VirtualXposed_0.14.0_for_GameGuardian.apk Evaluation: it's a great application, the best virtualization application I know pt_BR:[Avaliação: é um ótimo aplicativo, o melhor aplicativo virtualizador que conheço]
  7. Eduardo28


    @ngoc_anthony install GG and the game into virtual space, or nothing will work.
  8. Eduardo28


    @Enyby you're right. I kept testing. the GG I was using was in Parallel Space, and there was this error. however in VirtualXposed this error did not occur. Thank you for the help. not only here, your old answers to other users already helped me a lot.
  9. Eduardo28


    The update really fixed the error of closing the game, until the GG stopped closing from nowhere. However it has a bug, when forcing game stop gg continues believing that the game is open. Not displaying the menu asking to restart the game. And manually restarting the game, the GG continues in the old session. I do not know if it's just me that's happening, but I've tested it several times and all tests arrive at the same result. Release 8.61.3 Ps .: Translated from Pt using Google Translate. Pss .: Many thanks for the #GameGuardian project
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