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    HELLO ☆☆☆ I finally got it to install correctly. THIS APP has alot more features that MOST virtual spaces offer other then Parallel space n Space Light. Yes I'm disappointed the GOOGLE SERVICES ERROR is still present in 90% of the virtual space apps , however this app has a unique feature to allow you to clear the DATA from within the actual app as opposed to , going to SETTINGS and manually clear it under the STORAGE. I only play SIM City. 1.The bad news is I tried 3x to use the " clear DATA " feature within Virtual Exposed and it didn't work. 2. It has a repair app Feat . Within settings... hmmm nice.. 3. IT even has a storage REDIRECT feat( MUCH MORE COMPLICATED TO COMPREHEND ) then how it is stated as a warning before you CHOOSE the feat. I opted out. So this CUD explain why I can't clear the DATA and get a fresh SIM City. Anybody using ext SD cards I highly recommend FORMATTING it properly before usage, because I didn't ....and run MUTIPLE file explore apps such as C.X EXPLORER, FILE explorer, ☆ ASTRO, & " X-Plorer"... each have unique feats i like to use. THE PROBLEM IS now all my videos n images n mp3s... arent properly SORTED based on Date modified/ Created andd each FILE MANAGER app opens different sorting of all videos, images, DATA, mp3s , ext etching.. so the hierarchy is screwed up. ALSO I USE MULTIPLE CLOUD storages such as " One DRIVE, DEGGO, and ICE DRIVE. so this is a problem. 4. It has all sorts of modules A MORE ADVANCED USER CUD really take advantage of. THE manage APPS And TASKS feature really ARE HANDY. 5. IF CUD GET A RESPONSE TO HOW TO USE THE " STORAGE REDIRECT FEAT "AND WON'T MESS UP MY ABILITY TO AXCESS MY MAIN SIM CITY ON THE I NTERNAL DRIVE.....i probably wud put this as my 3rd FAV Cloning APP.
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