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  1. Good morning admin.. So i decided to try Clone App... When i try to fined Game Processors it say "Daemon is not running!" What should i do???
  2. Am using android 9 Am using current version.. I have tried parallel Space they're aren't working for me.. Only VirtualExposed works fine for me
  3. Yes.. I can goto modules anytime.
  4. Your Options worked boss.. Thank u once again. I have unlimited moves and coins now.
  5. Please Does anyone have the idea on how i can solve this problem.. Am trying to logging into Google store using VirtualExposed but i keep getting Error.. See the image below inside the red Circle... Thank U!
  6. Wow.. This worked like a magic. Thanks Boss. You're a PrO Just so easy to use
  7. Exactly BrO.. I will try that at once using your video tutorial.. God bless you real time.. You can still direct your video link to this Topic so anyone who needs it can still watch.
  8. OMG!!! I so much love the people in this platform.. Working together like a team.. Homescapes hack has been my problem all day long.. Let me try the hack at once. Thanks guys!
  9. Please.. I have been playing game in my android phone, how do i make the saved progress resume again in VirtualExposed... What should i do.
  10. Oh.. Am facing same issue too. Can't still get that Activation key till date.. The long characters aren't corresponding.
  11. Sorry to say admin.. Forgive me if thi is wrong saying.. But the most difficult hack anyone can introduce in this platform seems to be homescapes hack.. No scrip for it no hack for it at all.. I have made request and help yet everyone who creates scripts close their eyes from it.. That shows no one is capable of making the hack script... Pls is anyone capable of creating it?????
  12. Can't really tell what you mean by search game.. But if what you mean by( Search) is GAME PROCESSORS then.. Follow this Tip. Open Virtual space... Lunch Gameguardian app first and click start, it will float. Lunch the game you want.. Once it opens, TAP on GG floating icon. If you wait few seconds and other games and apps processors Pops Up and you can't fined The game processor you want, and still look for the processor yourself by Clicking on the game's name at left corner and still cannot fined it.. Just download another virtual space.. TRY VIRTUALEXPOSED.
  13. Use VirtualExposed.. Is more reliable.
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