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  1. You don't need to be in battle to collect them. Max is 3000 and 6 of each currency. Collecting any more, the game stuck on loading screen at end of level. Basically can give yourself the rewards every level automatically.
  2. @Hackburgular In case this could help you or others... Game uses hex pointers for almost everything. Ex: the editing id the 4.99 price to 3.99, is just a hex pointer. Players stats are hex pointers, but it seems to be a pointer to another pointer to something I can't quite figure out. Really hope this helps other with cracking more.
  3. If it is anything I posted, last I knew they patched everything... Could be wrong.
  4. Can confirm you can edit the 500 coins that are "random" drops... But it is EXTREMELY limited. Tried 5000,didn't work . 1000 did. I can also find and edit premium currency too. I haven't confirmed if collecting it when edited won't sync yet.
  5. I am working on it... I managed to make it 1 hit kill... Could be very useful instead of hp.
  6. It applies to the person whether on your team or the other team... So if you hack your pitcher and play someone with same pitcher, stats will be hacked. So have to be careful who you edit and play.
  7. Couple things, you don't come to a place where people help eachother bragging and then expect to gain any respect. I typically share everything publicly if not, then VIP. I won't charge users. And only reason I didn't post it sooner was because I just installed the game. Then within 24hrs they updated. I had a free method for gold but that patched quickly. And 2nd, you can change stats to look like this (not just speed).
  8. You most likely won't find the value that you are wanting to edit. But to search txt, convert ascii to hex, then search byte. So for "EQUIP" Byte search 45h;51h;55h;49h;50h::5 If the text is 'padded' then have range be 10 instead.
  9. Does inapp work on nox without editing anything?
  10. You obviously are a noob... Don't edit values you don't know what they do. And the "suck it up". Why not hack price when you can? And I bet you couldn't even begin hacking every players stats. Don't come here to QQ about me sharing something for FREE when you tried to profit.
  11. Probably... I honestly don't know for sure.
  12. Maybe... This was all done on my device, not an emulator. Video of how it should before you purchase.
  13. What did you edit gold amount too?
  14. Check out my other hacks & guides @ Alphagamers. Enjoy. (if interested in hacking players stats, I can provide that too) Dword (ordered group) search 400;399;400;499:: Then search 400 Increment edit Goto shop to buy gold, the value on GG that matches the gold in shop is the value you will edit to 50,000. Press and hold value, offset calc -C This value represents the package. Offset -D8 (or -168 if it brings you to location that value is not similar to the one you are on) Copy value located here. Offset D8 ir 168 (back to the package id). Edit and paste dword value you copied from above. Change screens in shop and goto buy gold. Should show 50,000 gold for $3.99 PURCHASE. 50,000 will be added. I don't know the max value, but at and above 99,999 will not work. You can skip all the steps after editing gold to 50,000. Just so cost your $4.99 instead of $3.99.
  15. Heh... I'll just be a prick and post full hack guides for public use...