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Community Answers

  1. Tagged pointers. @BadCase could probably help with implementing into script.
  2. https://www.epicnpc.com/threads/street-fighter-duel-gem-injection-service-us-other.2587003/ Probably best option available...
  3. No luck... Definitely have put some time into figuring out dice. And not making any progress. Still trying though.
  4. Honestly use search. Thread already exists with possible answers.
  5. Root detection alone seems really impressive... I'll have to see what xposed module might exist to address this. Thanks for a new challenge.
  6. Which game. Wouldn't mind checking it out.
  7. Depends on game... But again, can take a while to figure out.
  8. Game/App and which value is of trouble could help get you better support. Can't really provide useful feedback with so little info.
  9. Yea. I just checked and you can just delete the .ca file if your roll was undesirable. And basically keep re-roll until you get what you want. I'll have to look into forcing rolls now.
  10. Below your value will be pointer. Follow pointer. Below will be value to edit to increase. It looks like it represents # of times you reached 2147483647. 1st picture shows the original value with pointer below it. Follow pointer. 2nd picture shows where pointer brings you too with the value need to edit highlighted. Edit: Might need to minimize game before following pointer. Each time value updates, pointer changes.
  11. That's good news then I would think. This means their is opportunity to possible alter how the# is generated.... Can you play offline for like 3 rolls, then switch back online and it stays synced no error?
  12. Hide my app, is only to hide apps, not really root itself.
  13. Configure magisk DenyList. Look into magisk module Shamiko or MagiskHide. Look into Xposed framework (if your device supports it). Xposed module, hide my applist. Without testing each of these independently, can't say what works. But game runs fine on my device with all the suggested above.
  14. When you do pointer search, before you click search, the address in box, put B40000 in front of the address, then search. So if address is AABBCCDD it would be B40000AABBCCDD. Not sure if your device is using tagged pointers. So worth a try.
  15. Try combination of GG settings? These maybe? I attach and search without issue.
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