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  1. The sims mobile

    You can't compare the games... Developers learn and try to do better at protecting their games. Learn to mod apk's yourself and possibly release a working mod since this method is of inconvenience.
  2. HAWK: Freedom Squadron hack request

    I would. I cannot guarantee no account erase. The ip address would be unique that I connect through. And I would do small inapp amounts.
  3. Need help please

    It's xor encryption. The game uses 2 dword values. 1 = xor key The other = xor'd value. If you look up xor encryption (not just for GG/games) you'll see. It's not a complex encryption. Without the key though, can't find anything. This search method is search for 2 values 4 bytes apart (that's the X4 in my search). You can give @Enyby a huge thanks for adding this search /edit to GG.
  4. Need help please

    I wouldn't recommend editing everything that I do unless you know what they are. Just showing, one of the values below, is your gold too.
  5. Monstertail game hacking

    Game looks old and no longer updated... What would you want hacked?
  6. I have an idea

    You know this exists in GG already..? Where you browse memory locations, the settings button in top right then "copy memory". You put address you want to copy from. Then address you want to copy to and how many bytes of data you are copying.
  7. HAWK: Freedom Squadron hack request

    I think if you were subtle on the hacking, might get away with it... Maybe not buying the 100$ inapp, instead doing a mid to lower one.
  8. HAWK: Freedom Squadron hack request

    Thank you... Here : http://www104.zippyshare.com/v/PUHQf8Cq/file.html
  9. G-presto

    LordKylua at Libre.io worked with me on it. He has a method that works for all g-presto games. I can ask him to send me the file...
  10. HAWK: Freedom Squadron hack request

    Attached is the 1.7 update. HAWK_1.7.3055.apk
  11. HAWK: Freedom Squadron hack request

    20 new stages! Gambit became more powerful. Minimum reward for helping a bro in co-op mode was increased! You will receive more credits for collecting coins in Story, Team Up and Trials modes. Difficulty of Arcade stages was changed. All saved stages in Arcade mode were reset for players to have equal chances. Assault mode was temporarily removed. It will be reintroduced in one of the next updates. The error that made it impossible for some pilots to fly with their friends is fixed in 1.7.
  12. HAWK: Freedom Squadron hack request

    So it isn't fixed server side, or else it wouldn't work on any version. (my theory) So I think more pointers need to be mapped or different set of pointers, then might pass.
  13. HAWK: Freedom Squadron hack request

    If forced to 1.7.**** Yea... That's the end.
  14. Last day on earth survival

    Would be a good idea. Someone have the time to compile everything that still works and post, just get everyone to like /upvote or something. Not sure if I have ability to sticky/pin it.
  15. Hawk freedom squadron

    Please use search https://gameguardian.net/forum/topic/17235-hawk-freedom-squadron-hack-request/