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  1. NoFear

    G-presto hates me

    I can say, with root, you can use GG on G-presto protected games.
  2. NoFear

    G-presto hates me

    It's possible. With root.
  3. NoFear

    Archero Script

    Didn't use atk/hp or anything like that? Strictly gold and item? Hmmmmmm
  4. Try going to gg settings. Scroll to bottom of settings. "Disable protection for all applications (until reboot)" Enable that. See if. "patch loads". If it fails, never mind that. There is other tricks to try if this doesn't work.
  5. NoFear

    Archero Script

    Is it ptrace? Or gg detected? Launch game. Let game idle for few, install gg. See if that works. Game might only do check on launch.
  6. Can't help without knowing with what you need it for.
  7. NoFear

    Archero Script

    Tree points skill, is possible. Free continues, I bet is possible to. Everything essentially is.
  8. I don't use LP at all personally. My thought is if LP works, I should be able to do it myself with GG.
  9. It is a lot of work. But where LP fails, this could succeed.
  10. I remap pointers or can change the purchase type from inapp to currency. Pointers I remap are changing the item(s) that you buy with gold/gems.
  11. GG can do stuff too where LP may fail.
  12. Candy not obtainable any other way then? Seems pictures above person edited then fine.
  13. What do the currencies allow you to buy?
  14. https://forum.sbenny.com/threads/plants-vs-zombies-2-free-inapp-unlimited-sun-no-cooldown.48638/
  15. Just too bad GG can't implement some type of protection against the ability to see searches/edits... Guess as always, takes a few to ruin it for all.
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