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  1. Cartoon wars 3, unhackeable.

    Ptrace = No GG.

    It's not a device or Google ban. Gameloft assigns a unique ID to your save, is the unique ID they ban. Create a new id, can play again, but start from beginning.
  3. GameGuardian Refine issue (Realm Defense Game)

    Is not common. That's the text search function that Enyby added. Plain text is essentially hex. Typically number values are not stored and done this way. It's usually item names or functions that you are searching for or find using pointers. I've found a few titles that have been doing this.
  4. GameGuardian Refine issue (Realm Defense Game)

    Value is hex. 2 methods of search. Use the text search feature and search the price of one of the elixers. The text search is not UTF-16. When you get your results, do not replace. Scroll to the last result. The 56 byte value, edit to 45 (change the 8 to a -). Now the price is negative 500. If you want edit the dword 4 above to dword 8 (this is number of digits in price) then edit the next 4 bytes to 48 to 57 (48=0 57=9),I did all 48. Price is now negative 5000000. If you want to go larger, you can, just the next dword needs to be 0 following the price. The other search, byte search 4D;56;53;48;48::10 and following same steps as above for editing. I don't know max gem value, but it's over 2147483647, so no worries on that.
  5. Hack. Hill Climb Racing 2!

    There is also a speed value (floating) that you can lock to something like 15 and never lose speed, if done at the right spot and set to like 200 and launch into the air at an insane speed. Edit : Also with the distance, can trigger a sync /data error. Game seems to have many values representing the same thing, and not sure if it is a check between values or something else. Also, the speed hack works online against users. Just need to be quick in your searches and you can launch high and far enough to the finish 1st.
  6. [REQ] Brutal Street 2

    That value was like the header above all the values. Every launch it was the same. I don't know if every device is the same though.
  7. Question regarding a particular feature of Game Guardian

    @Sajad_King https://gameguardian.net/forum/topic/17502-xor-search-guide-gg-8290
  8. Question regarding a particular feature of Game Guardian

    If it doesn't work, I know a game (Futurama) that uses this exact method you are referring to. But the developer also has XOR. Look up the dword XOR tutorial I posted. Downside you can't use the N=O+D with this search. Luckily with Futurama they had the regular dword value too, unless that has changed.
  9. Question regarding a particular feature of Game Guardian

    Why not the N=O+D function. Unknown search. Spend 5 (or whatever) Unknown N=O+D and put 5 You basically say the new value is +5 of the old value.
  10. XOR search Guide - GG 8.29.0+

    Will do.
  11. Horde Defense

    Well... YouTube is a f-ing joke... Automatic copyright infringement on unlisted, non public video. Essentially YouTube is filing copyright infringement instantly without a report ever being submitted. I need a new place to upload videos, youtube is going to make it near impossible to post UNLISTED videos.
  12. Horde Defense

    Be aware, using the mod works but your currency saved in your local saved data is saving based on what you spend. If you had 0 gems and spent 50,000, your save now has negative 50,000. No big deal while using mod. I'm currently working on modifying your gem value to a set amount and freezing. It's been many many many hours of me trial and error, but, progess is definitely being made. I hope to have the final video and method made tonight.
  13. Castle Defense : TD 2 bounty for GG.

    Forgot, I will be sharing method soon.
  14. GameGuardian

    So searching 123~~999 is searching for a value <123 >999 Just want to make sure I'm reading this correctly. Nice addition.
  15. Horde Defense

    I can add this to my todo list.