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  1. Forgot to say, if you still find nothing, they might pad the text. C.r.y.s.t.a.l C.R.Y.S.T.A.L Instead of looking for the "padding" just double your hex byte search range.
  2. Is a pointer nearby? You didn't edit price did you? I would avoid price editing.
  3. Honestly haven't had time. My thoughts with crystals/exp that you buy/get in packs... They aren't a "value" is my guess. They are one an "id". Hypothetical example.. You have chance to earn 1 3 20 or 50 crystals. They are crystal pack 1, 2,3,4. Since this game uses pointers I would look into finding the "end" of the pointer and work backwards. So, one method I like to use is find a word related to what you are doing. So "crystal". Convert that to hex. I would do RYSTAL and rystal saves you a 3rd search if they do a C with the lowercase. So for the lowercase Byte search this 72h;79h;73h;74h;61h;6ch::6 Then search only one of those like the 72h. Now these results are all plain text. Goto location, and see if it spells out like "crystal_reward_40" or something. Then scroll nearby and look for similar strings. You'll find patterns and most likely a value that is always above these. Copy the address, search hex dword of that address. If you get 1 result, that's the pointer. Then you find nearby something like crystal_reward_200. Copy address location of pointer, and the hex dword search value, edit the value dword and paste location as hex dword. Now what should be 40 reward points to a 200 reward.
  4. Look into modifying qty of boosts it purchases possible. Whether a pointer or actual value.
  5. Only even in increments if 4 (essentially dword/float only) (for now) Heh. thank you. Been doing this type of hacking for a while (few years?) and the more I help others hack 'everything' the better I get and the more I learn as developers try to protect their games.
  6. Don't edit balance.... Edit rewards, prices etc etc.
  7. It is hackable. It does save /restore. I'm working all day. I haven't come up with a perfect search method. Some users have 0 gold, making this harder. I made a brand new account after update, and hacked all of the above mentioned (xp, gold and points). Editing xp to 700,000 will be level 96. I don't see the need to be 99... Too risky, edit too high, you'll be level 0 with xp hacked. (900,00xp level 0)
  8. You have 2 results? That's the xor value from each pair...
  9. Crab wars, I remember hacking and it wasn't too bad. Edit: I don't think I'll have time tonight, but I'll definitely try to hack them all. Just been really busy creating the guide for XOR search and helping individuals with last day on earth. You don't have to pay me, but I won't turn down donations. Edit 2: That the order you would like them?
  10. Ahhh, money. Be happy to hack them all
  11. Gold, xp and skill points were made a little more difficult to hack, so possible. I just need to find an exact string of numbers to search to make it easy for everyone.
  12. Video added And write up added information on how to increment edit
  13. Helping others hack Last day on earth... So took more time on that than this project.
  14. I plan on working on it... Might not be easy even with latest gg. Will see.
  15. Successfully hacked everything from scratch with latest 1.5 build. I can work on a guide later. Xp, DO NOT GO OVER MAX. You'll be level 0 with Max xp.