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  1. Can be bypassed. The thought that it locks everyone out, is the same flawed idea of password on script. Keeps some out. But not all.
  2. NoFear

    Force AFK?

    Maybe minimize game first, then time jump. If doesn't work, then find a new method other than time jump.
  3. That screen shot, values did save. I haven't bothered looking into this anymore....
  4. It's changed. I just checked. I'll create new guide. Armv8 is what I use, so hopefully that's what others have. And would lib offsets be of interest instead?
  5. Could try editing E24404 to Vmov.f64 d16, #1.0 hex 000BF7EE Or Vmov.f32 d16, #1.0 hex100FC7F2 I don't know the default value, so only set it to 1 for now. Obviously can change it to something better if needed.
  6. Could work together to add any content?
  7. New event started? I just checked, it isn't yet for me
  8. NoFear

    arm32 editing... help

    Not sure. Send dump (in pm if you want). And what you are attempting.
  9. I'll post video later for inapp on all version without lib edit.... If and when it's patched, I won't be trying to bypass and update it.
  10. NoFear

    Hybrid Warrior

    Just regular GG editing? Or editing the lib? If just GG, I could check it out.
  11. NoFear

    arm32 editing... help

    Because you didn't say you were ending the function too. Just how to edit the float register
  12. NoFear

    arm32 editing... help

    Yes. This was for armv7 LGL? Don't think so
  13. It's the language in which the lib translates if you load it into a disassembler.
  14. NoFear

    arm32 editing... help

    I'm guessing he doesn't know the opcode for it.... Vmov.f32 s0, #-1.0
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