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  1. NoFear

    Change Price

    I didn't say edit all. I'm saying using your filtering, you can do increment edit. Also it's called trial and error. Never do these on main account until you've found a reliable search and edit.
  2. NoFear

    Change Price

    Can also use increment edit. So 500 results, increment edit, check value, of the 500 you'll know which.
  3. How much did you change it? I found excessive values wouldn't work
  4. I don't know exactly what's possible. But whenever you find a game gives sync errors, trial and error to see how exact the server is checking. Example: Change price from 500 to 499 or 501... If neither work, then might be something little more complicated and can't just make it 0. Basically, just make very subtle changes and see what gets accepted. Then keep increasing until you find the threshold of what the server will give error. Like with coins earned in level. Level 1, server might know, can't exceed 250 or something. Maybe at level 50, 1000 becomes the new threshold.
  5. Coins earned in level can be modified. Not sure if the amount you can do is related to the level. Early levels, seemed like 250-300 coins were fine. Armv8 offset 1B1A278 Mov W8, #275 Something to that effect. Higher levels could try higher value until server gives error.
  6. Go-to pointer = go-to address. The hex of your pointer, is an address.
  7. NoFear

    A question

    Unknown... I joined many many years ago... These badges and status were added recently.
  8. NoFear

    A question

    Be active? Guess I'm the other grand Master then too didn't realize.
  9. @Susanoo1997 Can probably add anything you'd need.
  10. Could try to find x,y after you build something. And keep moving and do unknown increased/decreased/unchanged until you find it.
  11. I believe so. When you find the x,y and building id, you can manipulate it to be anywhere. Even overlap another building.
  12. Assume you're looking for more than just gold coins?
  13. Concat, put in front of address of value. I think it might've actually started in Android 11. The term is tagged pointers, which GG hasn't been updated to handle smoothy.
  14. Android 12? Add B40000 to the address So if 1234567890 Search qword B400001234567890h
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