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Community Answers

  1. NoFear

    Values on a PC Emulator

    As soon as possible launching game.... Might not be able to edit it fast enough. Try editing the lib instead.
  2. NoFear

    Values on a PC Emulator

    Edit values as soon as possible on emulator. Once the arm opcode is translated by emulator, it's too late.
  3. Don't necessarily need to write raw assembly code. It could be possible to change branch from screenTap/touch or action of such, and branch it to the button want clicked instead. So just tapping screen, will give the action of clicking button, without it even being visible.
  4. I believe the utf-8 and utf-16 is assumed consecutive characters, so will always be treated that way. Not really a bug. Can't search utf with "wildcard"/missing character. Byte search would be best approach.
  5. I think I'm all set. Unless you think this info can help allow to mod the game. Would have friend mod the ios version.
  6. Kinda figured. Curious if gems set back to 0 when done, if restart would still get banned...
  7. Which game (playstore link)? Can give better directions.
  8. Gdb, rwatch on value. If editing value with GG triggers a ban or local error, just rwatch value to see everything reading it. Sometimes you'll get many results, just have to go through and find the one that triggers ban. Ideally, it'd be a branch to one anti cheat function. Then you could xref that function, NOP all the branches to it, or RET the function.
  9. Offset was for gems. But I think eventually ban will occur unless the anti ban (for each item) needs to remain modified.
  10. Without checking dump or going into ida, just simple debug to find what's reading gems. Armv8 Offset: 11A6C34 Edit to B [PC,#0x80] This will skip the area that would trigger ban. Then this Offset: 113DD74 Mov w22 (large value). This is what writes value after it does a check. So you can force it to write something excessive after it checks value (I don't think you have limit since the check will never branch to ban, see attached image). You could apply this same concept to any value, just set read watch to see what is checking it, then bypass the ban. Could check dump or something to see what the offset is part of or maybe what it branches to.
  11. I don't have one for this
  12. The blue is an address location. Need to calculate the offset from start of lib to that address. That will be your offset that you would go-to in ida if using ida. But the lib hit on your screen shot is system and not game lib... Can't debug on emulator if that's what you're attempting...
  13. I used GG... One could use ida or ghidra. But GG worked fine for finding it this time.
  14. pkg install gdb
  15. Armv8 C80E42B8r;081540FDr::3809 Edit 28008052r;E803679Er And if you want to set so you can claim all without playing (set number of keys collected). Offset (Version 6.9.5) 3FBCA54 Edit 00FA8052r
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