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  1. Hacking SimCity BuildIt without beeing banned

    Hmmm... I don't know if I am for my account... Contact me in pm
  2. Currently work in progress right now
  3. Hacking SimCity BuildIt without beeing banned

    How do I know if I'm "banned"? Also, I think with some of my new methods, you can build anything or convert any building into another. I've been dealing with pointers in this game lately and not sure if these will be less detected. But I don't know how to tell if I'm on the "cheaters" server.
  4. SimCity Buildit war cards

    For those items?
  5. SimCity All Buildings Unlocked

    I only ask because I don't think I could find anything regarding this online. Where can he be found? I'm curious as to what else he can do vs me and maybe can find bigger and better hacks working together. Does he have this set?
  6. SimCity All Buildings Unlocked

    How did you know it was possible to unlock seasonal items that you missed? Can also unlock Earth day and product RED items too. And items I don't think anyone knows exist in the game.
  7. SimCity All Buildings Unlocked

    It is possible to unlock seasonal items from the passed. Can even build limited or restricted items that I don't know when or how you get them normally...
  8. SimCity Buildit war cards

    As I stated before... Do a video to show me what you are attempting. Laziness is not an excuse.
  9. SimCity Buildit war cards

    Do a video to show what you are doing... Can see if you are missing something or if developer somehow patched it server side already.
  10. SimCity Buildit war cards

    Just use same method... Level and cards required for next level... That's all the search is. _______________________________________________ added 1 minute later Maybe, but I have another method instead... I'll work on a guide.
  11. How to use unramdomizer

    90% and 0.07% aren't random... Those are drop percent. Random would be the exact item that drops from those given chances.
  12. Candy Crush Saga - hack boosters, level - GameGuardian

    Boosters are stored locally. You can have same account sync on 2 devices, but boosters will only be unique to the device, not the account.
  13. Make another account on another device or emulator. Sync to Google or fb or whatever the game can sync saves to. Then try to connect and load on banned device.
  14. Introduction

    Yes, thank you. Edit: Maybe show more lines before the value too? Trying to compare your file to mine.
  15. Introduction

    Could you send a ss of the 999k in hex editor? Curious to how the layout in save file changes. Like if their is a value before the qty that needs to change too.