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  1. NoFear

    Tacticool - 5v5 shooter

    Haven't got to it yet. Working on other games first.
  2. There is no vip version of gg. Good luck with the malware.
  3. NoFear

    New Detected GG:///

    And the game is?
  4. NoFear

    Day R Survival

    The became qty of item might've got patch. But you found the characters carry limit nicely done Using similar idea, can edit item weights to negative too
  5. NoFear

    Day R Survival

    Not the place to be posting this. But, you are not detailed in what you were asking either.
  6. NoFear

    Day R Survival

    Give yourself negative 50000 of item. Will be negative weight, giving you extra carry.
  7. NoFear

    Day R Survival

    I think weights are hard coded as part of items. So to modify "carry limit", give yourself massive negative qty of an item.
  8. NoFear

    Day R Survival

    It's 200 tons.... You need more capacity than 200 tons?
  9. NoFear

    Day R Survival

    did you see what the belAZ carries....?
  10. NoFear

    Space Justice hack request

  11. NoFear

    Day R Survival

    Not free (yet). Typically @BadCase will give donors a couple weeks early access before going public. But sometimes if hack is considered complex enough, might not go public.
  12. NoFear

    Day R Survival

    For those interested... Don't think it triggers ban... I have no idea how to tell if online and stuff. But my file from previous cheats had data in file logging I cheated. Using this, never shows up that I did in my local file.
  13. NoFear

    How to dupe itens on day r survival

    Couple other nice surprises too in the script
  14. NoFear

    Tacticool - 5v5 shooter

    I think badcase ands I plan on working on this one at some point