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  1. Edit : Can search inapp price For me 34.99 (float) Then below (I can get the offset) You'll find the xor key.
  2. Awesome. I literally JUST installed the game today to help out. /uninstall saves me time.
  3. So with unknown search, you can use this feature to say the unknown value changed by a certain amount. You'll always enter the amount it changed by. Then the 4 buttons below you can choose New value is the old value plus the difference New value is larger than old value plus difference New value does not equal old value plus difference New value is less than one value plus difference This is useful usually with XP searches. You don't know what your xp is but you can know what was gained. Ex: You're level 33 with an unknown amount of xp. Unknown dword. You go and earn 25 xp Unknown value difference 25 choosing option N=O+D Keep repeating this until you find your xp.
  4. Dev had a big ban wave yesterday. I wouldn't hack currencies or VIP to avoid drawing attention. You can give yourself ANY ITEM in the game anyway.
  5. Crisis Action

    It's ptrace... Different versions of android seem to behave differently with it. But only thing you can do if game crashes, is mod game and remove ptrace. Or see if you can hack it on a older device/os.
  6. You sure this game isn't an online game? You can launch while in airplane mode and play while in airplane mode?
  7. Can you confirm the modded apks even worked? I think when one of AG's top modders adds title to list of games that can't be modded, I would think they are confident in that.
  8. Would someone be willing to let me use their backup of there game to play and find hacks. You can tell me what not to play/do. But keep in mind, always risk of ban.
  9. Maybe when you choose "save values". You can choose 1,2,3,4... As the list number. So you can have multiple save lists going. Then add features to compare list with list. And either delete values or export values to another list? I think doing it this way will utilize options that exist and possibly easier to implement. It comes down to Enyby and if he sees it will be useful for MANY games, he'll consider it.
  10. Do the unknown method again, but instead of dword, try Word.
  11. One of Alphagamers top modders claims this game cannot be hacked. I'll take his word for it. _______________________________________________ added 2 minutes later Yes, "impossible". I hate to say impossible, for its not entirely true. Hackers hack the government, I imagine they could hack into these servers too. Risk vs reward is what it comes to.
  12. Try this... Unknown search. Right when you goto submit the request, have GG auto pause the game and unknown change. Then search the values then edit. This method worked for a LINE game for me.
  13. What is the action that is occurring when those "items" are sent to server? Edit: Which game?
  14. Older apk will not launch due to force update.
  15. Have to spend money. 99 cents on each currency to get 2123456789 of each.