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  1. It can be done with gg. I worry if method is public, developer will see and patch.
  2. Well done. Not much more I can say, other than impressive
  3. 0xD0 You look for something like Ldr W8, [x25, 0xD0] Where W8 and X25 are just random for this example. You'll have to find offset. In dump still.
  4. So you can see what was achieved....
  5. Not sure. I think something is missing still.... One: this person doesn't realize he can just group copy and group paste.... Which discredits the knowledge level for me. Two: they explain how the "calculation" works, but never utilizes that knowledge to create any custom value, but instead just uses data in memory. I would have to go looking around for myself to find proper method. I think they have SOME of the information.... Or are misinterpreting the data at hand.
  6. I might have to see it in memory browser... In case more info is needed.
  7. Yea.... No need. Still working how to make it public with less risk of patch [added 0 minutes later] Mod apk possibly.
  8. Memory browser. Goto address. Xa range, select the lib you will be editing. Goto it's start address. Long press address. Offset calculator. Enter your offset (hex). Click goto
  9. It's xor. Xor key = 320,017,171 Xor value = 1,363,350,291 Xor result = 1,112,539,136 Dword 1,112,539,136 = 52.0 float Edit: If you want 500,000,000 gold dword edit 1,593,669,691
  10. So debating on free public method.... Due to what's possible with it... Developer would patch it very quickly.
  11. Improper edit. You might be mis-editing or missing a value that's behaving as a check to what it should be.
  12. I recently learned that was the reason.... I have a better method than what was circulating.
  13. Discovered you could easily edit stars on current version... And it doesn't reset after close game... Not sure the appeal of swapping items if you just edit currency and moves and everything....
  14. I think I can skip to any level... If not, might want to borrow account.
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