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  1. Try searching 1073751291 And replace it
  2. Season rank isn't player level. Those are different.
  3. The 2nd pic. What you didn't highlight. That is it.
  4. Wouldn't need to if people didn't steal other people's work...
  5. Those that wanted to see, made new account and hacking xp to obtain max level.
  6. It would be extremely difficult to achieve without asking for user input.
  7. Depending on the game... Yea, you can alter time remaining or alter the time it is supposed to be when the timer starts. Honestly, I never use speed hack. If speed hack works, then I feel there is another method that can achieve it instead.
  8. Read my reply to the guide thread
  9. It's harder if you are higher level... I recommend going to chapter 1. Unknown dword. Kill one zombie. Unknown changed. Search 0x4. Kill the next zombie. Unknown changed. Search 0x4. Then like item qty, look for 2 values when subtracted = xp. You'll have to guess what looks right. So obviously if you see a value that is like 10, and you are level 15, you obviously have more xp than that. Xp DOES NOT have an id pointer. I can try to browser memory structure, and see if I can pinpoint xp in memory without knowing the value at all.
  10. I went from other49, which is 7 characters. To other2, which is 6 characters. I don't think I had to edit the last value to 0. But you HAVE to change the value to match how many characters in the id. So it will be dword 7 and the other54 Edit: yes, the 0 to word 52.
  11. Oh. Forgot to mention... Focus on EXP earned if you want to reach max level. Don't edit XP over 900,000,000 or so. You'll instant level up each kill until you hit level 200.
  12. Everything I do is left online. Never toggle offline/online.
  13. If done correctly, shouldn't be banned. Unless developer begins monitoring total gold balance or something. Ban is typically a mismatch in value checks. Edit: good rule to go by... Don't exceed to max gold you can buy (I know in video I do). And silver coins stay within reasonable amount too. The reason I mapped all these ids, is so you can avoid gold editing and just add whatever you need instead.
  14. This took a lot of time to compile... It's extremely complex and I tried to explain everything the best that I could. Guide complete: Fury Survivor: Pixel Z (#b333gls)
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