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  1. Exactly.... So need to not click update. Even after you install armv7 latest apk, playstore will show update.
  2. Not entirely how it works fyi.... Samsung has had HARDWARE with 64bit architecture but they installed 32bit firmware. This situation, YES, you can install a rom to support it. Architecture isn't just software level, it's hardware too.
  3. 1. HW + SW Pick one or the other, doesn't matter unless one seems to not function. 2. Ptrace protection. You can try in settings at very bottom disable protection for all apps (disable magisk hide to apply and then re enable. Or, kill game with gg. Select, "restart without protection". 3. You'll need to mess with gg hide options. (1 through 4) and ptrace protection method to find a good combination to counter the protection. 4. This is different game then I thought. But I still managed atk/move time and possibly much more. I did debug the game, but something is definitely watching lib in RAM, any editing to lib in RAM instantly crashes game.
  4. Not sure if it was this game or another very very similar, I managed to modify the base dmg or multiplier to help with 1 hit kills. I might check this one out if no one else does.
  5. Definitely not the 4 values.... Look at all there addresses, not one of these is next to the other. Edit: Also you'll be editing 5 values. And no need to freeze.
  6. More than likely.... I don't play so don't really have the time to play to see what these are
  7. Which is more popular?
  8. Should go hack whatever they moved on to
  9. Heh.... Honestly surprised. Rarely is a well protected game not updated to patch any findings.
  10. Value 1 0 Value 2 Value 3 Value 4 -1 Dword value Simplicity, just add 0's to above "Values 1-4" and dword value. Highlight all. Click edit. Click fill. Add 4 0s to each number, click ok.
  11. It's been a really long time since doing anything with the game and haven't checked to see if dev added new checks or changes to anything....
  12. Usually if your edit is triggering something to reset to something other than what it was previously, you are missing another value or more to validate the change. Doesn't have to be nearby either to be a value check.
  13. Iosgods, they have igg. Same idea as gg, but far less features/functions
  14. GO DOWNLOAD ARMV7 VERSION https://apkcombo.com/homescapes/com.playrix.homescapes/download/apk
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