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  1. NoFear

    Archero Script

    I might show you my method for this game.... Gems/Energy.... Assuming they didn't patch it. Unlikely. Can't patch what isn't known.
  2. Ideally, if possible, you would force it all the time. Then no need to wait.
  3. When the "image" appears, maybe some type of text appears in RAM that isn't there until image is. Or maybe a pointer that changes when it appears. So find pointer, and when pointer changes it's at the level you are wanting. Remember, this is memory editor.
  4. NoFear

    Archero Script

    Might want to fix your script 2.0.0 description then...
  5. NoFear

    Beggar Life 2

    Currency on top left is essentially infinite...
  6. NoFear

    Beggar Life 2

    You can edit things without crashing.
  7. Yes. Using the offset, you can offset from start of lib in memory to known location from dump.
  8. Can't agree with you more. I have a small group that gets full custom mods every update. Usually within a few hours of update. I can mod both, armv8 and armv7. I don't ask for money each update. Until gameloft makes it so I need to debug again. When that day comes, I hope it ends all public mods.
  9. Not yet. Maybe some day.
  10. It's actually why I'm annoyed at everyone taking credit... To find these encrypted values initially, took an EXTREMELY long time to find. Especially since most are static values. So unknown changed will never find them. I'm just waiting for Gameloft to changed the strings entirely so no one can keep taking credit. I learned most of my debugging from here https://iosgods.com/topic/56818-ida-lldb-tutorial-noob-friendly Yes, it's ios, but it's not that different. This was the best guide I could find.
  11. Find value with GG. set watch point with gdb. Goto offset, make edit You still need to find the value to set watch point. That's where it is extremely complicated and time consuming since they encrypted a lot of values. https://androidrepublic.org/threads/asphalt-9-legends-2019s-action-car-racing-game-v1-6-3a-mod.85207/ That's the public mod. Can easily remove offsets/modify existing offsets to your liking.
  12. And the proper way is using gdb and setting watch points. It's not guess work, it's accurate.
  13. I don't consider it skill/work at all. Sorry. What you do is just lazy but you think is lots of hard work. You try to profit on someone else doing the work for you. Good luck. I'll find and provide the free links here later.
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