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  1. NoFear

    search by difference

    I think this is a lengthy process though... Realized xor might not work great... Follow pointers and find some constants to use and find values from instead.
  2. NoFear

    search by difference

    Gotcha, like Ares Virus Value A - Value B = QTY A and B are "random" every value change, but maintain A-B=C You could treat like xor to find the values. Just wouldn't be "perfect". Example, let's say you know the value is 123. I think search 141x4 = A-B=C Hope this makes sense....
  3. NoFear

    search by difference

    When you click unknown search and do first search. Go back to unknown, click more. N=O+D New = Old + Difference Also if your 98 66 Is 32, that is xor.
  4. Also depends which byte you edit.... Dword is 4 bytes. Edit first byte vs last, very different result. And as Enyby said, seems like a waste....
  5. NoFear

    How to hack pes

    Something like this would be good....
  6. Gotcha. Can't help. I'm rooted.
  7. Sounds like device issue. Game on my device doesn't appear to have any protection. This when you try to attach gg to process? When you search? Or when you edit?
  8. What happens trying to hack that game?
  9. I guess I don't understand what you mean
  10. What do you mean "bypass"? Like do a lib edit so you don't need to search the value again? Try gdb debugging if phone supports it.
  11. I know 0 programming... Pointer is just this Take a value and it's Hex value = address location that it's pointing to. When you get to that address it can contain more useful data. Sometimes pointers are in groups. So player data, maybe hp atk def is each a pointer, but each pointer is one after another. Focus on a"easy" value, then work with pointers branching from that to find related data.
  12. This is where the "pointers" filter for results can be useful. Sometimes you can't freeze the pointer, for the game clears data at location it's pointing to by default on value change or something. But, you can follow pointer and edit data then when it goes to relocate, it carries the edited value with it. Recently came across an online fps shooter that does this for ammo.
  13. I'm talking about the second he makes edit, game crashes. Edit: Lol. Maybe game didn't crash I just saw the # next to pid. So figured that was the issue.
  14. How is this a gg bug? Game has process already attached by something.
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