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  1. You updated magisk to latest? Might be reason...
  2. Agreed. Nothing is perfect. But I don't think the script will be in lua either. So will require different knowledge and skills.
  3. Script won't be able to launch from normal gg. That's where your problem lies.
  4. My thought is it isn't a big deal. That's the launcher. You don't have anything else. But, in the near future, you won't be able to decrypt I think any of his work. @BadCase correct me if I'm wrong.
  5. Always impresses me the features you continue to add. Thank you
  6. Not sure. I checked this game a while ago and didn't spend much time with it. Things didn't look promising.
  7. Lol. Nevermind. Your reading is as good as your hacking. I don't need to do anything to prove I'm better than you. Happy hacking. Welcome to the forum. Look forward to your contributions to this forum.
  8. I gave you list of games. You talk crap, but do nothing.
  9. I've used Kali for network hacking. I know about burpsuite and frida. I use gdb and gg only. I'm more capable with my phone, than you are with your pc.
  10. Lol..... Trust me, I've hacked this game loooooong before you even attempted. And your successful in just this game? Congrats. Edit: Mystic Messenger, FIFA, Animal Crossing, Mario Run, Age of Magic, Dungeon Hunter 5, Modern Combat 5, Asphalt 9, Metal Slug Infinite.... Take your pick, curious if you are successfulb in any of these.
  11. Another option too https://forum.sbenny.com/threads/bud-farm-grass-roots-v1-26-0-mod-unlimited-pot-bucks-and-coins.45849
  12. Been busy debugging other stuff, I'll try to get back to this and provide easy way to find any value. Hard currency meaning like gems. Soft currency is like the gold. Gold is nothing, can have unlimited and it sync and save no issues. What I'm hoping to figure out, is rewards/achievements and claiming them unlimited times. Then essentially will have unlimited gems too. When I get to doing a video, you'll see.... It's pretty easy to find almost ANY value. It's just a matter of what syncs and doesn't. I've also broken my game, but I am not linking any additional accounts. Just clear data and start again.
  13. Oh man.... FEH. Probably one of the most complex memory hacks. Nintendo was very creative with that game. As for this game, I don't edit currency directly. I edit things that return currency for you. So I set levels to things to be like 2000000000000000000 level. So you max currency very fast. I haven't had luck with hard currency yet. I can teleport to final wave, 20,000. Which can help earn lots of stuff
  14. NoFear

    Script fifa fail...

    @BadCase would be the one to help.
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