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  1. Bogejula

    Hack Ares Virus

    Thanks, you are genius @ItsSC, i am very glad you give the way...
  2. Bogejula

    Hack Ares Virus

    Up up up... Lol.. I become frustrated
  3. Bogejula

    Castle Defense : TD 2 bounty for GG.

    Thanks boss Btw maximum value using this metode are... maximum blue (3000000) Maximum purple (1000000) Theres no need doing that.. Just using 3rd daily reward u can get 1million purple gems.. Look above for the metode..
  4. Bogejula

    Hack Ares Virus

    I am sorry ,i cant understand how it works.. How could you find value of the price when i cant change the price value.. And how to works with the xor key too..? There is someone can explain ? Or show me the video.. Thanks guys..
  5. Bogejula

    Hack Ares Virus

    Waiting for master hacker
  6. Bogejula

    ROS Hack By TheJustGus(Not supported)

    server : asia tested underground,fast & no recoil, antenna (some char doesnt got the antenna), fast healing(not work for me), aim assist,fast parachute.. nice script.. i am waiting for high scope script..
  7. Bogejula


    Dear mr @d2dyno i using this version GG in ePSXe, but doesnt work, i using fuzzy methode.. but can not find right value.. at the end.. would you help me ? its my methode wrong or GG doesnt support ePSXe anymore.. bt the way thats my memory range.. thanks sir... I appreciate for your help sorry for my bad english
  8. Bogejula

    New moderator: NoFear

    cangrats @NoFear.. glad to see on their team
  9. Bogejula

    Castle Defense : TD 2 bounty for GG.

    the timer for next wave, do you mean when skull with red circle decreasing overtime?? yes i do like what you said, doing fuzzy search (float)and decreased, over and over until have 42 values.. when I go to one of the address i dont know which one pointer for wood, any clue?? and then when i try to freeze all 42 value i founded , the red circle still decreasing,.. is that mean i found wrong values?? and i try started new fuzzy search but with increasing value,found about 400 values, when i freezing all,, its suddenly force close I dont give up yet.. please give any clue so i can understand the hacking methode.. I am very apreciate teacher..
  10. Bogejula

    Castle Defense : TD 2 bounty for GG.

    could you show me with the video , please? haha till now still curious how to get very first value.. , i dont know which one and how you found in andress location that you tells about.. how you get that 3 very first values.. sir.. ?
  11. Bogejula

    Castle Defense : TD 2 bounty for GG.

    I am Sorry in minute 05:23, where do you get the value 1;1;0;53::13, i have been watch ur video for many times,but still can figure it out, please explain to me sir.. ? and on the first section, i try input the value like you do,but its doesnt work on me.. is there must be different value or what ? i have been watching and trying but still get right metode for get the wood.. but on the second section and the last of the video.. its working so well thankyou so much.. sorry for my bad in english
  12. Bogejula

    Castle Defense : TD 2 bounty for GG.

    wow.. i appreciate that, you are genius.. hahaha i dont know your methode but.. i ll follow step by step.. hope i will understand soon.. thanks
  13. use mod for increase yours.. and keep spaming buy gas,lol.. or just reset ur character.. its not so bad cause many moded ldoe help you advance faster now
  14. Bogejula

    Castle Defense : TD 2 bounty for GG.

    Any info about method sir.. its been a while.. thanks sir..