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  1. Why are you asking me this? I'm trying to find an answer to my problem, not offer any help.
  2. So hello everyone! I'm pretty much new here, but I can't really say that I'm new to using GG. Before I make this request, one thing you guys should know is that GG is awesome, it is helpful when I make it work. Thank you for that. Now, to the main reason I made this topic. There's a game called Bad 2 Bad Extinction (or B2B), which is a game where you control an unit that consists of 1 to 5 members in a zombie infested battlefield (which gives a Battle Royale vibe), collecting guns, customization parts like scopes, lights, etc. So I have found out that you can hack the ingame currency of this game, which are kinda-rare Gold and very rare Gems. However, I have found out that even with these two values fixed around ~16m, there are some items and characters that are hidden behind a paywall. For example, a character named Master Chief cannot be bought with Gold or Gems, but instead real life money. Or the exo suits in the PM Shop, which give +20% boost to movement speed, also for real money. Now, I have tried to do an InApp hack for the game, but it didn't work. I have noticed that everything you get, except characters, are "items". Like, if I get a Legendary grade silencer, it is an item that sits in the inventory. Knowing that there are some games where you can swap the values of said items to turn them into other items, or even add these values directly to the inventory to create these items, perhaps same can be done for this games as well. Is there a way to hack this game using GG to change item values, to create items in the inventory that you can only get from spending real money? I can provide some screenshots if needed.
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