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  1. Mr Nofear. ??? trying to be a pro like you i didn't give up on hacking the latest version of day r, rather i went back in time to make your method work for me. Guess what, i downloaded a very old version of day,r, hacked it with your method, even bought some items not available to us in the newest version, then updated the app and voala it worked flawlessly for me. Just know I'm a fan and i have my eyes on your work.
  2. Well for me the method where you increased the beefcan in the invertory then change it to caps dont work for me, i can't seem to multiply any items in my inventory. Values are never found, used every possible method you gave on here and elsewhere, i am currently using the latest version of day r,
  3. You sure are one hell of a busy guy nofear. I respect that. I been meaning to learn from you, but i guess thats a no go area.
  4. Sorry guys, I'm late. No fear. d*** boy, ive been on your trail, what can i do to get your attention once more? I neeeeeeeeeeed help??.
  5. I appreciate the help you've given me so far, I appreciate big time newbie
  6. Hey mr No fear. Mr rastakiwi.mr newbie. I wanna learn. Please add me on wats aapp. +2348148068043
  7. Got it, it's +1,-1 yields in game diamond used as currency when sold in shop
  8. How's that possible, i tried but can't get the format for rear, care to share
  9. Just do a fuzzy search dword on your gold amount. Then spend from it and fuzzy search again with either change or unchanged values to be sure. Till you'll get about 30-40 results. You'll see an encrypted value of same range as your gold. Let's take for instance you have gold amount 128,899 when you count the digits they are six, then check for six digits encrypted value from your results, and voala. Go to memory and you'll find other encrypted positive values two up and three down from the gold encrypted value. The first two up are the holy water and diamond. The next two down are levels and in-game days timer. Enjoy
  10. It didn't work for me, couldn't find it. Once I was able to change gold reward to holy water but now I just can't figure out which number it was????. If I can just figure it out then I will use that same number to pinpoint other holy water rewards, don't know if it'll work though. Rastakiwi? Newbie? Anyone? Any idea how to change gold to holy?
  11. Thanks bro. What would I have done without you and Rastakiwi and the game guardian team that created the app and this website to learn and teach eachother.
  12. I understand how you changed the gold reward to epic chest, what I don't understand is how you changed holy water to a weapon. I've tried but to no avail
  13. It worked alright. But mehn it destroyed my well progressing game. By the time I altered the days timer, everything turned upside down. I had to restart my game to set the days back to normal again. And FYI I discovered an easy route to the timer. My advice is it should be left alone.
  14. ??? guys whoa whoooaa, hold up ??. Whaaaaat, is going on here? What language are you guys speaking? Is this not the same game i hacked so swiftly like a hot knife through butter(thanks to Rastakiwi and Co) ? Now this language you guys are speaking can corrupt my brain just trying to comprehend,. Please big boys, brake it down will ya? After all hacking this game is simple. (thanks to Rastakiwi and Co )
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