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  1. can you hack the "Number of attempts to remove minus options"?
  2. got a new problem... why does my "Looting Pet" not looting? I still need to manually loot every single material on the ground... they(Looting Pet) simply just passing every single material like nothing does that mean my save data is corrupted or something? p.s. I even try starting new game... get the 300 gem code coupon... then buy the looting pet... still not looting... just passing every single material like a trash p.s. I mean by "passing every single material" like straight through the materials like "noclip"
  3. How much amount of Gold and Elementals is safe to hack? Can you directly hack the amount of Secret Technique Books like Gold and Elementals? How? How much is safe?
  4. does save data not working in "Parallel Space"? ("Change the Device" in Evil Hunter Tycoon) Cheats/Hacks working in Parallel Space for Evil Hunter Tycoon (no disconnect like "X8 Sandbox" and "F1 VM") I just cannot save data to Google Play.. whenever I try to "Save to Account" there's a pop-up saying "Parallel Space has stopped." then brings me back to the game like nothing happened anyone please help
  5. same situation... both try "X8 Sandbox" and "F1 VM" both crashes all the time... like literally every 5 seconds in-game then crash
  6. Can you please send the video link, Thank you so much!
  7. Can you please send the video link, Thank you so much!
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