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  1. The mod work perfectly , but the time to get next life will increase if you use refill life usually
  2. Can you sent me the link Thanks for advance BTW, i like your script
  3. With gem you can buy anything, toturial here : Bypass root detect: Need root : YES ,to patch HttpCanary, toturial to install HttpCanary here:
  4. This is first time I write a thread, and my English are bad, sorry for that Step: (Use game guardian) 1 search level with dword, level up and search level , repeat until number of value doesn't change 2 save level value 3 search experience you have( tick the value is encrypted) , kill enemy to get experience and search again, repeat until number of value doesn't change 4 edit experience value with dword =0 (freeze them), edit level value you has saved = 1 5 kill enemy (profit 1200 gem, and gold) , edit level value you has saved = 1, and kill enemy, repeat and repeat =))) My video, step by step :
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