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  1. Hide my app, is only to hide apps, not really root itself.
  2. Configure magisk DenyList. Look into magisk module Shamiko or MagiskHide. Look into Xposed framework (if your device supports it). Xposed module, hide my applist. Without testing each of these independently, can't say what works. But game runs fine on my device with all the suggested above.
  3. When you do pointer search, before you click search, the address in box, put B40000 in front of the address, then search. So if address is AABBCCDD it would be B40000AABBCCDD. Not sure if your device is using tagged pointers. So worth a try.
  4. Try combination of GG settings? These maybe? I attach and search without issue.
  5. Working on it.... Their is some stuff in the dump, that if server didn't kick back an error, would be perfect.
  6. Yes. Or if running game in virtual space. That virtual space should have root and access to where these files are.
  7. So I believe this game already has all your dice rolls calculated for your account. Server already knows where you'll land on your next roll. I believe minigames, outcomes are already determined before you even land on them (pre determined like all your dice rolls). Wouldn't it be nice to know how much your next roll would've won, then you would've done multiplier to maximize....... Well, that's just what this is going to be about. To see your future rolls/minigames, you'll have game open and switch to offline mode. Using a root file explorer navigate to here: /data/data/com.scopely.monopolygo/files/ Each turn you take a file is generated, something like this: 48d4483b70674c02951ddfd3a289f5d7.ca When you reconnect, it'll send these and get your account synced. If you get prompted no connection, you can click back to remove message and tap roll really quick. So you can roll indefinitely and write down/log all your rolls. Even if you stay on one board logging it all. When you switch to a new board, your dice roll continues. Not like a new board, new roll pattern. When you land on a spot that gives a good size reward. You can delete those .ca files, close, restart game online and use max multiplier to really bonus up those wins. Bank Heist, don't think you had a chance of picking the right combination.... No matter where you selected, what flips over, will always be same when you play it again. So if I flipped coin, ring, cash, cash, ring, cash. When I go to play again, it's going to be that exact order. See attached video. I'm honestly really disappointed in my findings with this developer. It feels like a scam of a game and you're not really "playing". It's basically scripted and if you do x1, x5, x10 at ideal times, that's about the only user "input" that seems to have a chance on the outcome. mobizen_20230426_211255.mp4
  8. So what I'm finding, I think should be noted and possibly call out the developer on the matter. I'll probably share what I know and how it can benefit within a couple days or so... I'm not really impressed though with the developer. It feels like a scam of a game, you'll all see after I do more tests.
  9. Slow start. Bummed SRDebugger was stripped.. Will check the game dump for something of use.
  10. il2cpp I'm guessing? If I get some time. Might check it out.
  11. Stealing someone's work? Looks very familiar, and not coincidence. Edit: Maybe ask the author to add that to the script if that was desired over the 15.0 that was set instead
  12. Give me some time. I'll have to rewatch what I did and see about working on new version.
  13. 31;4,259,911;4,522,061;5,046,367;5,111,887;5,832,773;5,439,583;5,374,036;5,111,881;6,225,991;4,259,923;4,522,070;4,915,295;5,832,773;4,522,066;4,784,204;67::65 https://emalm.com/?v=0WcQD everything has utf name, you could search the utf name and work backwards.
  14. No problem. I'll get you another search that will work.
  15. Try this: https://emalm.com/?v=opuaV 7;1,197,936,946;1,568,784,472;818,347,345::57 If when you follow first pointer you have 2 pointers below, go-to the other result. If this search doesn't work, let me know and I'll get something different for you to follow instead.
  16. Could just edit the save. Location: /data/data/com.oakgames.wordgame/shared_prefs/com.oakgames.wordgame.v2.playerprefs.xml String name "BldZWDlVCk1eQg%3D%3D" Give me a few, I'll come up with what you can edit value to.
  17. Encrypted Game detects virtual space/emulators.
  18. If you want instructions to just navigate to qty owned and edit, let me know...
  19. You can add any item in game (not leaf currency)..... It's really complicated. Good luck with it.
  20. NoFear

    Change Price

    I didn't say edit all. I'm saying using your filtering, you can do increment edit. Also it's called trial and error. Never do these on main account until you've found a reliable search and edit.
  21. NoFear

    Change Price

    Can also use increment edit. So 500 results, increment edit, check value, of the 500 you'll know which.
  22. How much did you change it? I found excessive values wouldn't work
  23. I don't know exactly what's possible. But whenever you find a game gives sync errors, trial and error to see how exact the server is checking. Example: Change price from 500 to 499 or 501... If neither work, then might be something little more complicated and can't just make it 0. Basically, just make very subtle changes and see what gets accepted. Then keep increasing until you find the threshold of what the server will give error. Like with coins earned in level. Level 1, server might know, can't exceed 250 or something. Maybe at level 50, 1000 becomes the new threshold.
  24. Coins earned in level can be modified. Not sure if the amount you can do is related to the level. Early levels, seemed like 250-300 coins were fine. Armv8 offset 1B1A278 Mov W8, #275 Something to that effect. Higher levels could try higher value until server gives error.
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