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    Haven't had time. Sorry
  2. NoFear


    Installed.... Haven't tried anything yet
  3. Fairly confident nothing really patched.... Edit: would have to check.... Been a while since I've looked at this game.
  4. It's possible. Just very difficult and time consuming just to add 1 of anything....
  5. It's been a long time since I've done anything with this game. I also don't know where I was skill wise with GG at that time. I don't really want to put too much more time into this game. I think using everything you know now could be enough to achieve much more.
  6. Virtual xposed, if games run in that virtual space.
  7. If rooted with magisk. Look into xposed framework. I am using lsposed. Then the module, AndroidFaker (https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/app-xposed-5-0-11-x-android-faker-a-module-for-spoof-your-device.4284233/) For most situations, this is plenty to be able to spoof and create new accounts. I'm not responsible for you bricking your device if things go wrong... Make sure you know what you are getting into before proceeding with xposed framework.
  8. I did edit it. Then tapping it showed the modified #. Either way though, just find quest to use and steps are the same. When you find one, that group of values id, qty and some numbers below that. Use that for group search to find it faster.
  9. The values that are being modified ID ID QTY No, can't change qty for those amulets. The first ID might go up to 5. 2nd ID, depends on ID 1 for it's range limit from 0 to unknown. The first ID is like the id type. So id one set to 2, seems to be all the amulets.
  10. You can swap out rewards. So any goal gives that reward. I need to unlock it in my list. Unless I just give you where the pointer is that you'll swap. Edit: It's not a pointer. Dword values... But still. Hard to edit without having that achievement
  11. Depends on language settings on gg. Some languages use '.' instead of ','. Edit: But yes, in his situation, that's the problem. He might be watching videos in different language where they do use '.'.
  12. If you're on Armv8 -1FD4 from tickets is the expedition bonus meter. For rewards. Find to requirement to unlock. Pointer search. Above pointer you'll be editing. In my video, it wasn't proper edit, but it's to show where you'll focus. mobizen_20210903_172918.mp4
  13. Bonus exploration? Here is battery and currency.... Values are Word. Battery max 99. Currency, stay with 65000 or less. mobizen_20210903_164408.mp4
  14. Game won't open editing directly? Edit: I modified them directly... Game still launches...
  15. Confused by the account getting deleted. Certain method will delete account?
  16. Encrypted Dword search works. Aside from giving a better detailed guide, this would be a good starting point for you to try
  17. For that area in the game. What writes after spending, I have it just re write the existing balance. And when you goto buy, when it compares balance to price, it thinks you have enough. Could have a 3rd edit so the buttons look active too. This won't effect both currencies or all areas of the game.
  18. Armv8 offset 3D6D68 Edit Mov w8, w8 Offset 3F0CDC Edit Cmp w8, w8 See attached video for effect. mobizen_20210901_220523.mp4
  19. An easy fix for this is to edit 1 level below max, then buy/upgrade to max. Then it should save.
  20. Might be related to not earning level up rewards. Maybe try editing xp close to level up. Then collect to level up. I ended up putting xp back. And so far still ok.
  21. Use the unknown N=O+D search. Xp is just continuously counting. So if you earned 12, value increase by 12
  22. Gems are located above gold. But follows same rule. I imagine xp is similar. I Can check.
  23. Whatever the qty, search half and half If 500 Search 250;250::5 This should find either currency. This is what I could tell for the little bit I saw.
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