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  1. Postb public here.... Or people send pm and I send link to unlisted video. I'm fairly certain Developer is lurking...
  2. NoFear

    Pacwyn cheat

    Yes. Developer is aware and taking action. You don't use GG for this cheat though.
  3. Also. No need to use http Canary for gems. It's easier than that...
  4. NoFear

    Read Plz :(

    Games have made a strong push in protections and being all online only. Most games now you can't even launch without internet connection. You can't compare hacks now to hacks 5 years ago. Few years ago I would create mods with Stewe and they were all free and game save related hacks. Now, couldn't even provide same style mod anymore because saves are device unique and online. This forum is about free knowledge and tools. Everything is provided to achieve the same hack that cost money. It's your efforts in learning that determine whether you try to create your own or just buy someone else's work.
  5. Yea, similar games share similar formats. Most idle/clicker games are double.
  6. 12.6k is 100 possible numbers assuming it's double as well. Sometimes your balance can be more difficult to edit. I didn't bother trying since you already claimed it could be done, so based on style of game I basically knew the value type.
  7. Search prices to upgrade content. They are "double format". Increment edit to find the right one. Make negative price. Buy. Done.
  8. NoFear

    Mobile Legends

    Just because you aren't banned on immediate use of cheats, doesn't make them undetected. Friend used only radar hack. Think got a week or more ban. Just keep that on mind. A good cheat detection is one with delayed response so you can't determine what triggered it.
  9. If your device doesn't bypass the ptrace, then it's non beneficial to show how to do the edit for you won't be able to.
  10. I was hacking gameplay in pvp.
  11. Heh.... Even if successful.... Unless it's what I was doing.
  12. You are editing only the dword. Either save and change address -8 (make copy). Or goto address of the value. 2 lines above is a dword xor. Need to edit both to prevent integrity check.
  13. It's most likely not a "ban" as it was a bad gg edit.... You could mod lib to disable "wallet error" to get into game. Then correct the bad edit (if you know what was done wrong).
  14. NoFear

    Mario Kart tour

    It's not script issue. Game doesn't run in parallel. Root only.
  15. NoFear


    Maybe script. Not sure.
  16. Not much to say. Developer cheat menu is enabled. Click settings in game. And bottom right icon (looks like a bug). Click that. Enter any pin. Enjoy! Hempire - Plant Growing Game[By-NoFear&S7].s.apk
  17. NoFear


    And can join Clan. Not sure if game blocks that if they detected cheating.
  18. NoFear


    Possible. Not easy.
  19. It's the language of some Android games. Look up arm assembly. This is more related to apk modding than gg standard search/edit.
  20. Love to rush it.... Can't rush perfection Thank you for all you do and provide.
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