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  1. Can edit chest price and rewards and avoid ban.
  2. I'm not entirely sure either. Try modded apk. (AGAIN, ARMV8 ONLY) https://sbupload.com/dc2cf1e30d1c5edf
  3. It's not patched... I'm just busy, I'll try to find time.
  4. Give me time... I'll try to post apk and do armv7
  5. You said 4.3.2..... not sure why you said that version
  6. Edit the 64bit lib. And replace in on emulator. Make sure games is completely closed before running. That might work. On emulator, once offset is called, you can't modify it. So no "toggle". Libhoudini is essentially what reads and translates the lib. But it does revisit an offset if it already addressed it.
  7. You are on emulator. X86 system. Not arm.
  8. You are on armv7 is my guess. arm64 will be the folder in the data app.
  9. r is reverse hex. I left everything in format similar to Arm opcodes.
  10. This is for armv8 only, I haven't bothered to debug armv7 (yet). Your can edit lib on device if rooted and not deal with gg. Or use GG. When buying golden ticket, game will seem like nothing happened. Close and reopen. Inapp seems to only add boosters. No coins or other elements. Please, if you share of create mod... Give credit, don't try to claim this as your own work. (Biggest reason I stopped posting free to the public). Offsets 18B2C78 18B3AEC Edits 29008052 E803679E Or search dword in Xa range 092140B9r;081540FDr::3701 Edit 29008052r;E803679Er
  11. NoFear

    Not Showing all Values

    Top right settings. Filter Show _______ Probably set to 100
  12. Was recently asked to revisit this.... Work in progress:
  13. You would use a disassembler... IDA for example. Then could search strings for the "0xD0". Granted, will be insane number of results. Because the 0xD0 I believe could be used for something else on another function. I'm still relatively new with lib editing.... I know enough to be dangerous [added 0 minutes later] Scripts for lib editing. Do exist.
  14. It can be done with gg. I worry if method is public, developer will see and patch.
  15. Well done. Not much more I can say, other than impressive
  16. 0xD0 You look for something like Ldr W8, [x25, 0xD0] Where W8 and X25 are just random for this example. You'll have to find offset. In dump still.
  17. So you can see what was achieved....
  18. Not sure. I think something is missing still.... One: this person doesn't realize he can just group copy and group paste.... Which discredits the knowledge level for me. Two: they explain how the "calculation" works, but never utilizes that knowledge to create any custom value, but instead just uses data in memory. I would have to go looking around for myself to find proper method. I think they have SOME of the information.... Or are misinterpreting the data at hand.
  19. I might have to see it in memory browser... In case more info is needed.
  20. Yea.... No need. Still working how to make it public with less risk of patch [added 0 minutes later] Mod apk possibly.
  21. Memory browser. Goto address. Xa range, select the lib you will be editing. Goto it's start address. Long press address. Offset calculator. Enter your offset (hex). Click goto
  22. It's xor. Xor key = 320,017,171 Xor value = 1,363,350,291 Xor result = 1,112,539,136 Dword 1,112,539,136 = 52.0 float Edit: If you want 500,000,000 gold dword edit 1,593,669,691
  23. So debating on free public method.... Due to what's possible with it... Developer would patch it very quickly.
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