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  1. I'll be doing a guide on here this week.... My latest find, can covert any item to anything you want.... No more hoping to find the item or buy it.... Please be patient. For this will be very detailed and complex.
  2. Could always try to set the price of pets to 0 instead, if that is the only reason.
  3. When data is sent to server. It could contain strings like "Ischeater" = true Intercept that and change it to get the account switched back to legit server instead.
  4. If understood what it actually does, you would actually know it could be applicable. Tools like Fiddler too. MITM attacks work on Android games. Instead of search just the tool name. Maybe try search the tool name with Android or Android game. And what insight/contribution have you made here? Just because something is commonly used in certain field of work, doesn't mean it wouldn't apply or work elsewhere. I know people use similar tools for Android game hacks.
  5. Good example of this. Block Strike. Try running that game.
  6. NoFear


    Seems not all dword values. Can see in video.
  7. NoFear


    @Enyby In latest GG version, long press dword value. Then select copy value (dword#). It copies the hex, not dword.
  8. It's the prompt/warning built into GG. Anytime a script wants access to Internet, this is the warning. So if you are using an unknown script, you've been warned at what could be possible.
  9. NoFear

    archero crashing

    No. Just I can't help you determine the problem. I don't use emulator.
  10. NoFear

    archero crashing

    Emulators are different. X86 architecture and who knows what else. I can do everything fine on just my device.
  11. NoFear

    archero crashing

    "Better" firmware/kernel/device.... Some devices work much better with GG and all its features.
  12. Everything in this game can be hacked.... Only reason I haven't shared is because everyone will just start taking credit and making money from it... 4pda notoriously steals my work. Maybe if a group of people got together and offered $, they could have method. Then I wouldn't care what they do with it after.
  13. Try using Frida or burpesuite. I've never tried, but this would be my guess.
  14. Exactly. The 1 pointer you managed to find yourself. Find other nearby values that are unique to that location. Then you do group search. Offset to pointer from one of the values in group search.
  15. 1200 pointers... Heh. Find a unique group search nearby to one of the pointers that doesn't change each launch.
  16. Find the cost. Then followed pointers to find it.
  17. Search float 80;20;0;0;0;0::21 Edit the 80 and 20 to 0 Edit the last 0 to 100. This is for that first merchant.
  18. Honestly, if time jump works, why not hack it a different way instead? And did you not download apk from playstore FROM NOX?
  19. Download game from within NOX. Playstore should give you the x86 variant (if it exists).
  20. Their is many ways to approach this... None of which are a definite, especially if this drop rate is truly done server side. 1. Find enemy HP. Navigate nearby/pointer search. Start find nearby and other pointer data. Sometimes drops are related to enemy or linked to enemy. Drop might already be determined and linked to enemy before he is even killed. Basically drop is generated on level load, no enemy kill. 2. Focus on finding weapon info. Like id numbers or utf and pointer search to find weapons. Then, before opening level. Unknown search. Start level and get weapon to drop. Then unknown changed and then search for that specific id/utf. Then you can pointer search your way back to see if anything nearby to pointers could be related to this drop. Which could be related to info done in method 1. 3. Game is il2cpp. Do a dump, search the dump for "rarity" "drop" "chance" or other keywords that may be related... Forthis game, some things from the dump that MIGHT be of use.... public Rarity get_Rarity(); // RVA: 0xBE8BA4 Offset: 0xBE8BA4 [CompilerGeneratedAttribute] // RVA: 0x889DC4 Offset: 0x889DC4 public void set_Rarity(Rarity value); // RVA: 0xBE8BAC Offset: 0xBE8BAC public string get_RarityString(); // RVA: 0xBE8BB4 Offset: 0xBE8BB4 public void set_RarityString(string value); // RVA: 0xBE8C50 Offset: 0xBE8C50 [CompilerGeneratedAttribute] // RVA: 0x889DD4 Offset: 0x889DD4 public int get_Chance(); // RVA: 0xBE8DA0 Offset: 0xBE8DA0 [CompilerGeneratedAttribute] // RVA: 0x889DE4 Offset: 0x889DE4 public void set_Chance(int value); // RVA: 0xBE8DA8 Offset: 0xBE8DA8 [CompilerGeneratedAttribute] // RVA: 0x889DF4 Offset: 0x889DF4 private int <DropChance>k__BackingField; // 0x114 [CompilerGeneratedAttribute] // RVA: 0x8720D0 Offset: 0x8720D0 public int DropChance { get; set; } [XmlAttributeAttribute] // RVA: 0x8A0F90 Offset: 0x8A0F90 public int get_DropChance(); // RVA: 0xCC4C08 Offset: 0xCC4C08 [CompilerGeneratedAttribute] // RVA: 0x88AC64 Offset: 0x88AC64 public void set_DropChance(int value); // RVA: 0xCC4C10 Offset: 0xCC4C10 [CompilerGeneratedAttribute] // RVA: 0x88AC74 Offset: 0x88AC74 then you could edit the lib file. Or use GG to edit offsets (if on mobile device) typically XA memory range. You'll want to use ARM to HEX to modify the offsets correctly. 4. Could try search random float values and mass editing... Not ideal, but more of a last resort. So start with .19~.21 float, edit all to like 1.0. One problem with this, you don't know if percentages are float, dword or double. 20% could be, 20.0 float/double/dword. 0.20 float/double. Then you don't know if its an even .20... Might be 0.1975. Again, this really isn't a good method. Hope this helps. Figured it is far less time to type this entire post than to attempt to do the methods mentioned above.
  21. Depends on the game/developer... So not like a single answer for all scenarios.
  22. NoFear

    Help me !!!

    Stop spamming forum...
  23. Honestly, ideally would be to find what makes the correct value unique and avoid trial and error editing in a script. Trial and error is good to find the correct value. Once find, try to determine how to know which is the right one for scripting.
  24. NoFear

    Age of magic.

    I'm intrigued the hp edit works.... Because I know it's a different value for the player hp.... Unless it's been changed recently.
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