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  1. FIFA script will be updated. It's almost complete.
  2. What you add. Spend before you exit game. It's not the GG doesn't work. GG still works fine. Just need to find another area in the game to use it on.
  3. You missed the point... Unreleased. You don't know the method. Edit: is what most people want, the ability to add anything?
  4. Can confirm.... Old method (never released) for adding simcash works. Not sure if this is something users are interested in.... Or is it something else?
  5. Unknown changed/unchanged. But given hope few times you can do this, might not work. I'm offering injection services... I created thread at sbenny for this game.
  6. I never tried.... I took a different approach...
  7. Fairly certain it's encrypted. I know what game that's from.
  8. I can dig through old videos.... I might have method I didn't share that might still work.
  9. It detects emulators I believe. And game doesn't have 64bit libraries (yet). Think that's why game updated 2-3 days before Google's date of forced x64 libraries when updating apps. The next update, is REQUIRED to supply them.
  10. It's been long time since doing anything with this game. Add small amounts. Spend most of it before you close game. Should keep you on the legit side.
  11. You can max follower xp. Freezing hp/stamina will get you banned.
  12. In the video.... I think it's towards the end. I do clean launch. Search and navigate this method.
  13. https://forum.sbenny.com/threads/pokemon-masters-injection-service.62685
  14. Not banned. Did you edit currency at all? Or xp above 1,000,000,000
  15. Slow... Not easy to script. Trying to automate a process on which is already very complex doing it manually.
  16. If the item becomes "canned zombie meat". It might be an item not unlocked by you yet. If you do many items before you can get refuge, this is how they all appear. Edit: Confirmed, will add to list on original post. other71 - standard mecha parts other72 - rare mecha parts other73 - advanced mecha parts
  17. Try searching this... -1.06003785E37~-1.06003775E37 Might be a rounding issue
  18. It's hard to say for sure. Given the items you can give yourself, gold and coins aren't a huge necessity to hack. If you purchased something and that login error occurs immediately after, then your balance might be too high or a bad edit.
  19. Instant ban while playing, yes. User error. Or exceeding limitations on certain values.
  20. Need to make a new account [added 1 minute later] Avoid hacking currencies maybe.
  21. When game crashes, select the restart without protection on pop up. Then try. Maybe...
  22. If you attach gg, never search. Won't crash? But immediately after search, crashes?
  23. Try the "waitpid mode". Set to alternative.
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