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  1. Gems not "possible" yet. There is something I'm missing to get it to work
  2. Mmmmm... Not for how I did it... [added 0 minutes later] When you make a badb edit It's synced like this too! (Gold isn't hacked in screen, focus was gems)
  3. Cpad if armv7... Doesn't protect it from spreading. Protects method.
  4. NoFear

    Dword and qword

    You need to better understand value types than. Dword is 4byte Qword is 8byte If the 4 bytes after your dword are 0, then the dword is same value as qword until you exceed 2147483647. Then the 4bytes below top dword become 1. And the 4bytes above that start back at 0.
  5. NoFear

    Dword and qword

    It's because you did "Auto". It's the same address. You need to determine was the final result Qword or Dword.
  6. I'm going to try and find gems before sharing anything.
  7. Haven't had a chance
  8. Gold is possible.... I imagine more is
  9. There is easier and other method possible... I chose this route due to it being preferred way on most games and avoid detection... As for qty, yea, keep it reasonable
  10. It's not an issue with GG. Editing incorrectly or game has protection (which might be related to incorrect edit).
  11. Depends on user... That's not that difficult. Most of it just narrowing results. There is faster ways, but that was the easier to follow method.
  12. No. It's same as video. Could do it backwards. Start with 12 instead and work to 3
  13. I just ask you all to not create a video in an attempt to get views on YouTube and ruin for everyone... Or post link to video publicly. Enjoy
  14. Link sent. Not patched. Works perfectly.
  15. Either pm me or reply here. I'll send youtube link
  16. Postb public here.... Or people send pm and I send link to unlisted video. I'm fairly certain Developer is lurking...
  17. NoFear

    Pacwyn cheat

    Yes. Developer is aware and taking action. You don't use GG for this cheat though.
  18. Also. No need to use http Canary for gems. It's easier than that...
  19. NoFear

    Read Plz :(

    Games have made a strong push in protections and being all online only. Most games now you can't even launch without internet connection. You can't compare hacks now to hacks 5 years ago. Few years ago I would create mods with Stewe and they were all free and game save related hacks. Now, couldn't even provide same style mod anymore because saves are device unique and online. This forum is about free knowledge and tools. Everything is provided to achieve the same hack that cost money. It's your efforts in learning that determine whether you try to create your own or just buy someone else's work.
  20. Yea, similar games share similar formats. Most idle/clicker games are double.
  21. 12.6k is 100 possible numbers assuming it's double as well. Sometimes your balance can be more difficult to edit. I didn't bother trying since you already claimed it could be done, so based on style of game I basically knew the value type.
  22. Search prices to upgrade content. They are "double format". Increment edit to find the right one. Make negative price. Buy. Done.
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