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  1. NoFear

    dnSpy, HxD and GG

    None that I'm aware of. Kind of done it on my own with iosgods debugging guide.
  2. NoFear

    dnSpy, HxD and GG

    For DLL? It's something I've actually tried to find the connection between dll and function edit with gg. But with libs, yes.
  3. Yea, situational... And familiarity with developer
  4. I have a routine. Dword -> Double -> Float -> UTF (8/16) -> Encrypted Dword -> XOR Dword When they all fail, I do unknown changed/unchanged (very time consuming)...
  5. I should've known you would've got it I only sent in private message to someone how
  6. No worries. I need to play more, but it seems promising.
  7. Heh.... How hard did you try?
  8. NoFear

    group size trouble

    Distance between values. With more than 1 value, it's distance from 1st to last. The number is in bytes. Dword is 4bytes.
  9. NoFear

    Days Bygone

    Dword value is price Double value type is qty purchased... But again, you can easily get banned... Not sure what I did that triggered it. Excessive values possibly...
  10. NoFear

    Days Bygone

    Seems like they long and slow way to earn currencies or anything..... Unless you want to grind for countless hours...
  11. NoFear

    Days Bygone

    Not sure what you are trying to edit.... But currencies/tickets didn't take much effort...
  12. NoFear

    5 Heroes

    Is all the videos people provide on new accounts that have spent 0 of both currencies? Values might not be balance, might be qty collected. So balance is calculated. Just a theory. N=O+D for search on coins as you EARN only. And see if you have a different value after a few searches. Also x64 distance between values is more often than not further than x32. Edit: I was correct... Coins earn Coins spent Gems earned Gems spent See attached image All together in that order.
  13. NoFear

    Days Bygone

    Can edit shop... The price is dword... Edit: heads up though. Can get yourself banned...
  14. Just need to find new method. Don't think anything is "patched"
  15. Had a few bans. I think due to Souls balance being 200,000+. Also certain areas in game might be more monitored too. [added 0 minutes later] That's fine. Referral system exists. Get enough paying referrals, can be free.
  16. BadCase has script that can help with that
  17. Gg has feature to help prevent that from occurring. System level patch. But, some games might not launch when enabled. Edit: I imagine it is the il2cpp offset you want to edit. I think that process that's attached isn't effecting me... Could be wrong.
  18. Using GG script from BadCase.org
  19. Oh? This is the only game? Which game? Two times I've seen this was due to device. Never seen an app or game revert xa range. The other time is if the pid is being debugged. Then it cannot be edited. Game have another process attached?
  20. I know it was Xa range. Not sure if changes with gg can help. Might be device related issue.
  21. Hago... It's game within an app?
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