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  1. You actually modding the lib? If so, you actually know how to debug? Or just searching hex from original version?
  2. It's the same hex as last version... just funny it's taken others this long to find what didn't change. Keep an eye out at Sbenny tomorrow or 2 days from now..... ;)
  3. NoFear


    I figured wouldn't be simple. Just hoping it's in future plans
  4. NoFear


    @Enyby Amazing.... Arm64 opcodes now added Will gg eventually accept opcodes and convert to hex? Ex: rather than enter 0100A0E3r I can do Mov r0, #1 and GG will change to hex? doesn't have to be a method of editing. Could be like the xor calculator, but instead a built in arm->hex converter? Best Android app ever made. Keep up the amazing work.
  5. Permanently unlock? Or just equip? Never had luck unlocking them. Only equip them.
  6. What would people wanted scripted? Feel currency everyone should have by now.
  7. Please, if it "doesn't work". Increase search range and provide feedback what's not working.
  8. Happy Easter Please, if you plan on sharing on YouTube or anywhere else. Just give proper credit please. Currencies https://youtu.be/rtAbY5hMGec Notebooks https://youtu.be/8aEW6paKZwU Instructions: Currencies, XP and Notebooks Look at what level your character is, and you will use that for the search. If level 27, search 0;27e~27.99e::5 Then search 0. Save your results. Select all. Change address 20 (Not HEX) Add values back to search. Now same idea except your level x100. So search 2700~2799x8 The x8 is because it's a dword xor with key 8 bytes away. Now below you can see your current xp if you want to edit. If so, pause game with gg, edit the dword sand the dword xor properly. So if you edit xp to 75000 the dword xor will be 75000x8. Now to get to currencies. Long press the value in your search Offset calculator. Offset -68 (HEX) Please at this step if anyone has different results, please let me know. The value this brings you to, long press that, go to pointer. You'll now be at your coins earned and gems earned. Again, to edit, must pause game, and must keep proper dword xor format. Enjoy! Notebooks ***You must have at least 1 notebook to do this*** Dword search 1,920,234,561;1,953,849,961;1,702,129,518;1,802,465,122;76B;49B;5;5;1,701,539,668::121 long press the value 1,702,129,518 in your results and copy address. Now dword search. Paste the address and put h after it. so if address AABBCCDD will be AABBCCDDh. And with that will be the qty you have of notebooks. So if you have 12 AABBCCDDh;12::41 like that. you should have 1 result. If you have like 1 notebook, you might have multiple values of one in your results, it will be the last value in the results.
  9. Essentially that would be debugging. Putting a watch point on an address and seeing what reads or writes to the value. Then you get the offset in lib that does and make your edit in lib.
  10. If you are referring to editing lib file and offsets. 74.0: Example of use the ARM opcodes view in the memory editor - GameGuardian (#2jatfc0g) This is what you want to see to start. Edit: As for dll edits, not sure the connection the memory and dll files (yet).
  11. It's not about profit. It's about respect. This group does donate when I need to debug, but does so at their own will. But they all know, if it leaks, I stop providing them with the private mod. It's no benefit of everyone is hacking. But if you are with 5 others also cheating, unlikely you compete against eachother and worry about losing. No new users allowed into the group. And it's very small group.
  12. NoFear

    Value cant change

    It's why Enyby replies with that regarding every Huawei device.. and I have contact that had Huawei, same problem.
  13. NoFear

    Value cant change

    Nah. It's Huawei. He try to edit any value and no effect.
  14. Value increased by 15. Unknown. More. N=O+D
  15. You are soft banned. So you earn 0 rep and won't have anyone in MP. I no longer release for public use, it's private small group of people. I had to debug many features again. But everything still works, but also some features that have never been used or seen in public mod.
  16. Thanks for including. Proper credits. Sbenny was legally threatened by developer. So everything for this game was deleted. I can paste everything here if users want.
  17. Not just a chance. I know.
  18. Not everything "patched" but even what appears patched, isn't.
  19. Easiest, long press the value. Pointer search. Set range to like 20 hex. If 0 results increase range. If results aren't all identical values, decrease range.
  20. Pointer search. Then freeze pointer to lock onto that location. If this doesn't work, then probably not the "correct" value.
  21. NoFear

    Elder Scrolls Blades

    I didn't say you can't. It's not well protected, so not worth my time. Many others should be able to easily modify EVERYTHING.
  22. NoFear

    Elder Scrolls Blades

    I stopped bothering. Lucky patcher works
  23. You are brilliant This is extremely useful for those debugging.
  24. NoFear


    Agreed. There video would be useful for that 1 game and that 1 version and not provide any benefit. It's the steps before that get you to that, that's where it's useful.
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