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  1. Be curious to see what the script even searches and edits. I think video of script being used to prove it works should be required before ever paying.
  2. Values are total collected and balance is calculated. ? Well done though. Edit: brand new account can search balance. Older account N=O+D
  3. Might not be a "limit" as much as a "balance". Whatever you add. Spend most of it n leaving 0 or very little when you close the game.
  4. You are editing it wrong. Xor key Xor value Encrypted key Dword value That's the value order. Xor'd value will = dword. The encrypted key is unique to value. So best to use a known value and key set. And editing keys directly eventually triggered ban. I only did 2mil
  5. Use different app. Certain apps don't emulate a "real" tap, which might be detected.
  6. App detects clicker running? Installed?
  7. You can edit Stella directly too if needed, just like currency.
  8. NoFear

    How to search 0 Value

    Start by finding values fixed distance from that value that are unique and constant. Or find if anything is pointing near. Then follow pointers up and keep track. Sometimes you can reach an ending that could be easy to find in 1 search. Then on new game, find that beginning again. offset follow pointer and keep repeating until back at your value.
  9. Nice! Maybe some values you can. But it seems most you need to retain the key being used. Glad you got it ?
  10. You are confusing yourself. You have WORD values visible. You are counting word line making it wrong. BA4C7628 is xor key BA4C7630 is xor value
  11. Dword Value 2 lines below = xor key 2 lines below = xor value
  12. You could take the xor key, 2 lines above xor value, copy it, then goto the xor value and use the xor calc in gg to enter the xor value with proper key without typing x8.
  13. Can also use rewards to give legendary items.
  14. When he said dangerous memory location, he didn't specify... I will check something. Fairly certain might be like a lib edit with gg Edit: When I finish Modern Combat 5 guide, I'll try this next.
  15. Stats, aren't perfect. You may see 1300 as value. Search 1299.4~1300.5 or something like that. Also, stats that "reduce" something will be negative.
  16. Just helps eliminate more results that aren't needed. Don't have to do it. Just helps with less results. Edit: I notice above price for buying or selling was that 32. So figured that part of group search with value should help
  17. Can't change encrypted value for money in Star Nomad 2 (#8cdh1lmf)
  18. Double any value you want to search and edit (Dword). If price is 250. Search 500. Basically set prices to negative. Then search and edit value to sell it back. Edit: So when buying something. Click the item. If price is 61, search dword. 32;122::9 Then 122. Edit with increment edit of 2. Then move the slider and back to 1. You'll see price for one, double that value is the value in your gg list. Uncheck it and revert and delete the rest. Edit to something like -2000000000. Move slider, you won't see a price. Buy, profit. Do the same exact process for selling. Except you edit to positive 2000000000 and sell.
  19. NoFear


    Fairly certain this game is well protected. I would trigger errors to modifying time on interactions.
  20. I am not good with unrandomizer.... But can check it this game. What you trying to edit?
  21. Flawless. Interesting encryption, possible hex related. Curious, exceeding certain value break the save? Or breaking proper Encryption?
  22. Happy Halloween everyone. Enjoy
  23. 12,337;3,158,065;12,337;3,158,065::25 If 0 results, close and open game again. This is for shop. When you goto address (if string rep is enable) you'll see what it is. Enjoy. (45byte is - )
  24. Value x100 or x1000? Tried that?
  25. @Dj-jom2x You are an example of exactly why I tell anyone that asks how to encrypt script or why I don't encrypt my scripts. I'm not saying it to be mean, it's just proving my point ? Well done. People should look into Xscript to truly protect their work.
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