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  1. 13 minutes ago, IICapsLockII said:

    Thanks bro. Btw , i thought hacking war cards will sent you to naughty island? The moment you made it reach to level 5 . 

    I'm not determining what is "safe". I'm just giving methods. Up to others to determine what is safe.

    2 minutes ago, Ozksk said:

    Also if its possible can you add making warcash and golden keys to the video:) it was so easy before update

    Fairly certain it would be possible in NeoMall

  2. 10 minutes ago, Ozksk said:

    for example vu glove.But all items in game has not a certain id.every time you open the game its changing.for vu glove ı go to my sale depot,find vu glove photo (1x375) open gg screen.search 1;375 dword new search than go to sale screen again make the number 2,go to gg type 2 refine..click 2..4th cloumn below (2) is that products id.

    Ok.... So this is very different from what I did.......  I bought everything through neo mall. Buildings etc etc....

  3. 4 hours ago, kkrucekville said:

    What’s a safe amount of sim cash per day to stay undetected. I just want to purchase war item to feed to main city. Soo pissed.... Right when I finally figure out how to use neomall trick too dam EA....  Also best method if u can share PM me.

    What you add. Spend before you exit game.

    2 hours ago, haliter said:

    Hello, dear authorities; Your "gameguardian" application in "Simcity.buildit" no longer works. Please find an immediate solution to this problem. We will be very happy as players .. I wish you good work ...

    It's not the GG doesn't work. GG still works fine. Just need to find another area in the game to use it on.

  4. 1 hour ago, aerzjee said:

    Do you mean the method via exchange offers (simoleon sign with green mark)? This should still work iirc. Do you have any method for changing product ID in neomall? Since old method was patched, maybe there was something unreleased you may know of.

    I haven't heard about cloning, though I tried it myself and game is just instantly breaking game save.

    Cheers 🙂

    You missed the point... Unreleased. You don't know the method. 

    Edit: is what most people want, the ability to add anything?

  5. 3 hours ago, Kimastar said:

    After some try i find it how to hack limited item in the shop!!!

    The BIG problem is for that item i have just 3 try and cannot filter enought the correct  result.... so now i have 2/3 before the item disappeare...

    can u tell me please some approach???

    Ty so much for your answer @NoFear.

    Unknown changed/unchanged. But given hope few times you can do this, might not work.

    I'm offering injection services... I created thread at sbenny for this game.

  6. 11 hours ago, Kimastar said:

    Ty for your answer @NoFear!!!

    If u know what game Is did u know if is possible to hack that value???

    If yes can u help me or explain how to do please???

    I never tried....  I took a different approach...

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