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  1. You must be the same one commenting on YouTube. I'll reply here for the timer.
  2. Know what... Might be il2cpp games. Offset of lib in memory and in file always the same.
  3. But the start of library to the "offset" will always be the same distance. It's start point depends on that libs loaded location. So ANY ida offset edit can quickly be gg edit too.
  4. With live debugging and hex arm converter and gg, that's potentially all you need. With lib offset, it will never change the offset. It's just where that lib starts in memory, which can be scripted to locate, yes. Could do something like, you goto launch script, and you have a check box, lib patcher. In the file would be a lib file name to be patched and then the list of offsets followed by the hex edit. Just a thought ? thank you
  5. This is different.... This is like ida modifying lib file. Gg can modify lib file in real time. It doesn't save the mod. So you basically can have an unmodded game and apply offset edits to lib file with gg.
  6. @Enyby Brilliant. I've actually been doing more with Xa memory range. Think you will add a new section to gg, like a "lib patcher"/"lua"? The ability to set what lib to edit, which when you check xa memory range, you'll see lib name. Then you also have stored the offset and the edit. The idea is you don't search "values" within the range like the video, but just goto the start of lib, offset, edit, done.
  7. NoFear

    Day R Survival

    Caps should be possible without ban. It's getting creative to use a combination of hacks that won't ban you. And in that mix you generate caps instead.
  8. NoFear

    Day R Survival

    My thought was this, haven't had time. Swap item for Pepsi. Drink enough to buy something in shop. Change the item in shop that you buy to caps and change qty.
  9. It's older video, maybe still works.
  10. I'll make video today
  11. Hate reviving an old thread.... Would gem hack be of interest to many?
  12. This that baseball game? It's still hackable?
  13. I'm not referring to value x out of a series of results, I'm talking all results, shift y distance. Now use these new location as the values you search and edit.
  14. NoFear

    iGG and GG

    Unlikely.... Never know until you try.
  15. Better would be the support of add search results to save list. Change address location. And recall the save results back into the search. Maybe implement the record feature to work with this?
  16. NoFear

    Day R Survival

    Busy with other projects... I'll get to it
  17. NoFear

    Day R Survival

    It does make sense. But I think it won't drop. I have a plan..... Tedious, but might bypass detection.
  18. NoFear


    It's a Huawei issue, not gg....
  19. NoFear

    Hungry Dragon

    I ever if non modded apk works. Can you confirm an older apk from apkpure loads?
  20. NoFear

    Hungry Dragon

    Working on trying to create a mod instead of gg edit. Since most can't bypass protection
  21. NoFear

    Day R Survival

    Thank you. I'll find a new method.
  22. I wouldn't say you did anything "wrong". So first, the 'a' in 1xa is offset between the xor value and xor key. In your video this doesn't apply, both are xor value, and I'm not sure where the xor key is for them. In your video, let's pretend they are plain dword and your coins was 5000. It would be 5000 5000 Edit 1 of them, both get set to 0, because they don't match. Now lets xor them with same xor key. Let's use this as the xor key, -1,060,110,170. Now it will be -1,060,105,426 -1,060,105,426 Still nothing too crazy, they just have to match still. Now let's xor the top with key -1,060,110,170 and bottom with key 931,280,936. -1,060,105,426 931,277,728 Now looks "well protected"... Because edit just 1, value gets set to 0. You could, since values are low enough, treat both as a xor key. So, let's pretend both those are 0 (even though it is 5000). Because these HAVE TO match, it makes this easy. So using those as keys, set them to 2,000,000,000 -1,060,105,426 1,085,783,968 Hope this makes sense.
  23. NoFear


    It's not "us", it's your device/ Huawei... They need to fix the problem
  24. NoFear

    Day R Survival

    Ok. So, can you hack the qty from ad from 20 to 21. Tell me what happens Edit: I know seems silly. This will confirm, is it the edit, or the qty. If no ban, then edit to a value lower than the highest inapp purchase of caps and try.
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