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  1. etmoides

    Wind Runner

    Hi. Can anybody please help me with this game? Playstore Link Thanks
  2. It seems to work like in slow motion but when the real time ends you get an error and game over. You could try and tell me your experience
  3. Yes I tried some of that and also speed hack in the daily blitz bonus. Nothing seems to work
  4. It would be amazing if something can be done with the slots But playtika seems to know how to do their games.
  5. How did you do it?? Please share
  6. @NoFear playing with the adresses I got to do my gold to be equal to 0 but then when I try yo edit another one it crashes. When you have to change the values above your real value. How do you know wich one to change? Im a lot of games you could see the xor key and then its more clear to me but in this case I dont understand what im changing when I do it equal to 0
  7. Aah ok! Do you have any tip on how to do gold? I have just found some guides so I ll try to learn new things.
  8. Wow. So it is possible! What should I learn to do that? I know just the basic
  9. @NoFear I am able to found the gold adress with auto encrypted but I cant make it change. Am I in the right way?
  10. That would be amazing. Thanks!
  11. Hi. Could you please teach me how to do gold? And maybe then with that info I could find the more that you said
  12. Update. Speed hack can be done. Has anyone found anything else?
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