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  1. Maybe that's my goal ? lol
  2. @BadCase and I will work on a script...
  3. Maybe to build upon this thought, maybe ability to access the lib folder too. Then gg could make lib edits.
  4. No honor among thieves ;/ Which is too bad
  5. Learn by trial and error... Taking shortcuts you learn nothing but how to copy someone else's work. It's time consuming, but more rewarding when you actually do it yourself.
  6. Their isn't a "perfect" protection. But if you make it advanced enough, those that are skilled enough to bypass it all, are more than likely skilled enough to create their own similar hacks too. In regards to device id, it shouldn't be difficult. For I think each game stores device id in memory. Could work on some things with you on it.
  7. Yea, script could definitely check device id, and you can log device id with password that was attempted. Once it's been done once (the first time) you could probably consider that a "pair" and cannot be used by another id unless user contacts you. So now people don't have to find this info and give you it and you pair it. Script that only acts as the ability to call everything on server is good. And for those arguing the need for internet connection, a script for an offline game would be waste of time. The games worth scripting require internet as it is.
  8. This game is copy paste of HAWK. Play first 5 levels of one, then play first 5 of the other. Greedy, lazy developer... When I get a chance I will get something
  9. Read few comments above, answers your question.
  10. Value 0 is actually proper xor 0. Edit: Price edit only visual too
  11. Rotating xor key every value change. Xor value isn't right though. Doesn't match value and doesn't increase or decrease in a pattern either.
  12. You can edit them. Just buy something with say you don't have enough
  13. I'm connected. In trying currency. Edit currency directly doesn't work, so I'll attempt prices. Editing ammo works perfectly. Values are;"Encrypted". Looks like a form of xor, but different.
  14. Can't quite figure the "pattern"... But edit everything directly is possible. Just trying to see how value to value is
  15. Might be connected to certain theme aspects of phone. Edit: I think especially if you are running a themable rom.
  16. Don't hijack thread. Create your own thread with question. It's not easy. It is possible.
  17. NoFear

    Age of magic.

    Could see if @BadCase would want to do a script or something...
  18. Guide on sbenny. And possibly public guides based on it too.
  19. Posting link to game would help us help you. Can't guess the game.
  20. NoFear

    Mini DayZ

    Message sent. ?
  21. NoFear

    Mini DayZ

    It's 3 values total that need to be modified/frozen. When ready, I can pm you need l method.
  22. NoFear

    Mini DayZ

    I don't. Wish I did. Curious what you'll find in mc5. It's not easy for sure.
  23. NoFear

    Mini DayZ

    How well protected is your scripts? Do you know xscript by any chance? Since you seem to have great knowledge in lua and gg, be happy to work with you on anything. If you want, could script unlimited ammo for modern combat 5. Unlimited grenades - only in career) and modify firerate...
  24. NoFear

    Mini DayZ

    I think so... Been a while, so not 100% sure.
  25. NoFear

    Blade Crafter

    I think the 1280;720, replace with your screens resolution instead.
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