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  1. Essentially that would be debugging. Putting a watch point on an address and seeing what reads or writes to the value. Then you get the offset in lib that does and make your edit in lib.
  2. If you are referring to editing lib file and offsets. 74.0: Example of use the ARM opcodes view in the memory editor - GameGuardian (#2jatfc0g) This is what you want to see to start. Edit: As for dll edits, not sure the connection the memory and dll files (yet).
  3. It's not about profit. It's about respect. This group does donate when I need to debug, but does so at their own will. But they all know, if it leaks, I stop providing them with the private mod. It's no benefit of everyone is hacking. But if you are with 5 others also cheating, unlikely you compete against eachother and worry about losing. No new users allowed into the group. And it's very small group.
  4. NoFear

    Value cant change

    It's why Enyby replies with that regarding every Huawei device.. and I have contact that had Huawei, same problem.
  5. NoFear

    Value cant change

    Nah. It's Huawei. He try to edit any value and no effect.
  6. Value increased by 15. Unknown. More. N=O+D
  7. You are soft banned. So you earn 0 rep and won't have anyone in MP. I no longer release for public use, it's private small group of people. I had to debug many features again. But everything still works, but also some features that have never been used or seen in public mod.
  8. Thanks for including. Proper credits. Sbenny was legally threatened by developer. So everything for this game was deleted. I can paste everything here if users want.
  9. Not just a chance. I know.
  10. Not everything "patched" but even what appears patched, isn't.
  11. Easiest, long press the value. Pointer search. Set range to like 20 hex. If 0 results increase range. If results aren't all identical values, decrease range.
  12. Pointer search. Then freeze pointer to lock onto that location. If this doesn't work, then probably not the "correct" value.
  13. NoFear

    Elder Scrolls Blades

    I didn't say you can't. It's not well protected, so not worth my time. Many others should be able to easily modify EVERYTHING.
  14. NoFear

    Elder Scrolls Blades

    I stopped bothering. Lucky patcher works
  15. You are brilliant This is extremely useful for those debugging.
  16. NoFear


    Agreed. There video would be useful for that 1 game and that 1 version and not provide any benefit. It's the steps before that get you to that, that's where it's useful.
  17. NoFear


    I can. But finding the edits is where 99% of the users won't understand or impossible to do with current device. Enyby will never add debugging to gg, so it's a little extra work outside of gg to do too.
  18. NoFear


    This app is becoming extremely powerful.... Developers nightmare for sure.
  19. NoFear


    @Enyby I can't thank you enough.... Arm opcodes in memory.... ELITE! I owe you a drink Look forward to this part of gg expanding. (Ability to edit ARM and GG switch it to hex if valid).
  20. Badcase I think will be including in his script soon....
  21. Hacking Mobile legends with gg.... Not safe.
  22. Referring to BadCase/NoFear PES script? Not sure if you paid at badcase site or not. Or if you looked for supper on his discord.
  23. NoFear

    Elder Scrolls Blades

    Typically, yes.... Even though you can download game in playstore now.... Can't even play. Extremely deceitful of developer.
  24. NoFear

    search by difference

    Better off somehow scripting it. Enyby won't add feature to accommodate 1 game... Find many titles utilizing same protection, he'll consider it. Trust me on that
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