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  1. Hi I start by getting 1 048 576 gems with gg. At this time, I have 1048596 gems because I had 20. Screen say I have a million of gems. I try to buy a chest that cost 4000 gems, but the game says I don't have enough gems. I'm confused
  2. I read there is a way to emulate purchasing
  3. Is there a way to get extra slots?
  4. I need it to get extra slots for charachters in dungeon quest. The only way to get it is purchasing and I can have up to 5 extra slots.
  5. LP doesn't work for me and I don't understand the method with GG. I need help
  6. Can I do in-app purchases for free?If so, how do I do it?
  7. First, search the value of the amount of goal for the first feat (collect 5 000 000) as a float between 0 and 5 000 000. All other feats are following, each 3 adresses. Finally, lock feats you want to get the reward 1 below the requirment and make the feat progress (othewise feat isn't checked even if you have requirment). For example, let's say that we found 547A6B50 for the gold and that we want eternal pets (26th feat but requires 2 precedent ones) .So we lock 547A6C64 to 49 and 547A6C70 to 9 (no need for 547A6C7C because requirment is one) and, each time we kill and enslaver above floor 400, a legend one spawn, then a mythic one and then the pet. Maybe it works with other games. It's easy because values aren't encrypted.
  8. Yes, the only way to get candies is farming in pvp
  9. I can't buy candies, and the candies are used to buy some special plants (mints)
  10. How should it help?
  11. I want to get unlimited candies in plants vs zombies 2 but I can't find the value because candies are really hard to get. I can't watch videos or pay for it, It can only be farmed at a slow speed
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