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  1. is there a raw apk? which has not been modified
  2. Have alternative link ? Very" slow Speed download
  3. See youtube to many people share Bout that
  4. Gameguardian or mod menu ?
  5. You shamiko wont load new shamiko only work for magisk alpha or new official magisk Or you must disable oem unlcok with termux For this disable floating gameguardian Shamiko 0.7.5 not have byapss liapp (disbale oem unlock) Only 1.0 and latest version Have code disable oem unlock Dont try vmos or any virtual vphone or etc But try gspace maybe can
  6. Paid apk send crack apk or free apk
  7. Void killplayer / void eliminate player Just call that
  8. See dump.cs kickplayer or etc Use offset update and called that offset Simple
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