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Found 3 results

  1. I need help for coding of offsett This topic is for pubg mobile The wallhack i.e vehicle wallhack and body wallhack is 804 offset distance from vehicle cokor and body color..... But 1 problem after every search the table location for vehicle color and body color change thats why i am not able to locate the exact position of that address The code i write with the offset is below Any help gg.clearResults() gg.setRanges(gg.REGION_C_ALLOC) gg.searchNumber("3152519739159347240" , gg.TYPE_QWORD) ---your group search value / or your search number p = gg.getResults(20) gg.editAll("36", gg.TYPE_QWORD) -- saving the result for i, v in ipairs(p) do if v == nil then goto exit else v.address = p.address + 0x804 v.flags = gg.TYPE_QWORD v.value = "4878524296349089792" v.freeze = true end end exit:
  2. Hi, I reworked my hack on this game which was not working anymore. I show how you can sometimes search for strings with interesting/sensitive names to get to the places you want, like the money structure, and then the game structure. Of course here I know the game structure already, but I hope it serves as a "proof of concept" for some people, and I think it can definitely be a good strategy for some games as long as you're confident with pointers (I hope this will help understand them more too). It should not get outdated by any updates since it would require a change at the core of the game to prevent it, and I don't even think the dev minds it. For the fast way, search for that and follow the beginning of the video: 113D;113D;361D;-1D;361D;501D::17 (comment at 7:33 should be at 7:50, sry for the confusion ^^)
  3. 2020_08_17_02_35_45_compress.mp4 @Enyby Hi sir! I'm facing the problem to use pointer search in writing script.As in video, I search -1,358,776,912 in Xa(code system) which will end by 548 in addresses.And I will get the only one address.I copy its address and paste in search box. I have to change a little bit.If the address is ?????548, I'll have to search ?????549h.Otherwise nothing found. After I search ?????549h, I'll have two addresses.In this case I have to choose the one which offset end is B0. I copy it again and search.Then the only one will be found(pointer). That address + 94(offset) == my willing things. How can I do this process in script? Espectially I dont know how to copy and search those addresses in script. Help me pls and Thanks everybody in advance! (Forgive me for my bad english) (I think if the pointer and offset work perfectly as video we can use gg like cheat engine which can point the one by offsets) I like New features and updates of gg 2020_08_17_02_35_45_compress.mp4
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