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  1. Sinjay


    The "community" is the people while the site is the "location". The people came to a certain loction. And hense i say "I don't like the lights on the wall" and not "I don't like the person who put the lights on the wall" I said the site is boring due to requirements just to even commune with anybody here. And as yourself said V.I.P. isn't even worth buying. So by all means lets not look at your overlooked shade towards the site. Point is this GET ACTIVE AND GIVE THE VISITORS A REASON TO NOT CALL YOUR SITE BORING!
  2. Sinjay


    K, will take that into consideration. But another stand point is i never said "You" "them" or "they" I said this "website". You two assumed I was talking about the people here. If that's the case of your assumptions along with your agreement to my statement. Then it's obvious to tell what you think about the "People" on this site. Meanwhile....this is the most action this site will see other than Hentai going off on trolls about claiming They got banned..... And besides that if i have to pay just to even take part in the actually community here then guess what?
  3. Sinjay


    I don't believe i said anything about using the app or crap shared here hence your comment is pointless. 1 does not join a forum only to not forum...just like you didn't download GG to not use it. I think it is you whom need to do the rethinking.... Again I'LL SAY THIS d*** FORUM IS DEAD AND IT IS NOT WORTH PAYING (NOT DONATING) FOR ACCESS TO OTHER PARTS OF THE FORUM if it's just gonna be "DOWNLOAD AND LEAVE" HOPEFULLY somehow you'll grew the I.Q. to understand where I'm coming from....
  4. Sinjay


    That's craaaazy....not tryna sound like a ***** buuuut when you say ppl coming here looking for a handout but you're literally giving the handouts. And no it is the site... It's dead af, If i said out of all the "FREE" scripts I tested (2) i only play 1 of the games and that's barely, So as far as you guys giving "ME" a reason to want to pay to use OTHER PARTS OF THE FORUM just isn't there. Like why would i possibly waste money on a group or site that doesn't seem worth it tbh.
  5. Sinjay


    If you think it's normal to ask for support of your work on forum site that doesn't even really give you enough reason to support then you my friend need some help. What am i supporting, A website that only offers 1 tool and few scripts that offers a ban or a headache to run? Point is, Open more forums for the visitors and get your a** socially active. OH AND STOP BÎTCHING ABOUT SOMEONE OPINIONATED THOUGHTS...YOU SENSITIVE PRICK!!!
  6. Sinjay


    I quit with this boring a** forum site tbh like really ? why tf did i sign up for this? I know nobody is likey to reply but seriously why tf should we pay just to read and post here? I understand paying for tools, and scripts but to post a topic, is over doing. It's no wonder why the modding Community has failed.
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