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  1. Hill Climb Racing 2 - hack gold and gems - GameGuardian

    I increase one at the end, because that is the original value of gold and gems, the one you see in the game is just an illusion. And the ' ; ' I use it because as you say the value of the gems is next to the gold in memory, although now after the updates I think they are no longer together, so it is better to look for them separately.
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  3. Little big city 2

    just follow the steps of the explanation.. Is very easy!
  4. Little big city 2

  5. Skidstorm nitro hack

    There I do a group search to find the value of the nitro much faster.
  6. Skidstorm nitro hack

    wait ... I think you'll understand it better with a video ..
  7. Skidstorm nitro hack

    I speak of the GG memory editor list .. Well, it's complicated, but with the group search you can decrease the results. • For example: in a game you go to the store and you want buy '100' of gold for '10' gems, then no you would do a single search of '10' that would give you more than 10k of results, would a group search for '100:10:' (the method is not 100% sure that the value you are looking for is among the results you get) . • Also can select only one range of memory for diminish to a large extent results.
  8. Skidstorm nitro hack

    suppose that in the 'nitro value memory editor' above the value there is a '127' and even if you close the game the number 127 is there, then you look for more similar values that never change and you do a group search, then you go to the editor of memory and you look for the value of the Nitro.
  9. Adventure Xpress

    Are you sure you were increasing the value and not adding 1?
  10. Adventure Xpress

    Adventure Xpress - hack gold, stamps, enemy life - GameGuardian (#byv26t1q)

    Well, if you're right, I did the search because I do not like to have a full list, it's just a whim. Heh 😅

    I would like to upload a video hacking Hill Climb Racing. And I do not know how to do it.. Please help.

    http://sendvid.com/p4ttyeoy Hack - Gold and Stamps .
  14. Adventure Xpress

    I do not get along very well with English, so I'll make a video .. Heh
  15. Adventure Xpress

    just go to the store and change the value of the stamps to negative. to obtain fewer values, do the search by increasing the 'X4' after the value of the stamps. _______________________________________________ added 3 minutes later then refine only with the value of stamps, that is without the 'X4'
  16. How to add gems in Angry Birds Transformers?

    I also pirated the levels.😀
  17. How to add gems in Angry Birds Transformers?

    ok. I'll make a video hacking ABT. But I will delay a little, because I do not have much time since I am studying.
  18. How to add gems in Angry Birds Transformers?

    Here is the link to root your cell phone. https://forum.xda-developers.com/z3/orig-development/d66xx-cwm-based-recovery-6-0-4-7-root-t2890116
  19. Adventure Xpress

    ok .. I'll see if I can help you.
  20. Welcome!

    What is the game?
  21. Donation Error

    Yes, I also wanted to donate .. But the same thing also happened to me. /:
  22. How to add gems in Angry Birds Transformers?

    Hello, the other post said I still had not found a way to hack the gems .. Well now I tell you that I have the complete hack. 😀 👌
  23. New to Game Guardian having trouble ?

    you can try to pirate the value of the rewards, or with pointers or maybe something like damage or life . I used a lucky patcher once and I did not like it, so I do not know how it works ..