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    the lua is detected and always kicking me out from the game after a few minutes
  1. forgive me for my late reply.
  2. sure. first i change the value in hex editor to 30k then i buy goods and sell it until 70k. then change the value in hex editor to 999k.
  3. i manage to change the value to 999k after i earn 70k in the game. thanks a lot @NoFear
  4. thanks @NoFear but i cant change the value above 30k, why is that? can you explain it?
  5. why i cant find the game folder?
  6. thank you very much @NoFear.
  7. no problem dud, thanks for what you did. and can you tell me how to hack the save file?
  8. the credder is the value of money
  9. can you tell me how to edit the save file?
  10. did you find the way to hack it? _______________________________________________ added 1 minute later hallo juga
  11. @FahimZScyber knight rpg elite, money hack
  12. @EliudRmi'll look forward for your progression with the cheat.
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