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  1. Completely understand & actually I think almost every hack ( Gold, Inbox, Immortality, ETC) stopped working with this new v1.7.3 update. I keep my titles the same, because in the description of the video i give the links to the most current working method.. so the video still gets views, & the viewers still get working hacks. (Yea i know how that sounds lol) I know it's a pain in the a**. From what i'm aware of Inbox hack is currently the only method that Anonymous 1000 got working again on v1.7.3. Actually Immortality MAY be working on v1.7.3 (No promises) Refer to These 2 YouTube Channels: Anonymous1000 & Closonix ------- I only have updated crate hack video on my youtube channel so this is no help to you ( But for others) My YouTube Channel ------- Also refer to this other thread: Click Here | Newest Thread ------ I hope this helps in anyway at all. I understand your situation, been there. Tons of bs to sort threw on what's a good video & whats working on the current updates with misleading titles. (Im Guilty Somewhat ) Anonymous1000's channel link & Closonix's above are your best bet for now
  2. Yes gold hack no longer works. Not sure if @Anonymous1000 has come up with a new method for v1.7.3. ---- Until then heres a updated crate hack (But uses the same method) so either way this is no help to you because you still need gold Updated V1.7.3 Crate Hack Has soon as i find a new method to hack the gold for v1.7.3 I'll let you know or make a video asap!
  3. You may have to do a gold hack first.. I had to when i created the video. _______________________________________________ added 1 minute later From my knowledge Game Guardian isnt available for iphone.. Or is it?
  4. Barley noticed they updated the game. Just downloaded the update, I'll see if i can figure out a new way or modify this current method to make it work. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ***EDIT*** TO INFORM EVERYONE ABOUT WHAT IS & ISNT WORKING ON THE NEWEST UPDATE V1.7.3: I just tested the crate hack - Crate Values all still work but Gas Value search no longer comes up (Without Gas Value Hack won't work) so i'll be messing around with it for a little while to see what i can do. ---------------------------- Also Money hack seems to be semi working OR not working at all. I done the same method for Gold from v1.7.2 & tried it on v1.7.3. Everything worked except when you go into store to buy the gas (so your money value changes) it will no longer let you purchase it. (gas window pops up, but when you click it does nothing) ---------------------------- Also the level 99 hack is no longer working at all. --------------------------- I'll be playing around with Game Guardian, older methods, etc & see if i can find another way to do all these hacks on v1.7.3
  5. Barley noticed they updated the game. Just downloaded the update, I'll see if i can figure out a new way or modify this current method to make it work.
  6. Hmm, tbh I'm really not sure why its doing that.. My next suggestion would be to clear GG data under Android app settings or to uninstall & reinstall GG.. Also have you tried to manually type in the entire code instead of copy & pasting? I've ran into similar issues when copying values into GG. Sorry i can't be of more help. If these things above doesn't help either maybe @Anonymous1000 can be more help.
  7. Are your value format & memory range set like mine in the video? Memory range on "Anonymous" only & value format as "hex, string, dword, & float" & ur searching as dword? To be honest if all thats correct & code is pasted properly, I'm at a loss.
  8. Some of the codes have a , in the wrong place & need to be removed or it will throw an error. Look over the code your trying to use & make sure its in exactly this format: (Just an example) 19;6,488,161;6,357,096;7,471,199;7,536,741;7,667,823;6,488,178;101:41
  9. So did you manage to get it working? Hope you got it working! If still giving issues, let me know & ill see if there's anything else I could do to help! Yours, @Reversflux ------------------------------- If my posts helped you, Or anyone else - Please UpVote/Like to support me! Thanks!
  10. Still is working for me. Try uninstalling Last day on Earth &/or clearing data under settings. (make sure your Google play is synced or you have back up as to not loose ur saves) Also do the same for Game Guardian & make sure its updated to most recent release. Also are "value format" & "memory ranges" set to exactly what mine are in the video?
  11. Hey @Anonymous1000, PM me i got a question. Would pm first but i sent a message to someone else a day ago so i no longer can send one for another 24 hours.
  12. Last Day on Earth: Survival v1.7.2 Crate Hack. Really detailed video & I took it relatively slow to make it easier for beginners! Upvote if it helps & Subscribe if it helps, If it dont.... Then don't! My YouTube Channel! Subscribe! My Twitter - Follow Me "Tutorials - PC & Android" Last Day on Earth: Survival - Level 99 & Gold Hack Tutorial Crate / Inbox Hack: Reply to this Topic if you have a request on a Tutorial you want/Need for this game or an other game, & i'll make a tutorial ASAP. (If the game is hackable, & if, with my knowledge, I know how) ----------------------------------------- Credits for Crate / Pack List: ANONYMOUS 1000 ( @Anonymous1000) ANONYMOUS1000 HACKER Youtube Channel Link
  13. I agree with nofear ruby try that & see. From my understanding it sounds like just a simple copy n paste issue.? If not quote me & ill see if theres anuthing better i could help with _______________________________________________ added 3 minutes later Instead of this other crap, id rather just try and help you if its still a problem. A logcat could be really helpful though if its that major of a problem to you. Lmao enby can be a real douche, id not even comment on it again? Anyways beside the point. Logcat could be helpful.. Lmao smh at enyby or whatever it is. No fear is a lot better at this crap. Id just listen to him. Guess thats why hes a moderater.
  14. On another note Ruby you still having this issue? Or is it affecting you to the point where you cant get anything done when it comes to searching/editing/etc? If so ill see on my own what i might can do. Ill do some research. _______________________________________________ added 2 minutes later Sounds just like me. Guess i need to stick to more specific help. I still like to try & help any where i can.
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