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  1. I made a post where I wrote the best hacks I found and also added the failed attempts. The hacks are written in Spanish and English, I hope they are useful for the community. Los hacks están redactados en Español e Inglés, espero sean de utilidad para la comunidad. If they have some other idea or contribution they could post it there, so that whoever installs the game can find everything in one place. Requests > iMonster RPG [2 Functional Hacks for Now]
  2. Hi! Name of Game: I Monster-pro Dark Dungeon Roguelike RPG(Dreamsky) Play Store Link: [Payment version] (costs less than 1 dollar) [Free version] Version: 1.1.12 (11018) What cheat?: Gold, Diamonds, Items, Life, More backpack and trunk space. Have you tried cheating this game? What happened?: ENGLISH: ESPAÑOL:
  3. Hi! I installed this game recently, and I have tried to hack it in several ways, having little success. After many attempts and multiple perspectives, I managed to find 2 functional hacks, of all those I tried: Gold [Works]: To get Gold, you only have to press on the top left, where your character's gold comes out and a "" symbol. Once there, click on any of the offers, you will get a confirmation window, which mentions the price of gold in exchange for diamonds. You must search for those Dword values (Ex: 2000D; 100D) and you will find only 2 values, modify the diamonds (100 → 0) [EYE! you must place 0] and there will be no problems, no bans. [Warning! : Do not put negative numbers here because they will ban you!] More backpack and trunk space [Works]: You must perform the following search Dword (50; 450D; 1000D; 2500D; 6000D) and modify all values to "0" so that you can have them without problems, or bans. [Warning! : Do not put negative numbers here because they will ban you!] Life [Does't Works]: I tried to hack life and life bottles within the levels. I did not succeed. Items [Does't Works]: I tried to hack the amount of cumulative items, looking for the value in auto, dword, word and byte, but I did not succeed. Gold [Does't Works]: I tried to hack the amount of cumulative items, looking for the value in auto, dword, word and byte, but I did not succeed. (same method with Gems) I tried to hack the amount of gold that is accumulated in the store when you mark an item or subtracting others, I was not successful either. (I think I managed to find a value that shows the screen, but not the real one, maybe it has some encryption) Gems [Does't Works]: I've tried multiple ways to hack it: 1.- I tried to modify the values above by negative values and I got a lot of gems but they banned me from the game when I connected to the internet. 1.2.- This generates me a couple of questions: How does the server detect how many gems I got in a fraudulent way? How do you know how many I got illegally or through advertising? (I think somehow, that maybe the game has a counter of how many gems it has given me legally and how much is the total that I have spent, so that the difference would mean that I got it fraudulently. 2.- I tried to find the prices of the store that is in the lower part so that everything is worth 0 (as in the previous case). I searched and searched Dword, Word and Byte, without success. 2.1.-I had the idea that the values were not literal, but in the memory they were with a minus (all the values end in 0 or 5) so look for this change, without any success. (All this I also tried with the gold shop) 2.2.- I tried to find the values (literally and with a minus) with XOR (EJ .: 150: 150b, 150W, 150D, 15b, 15W, 15D) all of the above with different values of the store with the following displacements: x2 , x4, x6, x8, x10, x12, x14, x16, x18, x20: I did not get anything. 3.-I tried to see advertising with a BOT (yes, I was desperate). As there were no more ideas, I downloaded a Macro Maker (TouchMacroPro) and spent a whole day creating the correct sequence of automatic touches so that advertising is seen again and again without it being present. [This worked, but of course, it's not a hack at all] 4.- I tried to hack the cost of the items to improve or refine them, it is changing. I did not succeed. (I think I managed to find the variable that shows the value in question, but I think it is a value with a minus (ex: 150 → 15d). I did not progress more in this. 5 .- It would be great to see an ad give you +9999 no ?. It also occurred to me, but there are so many results = 20. (which is what they give for publicity) that it is not worthwhile to keep looking: C (although I tried XD) [This +9999 would be detected by the system that has already banned before?] 6.- Since the hack works offline (because when you connect to the internet you are banned) I thought it would be best to play it offline forever. I empowered myself and with Lucky Patcher I tried to take away the Internet connection permissions, or functional parts. But I failed, when the modified game starts it sends you to the store or it closes. : 'C ... Add, that previously to all these crazy ideas, I tried looking for the value that shows the game and the "encrypted value" that allows Automatic GameGuardian, but I did not succeed and followed with other alternatives. I want to keep trying until I find something else. I think I failed to try to hack the gems off, spend them and remove them before reconnecting to the internet. I get the impression that if I tried, but I'll try again. PD: I'm a newbie, I do not know much about XOR. I just look for the values as they are displayed on the screen or encrypted. Any tutorial, help or other is welcome. PD2: Excuse English, it was translated with Google Translate. My native language is Spanish. Any more ideas? I think I'll create a post where I'll put the hacks that work in this game and the ones I find. Look for it and add things there!
  4. Hi! How long! jsjs ahm I'm talking to you to ask about ¿How did you edit the database? ¿What tools did you use? I tried to extract the database via backup (adb) but I could not extract the data from the .ab file and everything has become very complicated. Also i should consult if it would be possible to edit the database without being root. I should add that I use windows 10.
  5. I greatly appreciate your effort and dedication @Rastakiwi, he has taught me some very valuable things. Thank you very much to both! Really very much for me. I wish you the best! Have a great day!
  6. Name of Game: Toon Blast Play Store Link (If it's a paid app, the apk): https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.peakgames.toonblast Version: 2854. What cheat? Health, xp, gold...: Money, Chest. Have you tried cheating this game? What happened?: I tried hack money in Dword value type (exact value) and with fuzzy mode (unkonown value) with changed and no-changed value and i failed. I tried hack the numbers of stars of the stars chest and i failed. (in word type and byte type value). Comments: I succeeded hack the lifes with speedhack (with jump in the time of 7200 seg.)
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