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  1. 1. Health n dmg etc is in float region A. Example. Your health is 1200. Now after starting a floor search 1199~1200 float.u will get 6/7 results. Get damaged.search Decreased. U will get 1 result. Now freeze it. Then go to the value address in memory. You will find your atk dmg, critical chance (everything in float) etc there above health address. Change them to one hit monsters. If u or anyone can make a script it will be much easier to clear any floor. I found these after a very quick look. I don't have time to dig any further rn. For those willing to hack this game further some info, 1.in raid Coins can be found by exact search. 2 dword and another 2 float. But changing them only changes value visually. After u finish a floor u get only what u collected. But it might be possible to hack coins or maybe change the loot droprate to get legendary stuffs. 2. If u Group search quest rewards and change them u will get them temporarily.(like lvl increase) but it reverts back to original. 3.Since it's a online game didn't try to hack currency n energy. But u should still try n see if it can be hacked. Well very small chance of happening. Good luck.
  2. Please read the rules before posting. You have to post the play store link u know. you didn't provide it and most helpers would just shrugg off to another post cuz there is no link.
  3. First search text1. Goto filter and tick option show strings. Now in results u can see where the first text result ends. Now copy those bytes and save them somewhere. Now search text2 repeat the above process. Now copy the bytes again. Then copy all the bytes together and search in GG with your desired offset. Hope u understand
  4. Amizz

    Hacking Яespɒwnɒbles

    Sorry to say this , I have some important things coming up so I won't be able to help here. But still I will check this thread sometimes.
  5. Amizz

    Hacking Яespɒwnɒbles

    tried group search in A but doesn't work idk why. Check the pic above bro I hacked most currency and gadgets. All of the values were encrypted and in Ca region but after the 8.2 update I can't find any encrypted value of gadgets or currency. You can find exact dwords which if changed doesn't change anything in game. So in a pinch here. You can check @Enybys vid. You could hack with this method bfr but now it's not working.Link - Respawnables - hack money and gold - search encrypted - GameGuardian (#3zh1wnpw) Can you try this method to see if it works for you ? @nalcwap
  6. Amizz

    Hacking Яespɒwnɒbles

    I think it's a keyboard problem (not hardware) when typing. I'm guessing the game can't get the letters u wrote and in the rectangle it remains blank and blank name is not allowed which is why it gives error. First click on the rectangle to write name. Also use the internal emulator keyboard.
  7. Amizz

    Hacking Яespɒwnɒbles

    Using phone. I never heard about a name problem before. You should be able to write any name. Does the game show any error message?Can you send a screenshot?
  8. Amizz

    Hacking Яespɒwnɒbles

    For some reason can't find the encrypted value of anything after the new update. Can you take a look please if u have time ? @NoFear I saw a comment you said u were working on Afterpulse which is made by the same developer DLE. So these games might have similar structure.
  9. If you don't know exactly how that value changes then you can try this. First find those 2 values then goto edit>fill>yes. Now go back to game and change money. Come back to GG. You can now see both previous values and the current values. Now compare and see if you can find exactly how it changed. Ex.lets say Value 1 was -12,469,846 now it's -12,568,975 here u can clearly see value decreased 100k so I would now change it to -12,668,975 to see how much it changes in game then I will change the value accordingly.hope it helps.
  10. Great. Thanks a lot. I'm gonna try these myself.
  11. great tuto. I knw most of these but I couldn't hack/find anything with pointers. Did you hack anything with pointers? I couldn't find any vids on hacking with pointers (GG not CE though). So I'm looking for a game which can be hacked by pointers or pointers are used.
  12. Well first look for a static value near that hack address. A static value is something which doesn't change even after restarting the game. First fuzzy search and find that hack address. Now look at the addresses near it. If you can't identify a static value then select all values near that address and 'Export' them to a text file. Then restart the game and find that hack address with fuzzy again and export all the address near it again. Now compare 2 text files to find a static value. If you find it then calculate the offset and make your group search script. Most of the time you don't need to do all these, you can easily find just by looking at the values near. Also a tip, static value doesn't have to be the same type as the hack address value type. It can be other value types too cause in GG u can group search different types.gl
  13. The game is Яespɒwnɒbles. The values in this game are big dwords either + or -. Each value has a different key and every time the game reloads these values/keys change. You can easily find these values by encrypted dword search and change them to hack things. But the problem is that you have to change these values randomly since the key is unknown. And because of that sometimes the values become neg or too big or sometime the game crashes. Is there any way to find the key? I tried the xor key finder function in gg but no luck. So if it's not xor encryption then what could it be? I also found these type of encryption in some other games so any help will be great.
  14. Great to see people Hacking this game with unrandomizer.GL
  15. Well it's an old but fun game I used to play. It's still a good fps. But this game is a Tier S P2W game. Without spending money you can't get almost anything. Which is why I (decided) hacked it. But I need some help. Everything in this game is in encrypted dword (region Ca). You can hack gadgets amount, money,gold etc(pic). But still you have to pay to get the op event weapons and bundles. Also I couldn't hack health and ammo. So I was wondering if anyone could help me with these hacks, 1. Hacking bundles/event weapons by changing buyable weapon's ID (in shop) to event weapon's ID (normally only obtainable through events or paying) if possible. 2. Hacking health and ammo. IDK if these values change every match. 3. Hacking the agility/health/accuracy stats gained from clothes. 4. Hacking event points and medal points. Well any help would be appreciated but fyi no.1 is a advanced one and as far as I know very few people can do it . Here's the link- https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.dle.respawnables TIA.
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