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  1. Fantastic work. Even though I'm really busy now to test.
  2. I don't think so .I'm pretty sure the IAPs are listed in Google play so if you click buy in-game then it just loads that particular price in Google play payment which devs listed beforehand. You can find and visually change the prices though (which lp does even it's an online game) but I think that won't change anything. I didnt try it though.You can find IAP values through string search I think. I did something else though. There was an online game in which you can use Lp. So I changed the value of items/diamonds you could buy with IAP and it worked. I got more than which was listed. Thinking about it some more,if it was possible then then lp would have done it years ago. If it worked then lp could have just find value strings, change them to .1 dollar and rather than redirecting the order through lp it could just redirect it through Google and you can buy everything for .1$ real money. So I'm sure changing IAP values in-game won't do anything.
  3. Lol you used GG then contacted game support?! sigh Blocked account can only be unblocked by game devs/support. Since you damaged your game save I'm guessing theres no chance of getting back your old account.
  4. Amizz

    Time jump

    What happens when you use simple speed hack? Try to tick all green boxes in speed hack settings.
  5. Amizz

    Age of magic.

    I'm really curious about what method the used. Looking forward to it
  6. Amizz

    Hungry Dragon

    Easiest method is to use Hiromacro to open 1 egg, save the macro and let the macro run without you doing anything to buy as much as you want. Advanced method is to look for the drop chance or pet Id and change it but it is time consuming. So do what you like. GL.
  7. I knew it. Just wanted to be sure. But the problem is changed/unchanged returns too many values and I have never made it to less than 20-50 results with searching only changed/unchanged. Also I have 1gb ram phone so it takes a long time every search. I have given up on hacking iMonster because of this.
  8. Say in a game the xor key is 444444(like in bullet force) and in game value increased from 7 to 8. After calculating value 7 is 444443 and value 8 is 444436. Question is in fuzzy search can I find this encrypted value by searching for "Value Increased"? Or not because the encrypted value actually decreased. So?
  9. Lol here's a guide to dominate this game. Caution: if you hack this ,you will lose interest in it pretty quickly. Steps: Everything in region A. Select autopause before hacking. A. Health 1. It's a float number. Search your health in float. 2. Get damaged by a creature. Search Decreased. Freeze that 1 value. Done. Now you won't even die to starvation/thirst. B. Items and everything 1. First collect 2 or 3 items. 2. Put it on quick slots. 3. Exact Search (dword) what you have. 4. Split it. Now search what you have in quick slots. You will get 1 result. Change it to 10000. 5. Now split the same item again. Now you have 2 stacks of 5000 pieces. 6. Now you can build anything. So build a bank. 7. Now Goto buy, then search 1000 0 ( price of one Ruby ).you should get 20-30 results. Edit all values to 100 with increment 1. 8. Now buy 1 Ruby to see how much gold decreased in game. Say it decreased 105 in game. Then the address of 105 in GG is the right address. Now edit 105 to something negative. You will get a lot of gold. C. Ruby and money in main menu 1. Go to money shop. Now search 50 in dword. You will get about 350< results. Now edit only 50 results at once or game will crash. edit values with increment 1. 2. Go to game and see if price of gold changed. If not then revert+remove 50 results and edit the next 50.Repeat you find the right value. 3. After finding the right one edit it to something negative. Buy gold in shop.Ruby hacking done. 4. For hacking money, select start new game then you can buy nuclear,secret boxes etc there. Now select one of those. Now search the price in GG (search positive value). Then select another item. And search the new price. Repeat until 1 result. 5. Edit it to something negative. Buy. Done. GG.
  10. Some kinda encrypted values. I hacked this long ago so don't remember. Also lucky patcher works. Try using fuzzy search to find value
  11. Amizz

    Dupe Items

    Idk since I used these apps long ago.
  12. Amizz

    Dupe Items

    I guess when the cache data is coming from server, if you capture that you can edit it. I'm not sure though.
  13. Amizz

    Dupe Items

    I don't understand what you meant by the example. And like I said I'm no expert on this but Packet capture basically intercepts and captures the data you send or receive from server. So you check the data packets of any ONLINE app .offline apps don't send anything to server so you can't do anything about that I guess.
  14. Amizz

    Dupe Items

    I used Packet capture app by grey shirt a year ago. You can capture packets But I don't know if you can edit with this app. Also games may send data to server encrypted which is hard to understand/change I guess. Google to find out more. Good luck☺
  15. Amizz

    Dupe Items

    That image- it's possible he used some kinda injection to change what he bought. I'm no expert but if it's nox then he may have used Wireshark to capture data packets and edit packets to send server fake data. Basically Changing what he bought to whatever he wanted(those crystals I guess).
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