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  1. exemple in scrrpt?!?
  2. I want to be able to save all the codes in the saved list in a text file, but I don't want it to save all the information that is normally saved, I just want to save their addresses and values in dword and if possible in other formats as well !
  3. exemple: a = 5 print(a) -- 5 a = a + 1 print(a) -- 6 how do I make that value increase to a certain value? I want it to increase from 1 in 1 to 100 (for example) I don't want it to become 100, I want it to increase until it reaches 100! my idea is to save several addresses using one as a base (this I already know how to do), however I want him to add the address to the next address alone or else he will be saving the same code unless I make a lot of lines for saving him 100 times would be too much to write that! function test() local t1 = gg.getResults(1) if t1[1] == nil then return else a = { { address = t1[1].address + cpum, flags = 4, -- Dword} freeze = true, value = 0 } } gg.addListItems(a) end end
  4. could you explain it better? my english is not cool, sorry!
  5. I made a script and it always worked! on all devices more in the last two days I started having a problem with some people n it is catching! I did some tests and I think it is because of the architecture of the cell, how can I make my script analyze which architecture of the cell so that I can solve this instead of making two scripts!
  6. want can change the color of certain words and / or texts as it is in the gameguardian tutorial (image below), like the words: Float, Double, Byte, Word and Dword
  7. I would like to know how do I use the gameguardian to make in-game purchases! like buying gems, diamonds and etc...
  8. very good! If you need help there you can talk! for better your script will perfect it!
  9. This script is just for you to understand how it works! I only take the value I researched and from it I edit the others! I did some subway surfing tests, but I couldn't find a value that was the same distance from the coins! it would take a lot of carefulness to find fixed values. Se quise vero que meu script faz pode ir no meu canal ver só tem um video la! Video of my script in use sub.lua
  10. a simple example! in my yu gi script oh I just look for the address that shows how many cards I have in my deck and from this address I add the others because they are always the same distance! ex:. if my deck address is: 0x40002202 so i already know that the prososo address mo case will be that of letters in the hand so i put in the script 0x40002202 + 4 and the same thing to the others like atk damage will be 0x40002202 + 4864 If you don't understand I can create a simplis script to explain it!
  11. @Ra12345 Hi! this video show you what you can do if you want i can try to do some more things it will take a while later i show you what i get! In the video above you can see that the script just did a group search of the item values and then changed to a negative number! fuciona but you said you just wanted to change the money using the script so if this is really it will be much harder but I can do something based on the values of the items because these are always fixed and then if the distance of addresses are the same when restarting The game then can be done easily! I will try and inform you! If I had any doubts start asking about what you did not understand because explaining everything is difficult to understand!
  12. I want to help you and at the same time learn more, I'm a beginner! It is a doubt if you said that addresses as well as values always change, how will the script search for something? To find the address you must have a value to search as well as to find a value you must tet an address! Right since everything is variable both addresses and values, what you can do is look for an address that is always the same value and the same distance from the address you want to manipulate in the case of money ... tell me anything .. sorry my english i speak portuguese there only goes in the same translations! I hope I gave you some idea! [added 1 minute later] Another thing you can do is use gg.prompt to let the user enter the amount of gold!
  13. alex772

    Search script!

    I would like to know how do I make gg show how many results were obtained in any search!
  14. I am a beginner with scripts but I already created some and have a little advanced programming! I wish someone would help me learn how those 'wall-crossing' hacks do. I wanted to know how they do to find the addresses of the walls and how they edit to can overtake them!
  15. when I create some topic I realized that sometimes what I want to post does not match the topic that has available wanted to know how I can release the other topics ...
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