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  1. Hello everyone. Recently I know a feature of gg is dump memory. I try it but all I receive is a list of bin file and a txt file. Can anyone know about this feature explain for me about that file pls? Thank you very much.
  2. Hello. Does GG can execute a encrypted lua script? When I download some encryted script and execute it return a error. But It can execute a decryted of same script. Pls help me.
  3. I can understand your guide. But how can someone search a value of same game like pubg mobile: color, anten, recoil, wallhack. Are there any tip for search these kind of value?
  4. how can I fix it? I use chrome to download script again but got same problem.
  5. But why can my friend use this file?
  6. I got this error when execute a script. I can not understand this error. Pls help me.
  7. I cant see your whatapps account. Maybe I dont know you country phone code.
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