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Found 4 results

  1. Version 2.0


    Vip emotes value works on lets go emote
  2. View File Vip emotes value works on lets go emote Vip emotes value works on lets go emote Submitter LEGEND_0001 Submitted 09/18/2021 Category LUA scripts  
  3. Dear GG users, I have been using GG for quite a few years now and never figured out or found an article about this. I basically would like to turn a fixed reward (let's name it gems) into a gold coin value. So if my reward says 200 000k gems I'd like to turn that into x(whatever new value) coins. Is this possible at all? Any tips are appreciated
  4. Hello! I wanted to share my "protocol" to find any value in any application, I tried to group everything I learned from GG and people from this forum who helped me and others! If 1- doesn't work, go to 2-, etc... Each time I repeat until I find my value (sometimes they can be more than one), or nothing. I can see the value I'm searching for in memory, it is not a static value. If I dont know the value, go to 4-: 1- dword exact search if integer (1,2,3...), float exact search if not (0.1,0.5,1.8...), sometimes I do a group search of related values 2- Double exact search for integer or not (+ float exact search for integer if it fails, but I usually dont do that cause it is often time wasting) Now I think the value is encrypted or changes place each time: 3- Dword exact search "encrypted" if integer (I think a not integer value (float or double) is never encrypted this way (even if it is possible)) Now it is the same if I know the value or or not: 4- fuzzy Dword search value or float depending if it is integer value or not 5- if I know exactly how the value changes, I use advanced fuzzy search menu (more button) and I type the changes i can see to maybe waste less time, or only increased/decreased 6- fuzzy change/unchanged Now I'm sure the value always changes place, I search for a pointer: 7- Dword fuzzy search and "changed" each time the value changes, or after a loading, for certain values for example 8- Once there are just a few values, I can freeze the pointers one by one and see if the value still changes, if not, it is the good pointer Now i just follow the pointer, and look for my value, or try to change weird looking ones (it can still be encrypted) after where I land in memory. Sometimes they can be multiple pointers, so if I dont find my value I just go down in memory and follow the next pointer and repeat that. When my value is found, i look around it in memory (before or after) if I can't see something realted to (another currency...). It can be quite far sometimes, but there can still be interesting static values related. When I found what I want, I look for static values around it in memory tab and I copy as a group search with group size checked. Then I go in search tab, exact search and historic and I mark the last entry. Now I'll be able to find my value again next time :). Do you think it is good? Would you add something?
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