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  1. Hill Climb Racing 2

    I already tried that today and found some values but I have to go deeper into that. I think it may be a good idea to try that on the 1st hill climb racing which is offline, but i'm not sure there are vehicle skins in the first game. HCR2 finally seems to be good protected by the server... It will take me some time to cheat that . Maybe you should let lucky patcher help you this time, like I did. Anyway i'll try my best on GG. Hopefully I will have some time to waste this weekend :v Edit: anonymous, the cheat presented in your video doesn't seem to work on last version
  2. Hill Climb Racing 2

    Oh I just noticed I cheated this game with lucky parcher, not GG... Anyway i'll be trying to cheat money with GG this week and I think the ID trick is possible anyway. I'm just a little afraid because the game is server sided at some points so money cheat may be harder than I thought.
  3. Hacking number of objects (Archikaps)

    Yea that's what I was thinking but wasn't sure. The problem is now how to find where they are stored :v. They may be all together, but finding this kind of thing with GG is hard :O. I'll try some fuzzy float searches for HP. While yellow foes seem to attack the platfrom, the red ones seem to attack unities directly. You can force spawn ennemies in sandbox by clicking on the bottom left square and pushing skip button. Also, Yoitro games' code is not obfscated or protected by anything. I already managed to hack another of his games (antiyoy) really easily by remounting the apk with a modified .dex. I didn't tried to reverse engineering this game y et, but maybe you could find useful infos easily now that I think about it.
  4. Hacking number of objects (Archikaps)

    But in fact, a part of my question was, is this really hackable ? How could we hack something with GG which is not only a number, but maybe a structure, which is created when we create one unity? This is what I meant by object(unity). Maybe when we create a unity, there are multiple things created: I imagine there is a HP parameter, an assignation param (construction, defence,...), an ID param (I found that the game remember who is the 1st unity, the second, etc), and maybe even the unity's current coordinates x and y (the unity is a graphic point on the screen). This is exactly what confuses me a lot about cheating unities in this game. Do we have to create all these structures for as much unities we want like the game could do usually, before changing the number of unities in memory (like I try to do now) to avoid the game from crashing?
  5. Hacking number of objects (Archikaps)

    How I do (sry for size): ScreenRecord-2018-04-15-18-28-41.mp4
  6. Hacking number of objects (Archikaps)

    Ahah ok here it is (from shared pref), sry for not answering i wasn't here. Anyway you don't really need to go in campaign, go in sandbox and construct house. Then assign some unities to construction and transport (bottom right menu). But campaign will learn you how the game works. achikaps.progress.xml
  7. Hacking number of objects (Archikaps)

    Ask me if you don't understand how something work, this game is long to master as I said xD. Just try to construct inhabitations to make the unities number vary for example. You may also really enjoy this game by the way if you like strategy games.
  8. Hacking number of objects (Archikaps)

    Ok thank you, i'm sorry for not being clear. I'd like to cheat the number of unities in the game (I had 14 on m'y screenshot), but i'm not sure it is possible with game guardian. This game is quite hard to master. To create unities in the game, you usually have to construct habitations. I think you should go in free mode, construct a mine and a factory, and then you could only concentrate on creating habitations and giving some of your unities the "transport" task to make unities number vary.
  9. Name of Game:Archikaps Play Store Link (If it's a paid app, the apk):https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=yio.tro.achikaps Version:1.18h What cheat? Health, xp, gold...: unities Have you tried cheating this game? What happened?: I tried fuzzy dword search, but when I change values it just crash the game. Comments: I'm not sure if it is possible to cheat objects like in this game with game guardian. I mean unities are not only a number, they also are points on the screen, and we cannot create an "object(unity)" which is covering maybe many parameters just by changing a number. I'm quite confused with this, i need help ! Thanks
  10. Hill Climb Racing 2

    Hill climb racing series is not hard to cheat as I remember. I think I changed chests price to negative to get money and all the skins. If you want to work with IDs, maybe you could try to fuzzy search a dword in your car edition menu, and push "changed" each time you change your skin. I'll try that this week i think, good luck ;).
  11. Will hero

    There must be another place where the value is. Maybe it is just a "static" value with an unknown encryption, or maybe the real money value is pointed by a dword: You should try to fuzzy search for a dword and push "changed" each time your money change. You may find the money pointer by freezing each result one by one, and checking if the money value is still changing when you earn money/buy something ingame. Then you could go to the pointed adress(es) and change some values after it in memory until you find the money adress. See this post for an example of pointed adress hard to find: Hack zombinizer (#6khhzrhr)
  12. Space Pioneer

    I'll try it today, gems are maybe near the money but encrypted. Did money was encrypted ?

    Really difficult to hack with game guardian because it is a server sided game + it has a ptrace attach. I think you'll not be able to cheat this game with game guardian.
  14. (Request) Lord Mobile

    Everything is hackable, I didn't want to say lord mobile is not. I just suppose it might be really hard to hack with GG because it is a popular game, but I didn't tried to hack it yet. Some games have better protection than others. For example, a game could only store money value on server, while a more secure one could also store upgrades costs on server to avoid some manipulations like negative price or free upgrade. Free fire may just have a bad protection, or these people you're talking about have gone deeper in their hack and reverse enginereed the game to exploit some hidden issues.
  15. (Request) Lord Mobile

    This game is a quite famous online game, all interesting values like money must be server sided and really hard to cheat with GG (because they can't be changed directly).