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  1. Rastakiwi

    Toon Blast Game - High Difficulty to Hack (Help please!)

    No it is still working, tested just now. Make sure you search for: [price];[numberOfObjects]::5 and that your memory ranges (GG's menu) contain "anonymous".
  2. Version: 5.8.5 Video description: Energy, gold bars and jellybeans are encrypted on 2 dwords too, but it has nothing to do with strings there and I don't understand the encryption so it isn't shown in the video. It may be a ratio between the 2 dwords because different combinations lead to the same value, except 25, I don't know why. Someone should reverse engineer this encryption and tell us ;). Whatever... thanks for watching and enjoy!
  3. Hack requested by INeedHax. Version: 9.3.1 The game requires permanent internet connexion but all the good stuff isn't server sided (you just can't do speedhack). PS: The fame/fans hack is similar to the couple popularity. They are both floats incrementing when gaining popularity. Love's popularity is just after the dword value of love XP in memory.
  4. Rastakiwi

    Hill Climb Racing 2

    There is an exploit in event races. You can change some values during the race without being detected by the anticheat. Look at this: Only event tickets and rewards hack worked for me.
  5. Rastakiwi

    Werewolf Online - Hard

    I tried but got nothing interesting... I think roles are server sided too. It would be very hard to hack with game guardian to not say impossible. Maybe it would be possible if I find an exploit by reverse engineering, but I can't do it now and it would be quite long to do, with no promise of a result. All of this is only if roles are server sided. I think it is the case, but i'm not sure, I'll keep searching sometimes but you should forget that roles hack, sorry xd.
  6. Rastakiwi

    XOR search Guide - GG 8.29.0+

    Thanks for the xor type information, I didn't know that, and also never saw that, but it is good to know. I don't understand why it seems impossible sometimes to find the key in memory for some games. I check all memory ranges, then dword exact search with the xor key I calculated, but nothing comes out...
  7. Rastakiwi

    XOR search Guide - GG 8.29.0+

    l know you try to keep it simple, or maybe you have never seen that, but I'm surprised that you didn't mentioned that the key can be anywhere in memory. Some games store xor keys near the pointer to the value xored. It is the case for Blade crafter (this game is very weirdly encrypted, but anyway). And why couldn't the key be stored very far away sometimes, even if it is not common to do so? In Hitman sniper, I wasn't able to find the xor key in memory even with exact dword search with its value I known. I'm also a litle lost because I was originally looking for xor type in GG, but I didn't find anything about that on the forum.
  8. Rastakiwi

    SNIPER ( score hack )

    Can you make a quick video of what you do? Don't use the same key as me if you did that. You have to follow the steps, but you should not have any value like in the video.
  9. Rastakiwi

    SNIPER ( score hack )

    By the way I was searching for the xor key in memory but it didn't look like I found it. I don't know why. However after changing some results, some weird stuff happened and I think earned bonus points. There may be something interesting to do with that ;).
  10. Rastakiwi

    SNIPER ( score hack )

    Sorry for the long wait, here is the video: Search for: -1,476,395,007;2,080,374,785;-1,476,395,007::97
  11. Rastakiwi

    SNIPER ( score hack )

    maybe you made a mistake while writing. The video will come, but this game is very memory consuming and my recorder keeped crashing in the middle of the video. Also you'll see, what I did to find score value everytime without search is not hard but it takes time.
  12. Rastakiwi

    SNIPER ( score hack )

    I'm sorry the key isn't static. It changes everytime. You'll have to search the value by yourself for the moment as I explained in "to find xor key+value". (exact search with "encrypted" checked)
  13. Rastakiwi

    SNIPER ( score hack )

    OK I'll do it in about 3h.
  14. Ooh I'm dumb you're right. However, it could be more comprehensible sometimes to put negative offsets.
  15. Why don't you allow negative offset when doing [value]X[xor_key_offset]? The key could be after the value, it is not always before it.