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  1. Rastakiwi

    How to cheat Dungeon Survival

    Did you search for 109;109;9;1;1::69 as Dword ? If you find it, go to the address of the last '1' and go down a little, you'll see a stack of values. Change the first 6 values to 0 (for diamonds, water and money) and the 9th and 10th to 0 (for level). Look at my older post in this thread (4th page) where I precise how to cheat the game for more precision.
  2. Rastakiwi

    How to cheat Dungeon Survival

    It isn't true, it is when both equals 0 only.
  3. Rastakiwi

    How to cheat Dungeon Survival

    Even if the first value is 0, idk how you could have a precise number because the encryption seems more complicated than xor; I know that because it is not a reversible operation here: I.e., I know -70,978 and 5,481 encrypt the number 100, but 5,481 and -70,978 encrypt the number -11002. Some bytes in the first encrypted value do not behave the same as in the second one.
  4. Rastakiwi

    How to cheat Dungeon Survival

    At least, ik that breaking proper encryption if there is one isn't responsible of the game broken. Enormous values of gold or holy water don't do nothing from my experience, but diamonds are protected in some way, I'll be looking at it tomorrow.
  5. Rastakiwi

    How to cheat Dungeon Survival

    I finally found what I think are constants near the structure if the game: Cheat everything: -Search for 109;109;9;1;1::69 -Browse down after the last 1 in memory until you find a stack of "random" values: -These are the encrypted values of respectively: diamonds;holy water;gold;timer for shop (freeze for infinite actualisation of shop);level;timer;timer;timer --> Each encrypted value takes 2 Dwords. Change one of the 2 encrypting values to something high, change sign if needed, here you go! Take care about diamonds, don't put it too high (not more than 100000 usually). If you want you can just set all the encrypted currencies + level to 0 so you'll get exactly 76 367 of each (+level 76 367). I hope it works, have fun! Btw, the values near these "constants" seem to be cool to tweak. It looks like there are some kind of tutorial flags but I'm not sure (I saw a dword 0 near the 1 in the search code become 1 after I did my first quest). Also, the amount of currencies bought in the shop is directly dependent of your level. So if you see weird stuff going on there (negative or null amount), just change your level u til it is okay
  6. Rastakiwi

    How to cheat Dungeon Survival

    it also doesn't work everytime for me, but maybe try to do a manual string search of the shop prices. i.e.: Dword search for [priceAsString];0:5 or [priceAsString];255:5. (100=3 158 065 ;10=12 337). Just change each value one by one as string (change byte per byte between 48 and 57) or to random value to find the targeted shop value if you have multiple results ;). Btw, i think like you that currencies are encrypted by some xor, but if it is, it's not a common use because the encrypted value is on 2 dwords, so i don't see how you can easily put an exact value... About your mystery, when you set the two encrypted value of a currency at a same value, the final value is not zero, but 76367, so that's why it worked. Happy Halloween too! Thanks for the video. Apparently newbi and I were not talking about the same shop as you lol, we were talking about the shop inside the town if the game, not the external shop with IAP lol. Finally, good job for finding these prices, because I'd honestly not have though about them being strings at all, this is really interesting!
  7. Rastakiwi

    How to cheat Dungeon Survival

    Nah I didn't check exactly the limit, it ia just from my experience and what you said. I may check it soon
  8. Rastakiwi

    How to cheat Dungeon Survival

    Now that you have a lot of gold it will be even easier to cheat every currencies by finding the structure I explained: for me, just the start amount of gold which is ~5000 was enough. Just fuzzy search for dwords (use change and unchanged only to be sure), when you have around 30 results, just seek for two following values, usually of the same range of your current gold value: the first should be negative, the second positive. ==> This is your encrypted gold value. Once you found it, just follow it in memory and you should find several other values encrypted like this around money. ==> This is the structure. Just take a look at my post on this thread (near the top of the 4th page) to know where exactly is the stuff you want to cheat, or just put the 3 first positive values to some high number of the same size of your targeted value of currencies (be careful, if you leave the game with more than ~100000 diamonds, your account will be reset, so keep the first value relatively low).
  9. Rastakiwi

    Toon Blast Game - High Difficulty to Hack (Help please!)

    They just... won't do that
  10. Rastakiwi

    How to cheat Dungeon Survival

    Ok nice ;). I didn't even play the game that I already had cheated everything lol.
  11. Rastakiwi

    How to cheat Dungeon Survival

    I may publish a tutorial video soon. I'll just look for pointers/constant values before. And newbi, are the values you wrote IDs?
  12. Rastakiwi

    How to cheat Dungeon Survival

    did you searched for a "Diamond" string and browsed around in memory to get this? Or how did you basically do ?
  13. Rastakiwi

    How to cheat Dungeon Survival

    So you search strings? I'd be curious to see how you do to find the internal money value from there. In my case, i just found money with fuzzy search (2 dwords with encrypted values, usually the first is negative and the second positive), then I just browsed around in memory and it looks like this i think (2 dwords for each value): diamonds;holy water;money;shop actualisations number (freeze to get infinite actualisations);level;another timer;another one;a last one Btw if you want more info about the encryption i studied it and i could help who needs it to get exact values
  14. Rastakiwi

    Jellybean match score & moves hack

    The moves is a 8 digit value encoded as UTF-8, which is really unusual. So you'll always have 1 result for it and find it quick, unlike the score which is a simple float, so very common in memory.
  15. Rastakiwi

    Toon Blast Game - High Difficulty to Hack (Help please!)

    Let's say you want to target an item which is usually bought 10 by 10, and costs 150 gold: You then want to search for "150;10::5". (Dword type) It means you are searching all the places in memory where there is a dword containing 150 (integer) followed by another dword containing 10 (integer). The ::5 means they are 5 bytes distant, in the order you wrote in the search box (first 150, then 10). It makes the scan slightly quicker and with less garbage. If you wanted you could search with :5, then there would no longer be an order criteria. (You could even just type "150;10". But it will take a long time and give you LOTS and LOTS of results, which is a good idea if you want your game to crash, lol. [By default the groupscan is set with ":512"...]) You now scan for that and find a bunch of results. Optional: What I usually do when I still have lots of results is I search for the greatest number of the last group search (150) because this number is less usual than 10 in memory (big number). Now, if you still have multiple results, increment the values according to the memory adress they are located in (special function shown in the video, in /edit/"more"). Check in-game to see the value(s) you're looking for (open the window to buy the item, price should have changed [number of items won't change because it is a picture]) You can get rid of all the garbage (everything else), and you can finally change your values. If you filtered with 150 as explained in "optional", then long push the value and push "go to the address". The next value will be 10.