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  1. If you have too many values, try refining the search. Exclude the values you don't want using ≠, > or <, and try to change the value you want to find to refine even more quickly. If it doesn't work, try using the address: for this you'll need to know a little about the game and how it is structured. For example, in a specific game you could have all currencies located at the addresses around 8B16xxxxh (I chose this number randomly). If you can't find the value anyways, try to find related values instead (do not do a direct search). Related values can be other currencies (if you're looking for currencies) , strings, ... even the displayed value is related at some point to the internal value (encrypted and non-encrypted values are related). This method is most of the time the only way to find constants in a game, btw.
  2. This game is storing money on their server I think, I can't really hack it with gg, sry
  3. I'll check it, maybe you searched for the wrong type or you need to use fuzzy search
  4. You most likely only found the display value. Try to search with the "encrypted" button checked. It will take more time but there is a chance you find the encrypted value for money or anything you want.
  5. While the precision criteria of your queue seems to only change visuals (which is often client side for optimisation reasons: the visuals are always changing), I suppose the force and spin are server sided, because it's not just visuals: it has something to do with the gameplay itself and thus it's server sided (spin and force are only used when you shoot, so it can be stored on the server without slowing the game too much). So i think spin and force hack are not possible without hacking the server, which is hard.
  6. Nice. Sometimes values can vary between devices or other stuff... I always try to reset the game to see if the values are constant on my device, but I can't know if it will be the same on another one. You can still find the structure with pointer search. But it will have no use. I initially found the search to avoid using 109;109;9;1::69 since these are not constants, but apparently they is only initialized at the start of the game, so it works just as well in practice. ?
  7. What is the reward amount you're talking about? About the search, you're saying you didn't find any pointer after the '19'? You can always try to search for 109;109;9;1::69 as Luthal said instead, it will get you directly in the structure, just a few bytes upon the encrypted money, gems, level and all I show in the video. About the level, you don't actually need to freeze anything. Just do as shown in the video and go to the shop, your heroes should almost all be legendary because your level will be very high.
  8. Oh ok I remember it, but yeah, as you said, you can't just change the €14.99 like you can change the 100 gems, because as you said, there are multiple checks (google play is involved here, and their protection is ways harder to bypass lol). You have multiple options for what you want to do: 1- buy a dragonhunter and edit its rarity. (what you wanted to do) 2- change the flag of the purchase currency (if it exists here). (what I told you about in ly last post) 3- buy a random legendary heroe and edit something to get the dragonhunter instead at the sale rarity (maybe there is a flag for each heroe, or an ID). The advantage here is that if there is an ID involved (usually some random numbers stacked in about 10 Dwords), it is easier to spot than a simple rarity flag (usually 1 Dword). 4- hack the shop. (see below) What I mean by that is the kind of thing Nofear did in the game "last day on earth". He first searched for the price (real money, as a "double") of an IAP he wanted to get. From there he managed to get the pointer to the ID corresponding to the content of the IAP (he copied it). He then did the same thing with a non-IAP purchase to get to the pointer of its content's ID. He finally replaced this last pointer by the first one from the IAP. This method is basically an ID tweak between contents of 2 purchases. After that, he could get the content of the IAP by buying with just in-game money the other purchase.
  9. Sorry, I didn't hack anything you talk about. Anyways, I hope i can help you with these tips: If you want to find heroe's rarity, you would first have to find the heroe's structure. You could find it starting from the heroe's stats (which you can easily find as a group search and edit), but the structure may be quite far away (multipointers or far offset). It might be very time consuming. :v Idk what is the legendary dragonmother, but if it is something you get from a real money purchase, it will be quite hard to hack with GG. Sometimes there is a flag to tell what currencies the purchase asks, maybe you could find it and change it to gems for example, but i'm not even sure there is something like that in this game for the IAPs... Finally for the random heroes, you could use the unrandomizer function of GG, but idk to which value you should unrandomize, nor if it even works xD. Good luck ? edit: could you send what method of nofear you're talking about ?
  10. Oops, my bad, I only looked at the save files quickly because I was too frustrated by my failure to hack it with GG. I didn't even notice it was base64, but it's obvious xD. Thanks Cmp ?
  11. Hi. As you can see I already cheated money, spoons, and also hearts in this game. They're all unencrypted dwords. The game is not server sided (To find spoons, you can first find money, then pointer search, pointer search again some dwords above the result (about 5 I think), and spoons are 2 dwords above the result of the search. Spoons are also offset 3D4h from hearts (same structure).) This game seems easy to hack first, but when it comes to the golden cards (I think it's called comment/d cards. you can see I have 22 on the screenshot), it gets harder. In order to progress in the game (unlock next levels + stores), you indeed need these cards. They can be found in the levels, but you sometimes have to beat it multiple times to get them, which is really annoying. I tried multiple times dword fuzzy searches (very time consuming), and each time I find 2 things changing everytime the number of cards change: the dword number of card itself, and a pointer to a strimg representing this number: The only values changing The pointed structure (string "22") The problem is that these values keep resetting after I changed them when I click on something displaying the number of cards or when I gain one. They don't seem to be the internal values. Maybe my memory ranges for the searches were not vast enough, but I used the default setting for the fuzzy searches (which is usually sufficient) and I tried 1 exact search with the dword unencrypted value of cards with almost all the memory ranges enabled, stil nothing more found... The save file is encrypted so we can't tweak it, I provided my save files (go in android/data/[package name]/files). Can you help me to cheat these golden cards ? Thanks! PS: the values I found change after completing a level at the moment the popup with rewards shows up. save.xml localSave.xml
  12. It was this or nothing
  13. Don't you find anything with the group search above? Money is hard to find with fuzzy search and our is a custom encryption so you won't find it with encrypted exact search. If you found gems, craft materials, etc, finding gold is now easy. Every single currency in the game and even more than currencies (waves for example, which can also change the number of gold bought with gems) is stored in the same structure. To find it, just do a pointer scan from the value heading the encrypted gems structure (it's usually a pointer) , or from any currency you found. Sometimes you'll need to do 2 pointers scan but never more than 2. You'll see the game structure looks different because it is a serie of pointers all stacked together with no space between them. Once you got there, just go at the top, where you will see the constants of the group scan we talk about above, and the 3rd pointer will be money (the first pointer just after the constant is the starting of the structure, don't care about it). The 4th pointer will be gems, etc... I wrote down the structure on my older phone but updates changed it a bit. But it gives you the idea. The beginning of the structure didn't change at all. I thought I was soon gonna make a video about it (I talk about a general hack in my video description) but I was busy, I'll try to do it later.
  14. Rastakiwi

    how to cheat game

    Tap defender is server sided on some parts like diamonds, but waves info and money seem to be on client side. I'm trying to do instant finish wave and money hack but this may take some time because the game is well protected.
  15. Do you mean you think he first edited the dword value following the xored number of coins (target) to 0, but this didn't change anything so he assumed the xor key was before the target? No, because as you can see, there is no former value under parentheses next to the 0 (which is how GG displays the backup of an edited value). Even if the following value wasn't originally 0, there would probably be no point testing it because you can also suppose by a first look that the xor key is just before the target because you know it is 53 decrypted, so the difference between the xor key and the target shouldn't be very high (about 100~200 max I suppose).
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