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  1. I just tried myself and I didnt get the items shown up in the end battle screen. I managed to freeze it in double, about 12 values. Also, I did try it with my 96 account on mirael, froze energy, that still did not work, how does it know how much dmg I can deal in 90 seconds tf. Does it scan my team and estimates it ?
  2. You sure about the rewards ? Then please try this for me because I dont have access right now to the game. Use vedan, freeze his energy and freeze the time, deal a lot more dmg then unfreeze his energy to kill him or umfreeze time and check if you actually receive the amount of coins it shows up in the battle screen. [added 0 minutes later] Or any other hero if you freeze his hp actually
  3. There is a protection in guid hunt. Check how much dmg you dealt, it shows up correctly if you did more than normal ?
  4. If its a higher lvl acc it shouldnt verify your battle not crush your game, it probably means you ve frozen some other values you shouldn t have. @Rastakiwi I tried searching for static addresses with CE by using a emulator but I cant seem to probably attach the debugger even if I tried all 3 of them, or it has to do something with break points because every time I try checking what writes/accesses a dynamic address nothing shows. Any idea ?
  5. I think that would only be possible through ida
  6. Any idea what is stored in lilith sdk process that launches with the game?
  7. Lately I ve noticed an increase in crashes and sometimes an error attaching debbuger. @KingBlein is correct about the protection, at low levels I can use energy and hp freeze freely. I still havent figured out why guild hunts results arent showing when using any of the above. Any luck on tavern elite spawn? I mean the guarantee elite summon you do after reaching 100 summons.
  8. Pretty much anything else than battles, only visuals, also I confirm that energy float scan is faster and works. Good job Rastakiwi !
  9. Thank u ! I will experimwnt with this
  10. No, I cant locate any pointers thats the issue. Its annoying searching values every battle and its not a guarantee that you find them, because of this is pretty hard to even change values, we can only freeze them, except energy which you can increase. No pointers, no base key to values, pretty limited.
  11. Scan 0 dword as soon as you press begin battle, and do increase value scan until the hero uses ult, then after he uses ult, the hero should have no energy so refine to 0 value. If this wont find aroud 8 to 13 values then repeat the process.
  12. I'm back with some info on hp freeze. It it possible it seems. I ran a few scans in campaign with warek. I managed to freeze his hp at a point but there are some implications. First of all, using unknown and decrease means that the hero will end up with low hp and big burst of dmg will bring it down. Second, using decreased value in a battle is quite a bad technique, there is the timer decreasing and other hp bars from enemies as well. In my tests when I froze warek's hp I also froze the time because of this and it seems that whenever you freeze time in campaign, it sticks, the addresses dont change. I found 9 values for hp only and 11 including the time it seems. There s a pattern in this values, they usually come in pairs. Will be be back after further tests.
  13. They have a server based clock. Everything that happens in-game its tied to that clock
  14. Pretty much...anything. We can't do anything but the speedhack and even this is limited. This is why I set up this topic, maybe together we can find something to exploit.
  15. I don't know yet if its possible to freeze the HP but if you play enough with values in battles you'll notice that hp sometimes glitches, even so, I think that at the end, the battle wont be verified. Anything else that its not inside a campaign battle must be harder to change, I ve noticed that the campaign battle runs in offline mode, if you turn off your data/wifi, even if you get a pop up that there s no connection, the battle runs in the background. I think that this is something that might be exploitable, we must change something inside a battle then the results are sent to their servers. About the values,you could try saving them to txt then importing them.
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