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  1. Good script all functions work but enemies are not shown on minimap.. please recheck and fix..
  2. @janikajan bro this fckng idiot @XxhentaixX has problems with everybody. he is just arrogant bitc h who thinks he is superstar because he knows to hack and only aim of his life is to suck money. that is why soo many people hate this idiot.. keep commenting bitc h you are always going to be a hated s***...
  3. very well said bro... the world needs more people like you.. thanks for the script... appreciate it
  4. Hahaha get lost greedy money sucking a s s hole
  5. He too sold out bro.. now he dont care about his follwers.. only money.. he is no longer the saiaapiz we knew...
  6. looks like you have given up.. very sad.. waste of talent
  7. Bro please fix GOB script.. not working after todays update..
  8. Fix your script after todays 4.9.0 update your script is not working.. please fix it bro
  9. I am root user i cant use script it sows gameguardian detected mtp malware... solution ?
  10. doesnt matter i am rooted user still got banned had only activated wallhack and color.. looks like now they are banning all features nothing safe..
  11. Yes bro even i found that bug ..mostly happening with shot gun and in close range because of auto easy aim.. there are bugs
  12. Thanks for updating... love you bro... i everyday visit your page to check if you update.. Thanks !!
  13. Bro i dont know how to do that.. please add a update of wallshot..
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