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  1. It is Collen: https://gameguardian.net/forum/profile/1089266-collen/ He be warned about this. Thanks for note.
  2. I think about prompt after press OK: "Apply data? Yes/No". And user press "OK" always. When want apply, and want close dialog, for interact with game for look some values.
  3. If this always return something, then you never know what user press - OK or Cancel. Or simple close dialog. Also if you press cancel, all data must be lost and erased. It is common and default behavior everywhere. Even in matter of simple logic and security. If you accidentally past in form sensitive data and press cancel for avoid propagate it, data must be lost, not processed. Look like you want solve wrong problem or by wrong approach. If you want store input for close UI - write that in prompt. So user press OK in any case and later script ask him for apply data or no. if no, you can use this data on next call dialog.
  4. Not clear what OP want from updates, but clearly understand he is rude and insist of some updates when people try help him explain point better. With such relation to other users from this forum nobody want make your life better, even if understand what you want and for what. Anyway I currently not understand what problem, why eye icon not enough, and what you want.
  5. 1. Noted. 2. Scripts use 64-bit values. So (-1 + 1) must be zero. You want (-1 + 1) = 2^32. 3. Noted.
  6. https://aquawu.tumblr.com/ http://igameguardian.blogspot.com/ https://igg-server.herokuapp.com/ Also look like he make IMemEditor as next generation for iGG:
  7. Engine work on C. You not get engine sources. Also you not need make it on full time basis in few days, so you can code on your weekend, or someday evenings in years. So you can do entire project from scratch without loose your job. Aslo exists some other projects, which you can use (if their license allowed such) as base for make own search engine. Scanmem, for example: https://github.com/scanmem/scanmem Good luck with your project.
  8. I highly doubt about your possibility make such project. People who able do so, not come with such questions. They search information by self. Not wait when someone send to they ready to use code. Exists official C implementation for lua which you should start use. AFAIK iOS use C only. Android use Java + C. So Lua "module" (as easy can be figured via tools like "jadx-gui") written in Java. In fact it is modified https://github.com/luaj/luaj AFAIK it is bad idea try use Java code on iOS. So you better start with official lua implementation on C. GG use some custom implementation, which bring Lua 5.3 features, when still use Lua 5.2 binary format. If you not need be compatible to binary form, you can use Lua 5.3. Or make some reverse investigation for find what and how implemented. Java code able be easy decompiled by tools like "jadx-gui", so this not main problem there. As for GG itself it never be ported to iOS, just because start agreement from creator (Aqua) states - he left iOS for iGameGuardian.
  9. Usual unknown search. Need many searches and analyze results.
  10. VINX_6.1.4_ultra_sign_fix_gg_signed.apk
  11. Enyby

    What does this button do?

    https://gameguardian.net/forum/search/?&q=group size&search_and_or=and&sortby=relevancy For example post from 2016 year: Asphalt8 Credit Hack (#4pc32zot)
  12. Enyby

    Looping issue

    Look like you know nothing about rounding error and think 0.1 + 0.1 + 0.1 is same as 0.3. It is not necessary.
  13. Enyby

    Looping issue

    In general, nothing is clear. The script does not have to show you at all that he found something there. This is not an animation to show anything. The fact that the values can be changed you have not shown. That they existed at the time of the search too. In general, it's not about anything at all. To assert something, you must prepare a reasoned justification and clear evidence that it happens this way, and not otherwise. This is not the case now. Until that happens, there will be no conversation.
  14. As far as I remember, I tried it before and it didn't work after that.
  15. You delete video, nobody can see it. But in your browser cache it still exists. Until it not delete from cache you can watch it.
  16. Wrong site. Androld only here. Use google for search. Topic closed.
  17. Somehow ptrace produce bad results for process in log. So IDK what happen here. If tester work it is odd. Maybe firmware protection for some processes.
  18. Something wrong with ptrace on your firmware. GG can not work on this conditions.
  19. Then no luck for you. I use some public version with disabled protection. Of course it not shipped with assist or x64. So I hope assist not contains protection. But look like it is not true.
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