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  1. Enyby

    Game guardian crash

    If crash game or script - talk with script author. If exactly GG, and exactly crash (not force close by out of memory, for example) - Gathering information about GG errors (#9ggo57t) If GG closed by out of memory - talk with script author.
  2. So turn off hiding the root. The problem is not in the application, but in your system or root. So solve these problems.
  3. No root. or no root granted, Or magisk problem. Maybe you hide root.
  4. Use chrome. Do not disable cookie.
  5. Enyby

    Max value of Float

    Use google. Or look at type selector inside GG. There specified bounds.
  6. I wrote you the full path. If you ask such questions, it is better for you to do nothing at all.
  7. Protection in the firmware, from the execution of code from under the root is not from the system partition. Fix it failed. You can try to manually copy /data/user/0/catch_.me1.if_.you_.can_/files/GG-XMr0/lib8.so in /system/bin/lib8.so, remounting the /system for writing. Do not forget to set 0755 rights later.
  8. Write to VirtualXposed author on github. Create issue and talk with author.
  9. Root Bluestacks and use GG with root,
  10. Enyby

    Value cant change

    Use device/firmware without broken kernel.
  11. No way. GG not allow redirect or open any link. You can only show link and copy it to clipboard to user. User can paste it on browser if he want.
  12. Watch on YouTube: 75.0: Explore /data/data in the path selector - GameGuardian
  13. Watch on YouTube: 75.0: Example of seek bar in the script - GameGuardian local n = gg.prompt({'First number: [-130; 150]', 'Second number: [-250; 300]'}, {6, 7}, {'number', 'number'}) if n == nil then os.exit() end gg.alert(n[1]..' * '..n[2]..' = '..(n[1]*n[2]))
  14. Watch on YouTube: 75.0: Fast go to for some regions in memory editor - GameGuardian
  15. Watch on YouTube: 75.0: Take a screenshot - GameGuardian
  16. Check on Tap Counter. PUBG do not allow use any virtual space. They detect run on it and shutdown game.
  17. Just a scary message from developers to avoid accusations.
  18. Only buy. Usually around $3000~$4000 per one char for such script.
  19. No You are trying to change not the initial value, but the calculated one. it game recounts very often and erases your changes.
  20. Well, write the necessary code. What is the problem? Even put os.exit on the first line.
  21. Call it on loaded code.
  22. It is only with script. local t = gg.getResults(1000) gg.clearResults() -- another search here gg.removeResults(t)
  23. You can store old results in table and remove its after new search.
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