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  1. Enyby

    Edit tencent gamestick

    Then no luck for you.
  2. Enyby

    Edit tencent gamestick

  3. Super Clone Super Clone 64bit
  4. You can use notation like "66h; 0Fh; 7Eh; 4Ah; 00h; E9h; 6Ch; A6h; 00h; 00h" for editAll.
  5. Super_Clone_3.6.41.0226_gg_signed.apk
  6. Enyby


    Concatenation operator is double dot (..), not comma.
  7. It’s better to tell me where you live, I’ll come to your home (a trip at my expense, of course) and I will explain to you personally for a whole week how to use the program, because using the search, help and forum is too difficult for you, and I have a lot of free time for you.
  8. Depends on how it is presented in memory. Most often this is a Byte type, but there may be other options.
  9. You have definitely chosen the right place to ask about it. Tell us in detail how you will protect your game from GameGuardian and we will certainly help you.
  10. 100% worked solution: do not share your script with anyone.
  11. Nice try, developer. Nice try.
  12. Script: Get results to table, iterate over table, do what ever you want: edit, lad as results and so on. UI: Add to saved list, rebase, do what ever you want.
  13. Enyby


    Values always signed. So 4294967295 is same as -1 for Dword.
  14. Copying a file is not magic. The cp utility opens two files, one for reading, one for writing, and then copying the contents. All this can be done on Lua.
  15. Use io lib functions for open, read, write. Exec not supported.
  16. It seems that the script uses those characters that are not in the font of its firmware (or its theme). Do not use special characters to convey something important. For example, plain text. They may not exist in the client font and it will be impossible to use the script.
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