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  1. Enyby

    plz HELP ! ! ! !

    Read about game protection.
  2. Welcome. But this forum not help you with because it not about mod, but about memory edit. This is different things.
  3. Enyby

    plz HELP ! ! ! !

    In the app exists help. Try read it.
  4. Enyby

    plz HELP ! ! ! !

    Read the help.
  5. Read help about unexpected shutdown.
  6. Enyby

    Help me

    Maximal group search size Read the help.
  7. You can not hide GG without root.
  8. Read gg help about work without root and about hide gg from the game.
  9. https://gameguardian.net/help/help.html#help_games_protection_
  10. Try ask vmos support via facebook. They respond there. https://www.facebook.com/pg/vmosglobal/posts/ Or use email from official site at bottom page: https://www.vmos.com/ [added 1 minute later] For example, they answer about GG to someone: https://www.facebook.com/vmosglobal/photos/a.385928872126175/385962268789502/?type=3&__xts__[0]=68.ARBt24YUGJYEJ33UNtOuyHMHrYLZissAOfnOtZ4SCeeB1TEUMKu9Seu3EIweomYDWY4bNSA4MdGhHxFl6slAmEIk4MjPL78efkiijTCgFHoR2rJo_D8OxIaRHN-mfEutk0A6X62oTy77jhcNSI_HgI050bRclA1Th0f2YC8vCkLyyLUeXa6evdU2qOOGVVOeJ5IZr7rMpZHT-lE1YCLU03A5R3sGCvWoB_lH6DriyleqnVgIXu6dsbzI-iDGPLIbIG8wXN124AOq5fmTtNfX0xPER2us6fgo&__tn__=-R [added 2 minutes later] https://forum.xda-developers.com/android/apps-games/how-to-double-android-free-t3951311?fbclid=IwAR3fNgTLOQfonzcogvUAlxTq7ribIco7idAQJvF-WMugaERRKpWP3dyo7LU [added 2 minutes later]
  11. IDK. Try talk with support if such exists.
  12. It is need a lot of free internal memory. Something around 1.5-2 GB.
  13. IDK. Download it from apkpure or similar site.
  14. Watch on YouTube: 86.1: Added support for VMOS - GameGuardian
  15. How to hide GG from the game in virtual space Install the virtual space, which allows the hidden installation of applications, without installing them in the system. For example, Virtual Xposed. Install GG into the virtual space. In GG, turn on the root mode. Grant root rights to virtual space. If you do not able to grant root rights - try another virtual space, other root rights, different firmware or change the device. Remove GG from the system. Work with GG from virtual space. Video: On a test application On the example of Free Fire This works not only with Virtual Xposed. There are other virtual spaces: app hider, phone, calculator, notepad and more . Another straight from the market came up. For avoid detect during the search: Select items 2, 3 and 4 in hide from the game.
  16. Usually nothing. You cannot replace strings with longer ones, because the application allocates memory and only it knows what is correct and how.
  17. Not a GG issue. [added 1 minute later] https://gameguardian.net/help/help.html#help_games_protection_
  18. I do not see any crash GG in the video.
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