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  1. Contents Car ids Daily tasks Tracks length Generic: Events Car Collections Tutorial: Events Seasons: List Seasons: Events Metal: Events Rewards Mastery: List Mastery: Events Research & Development: List Research & Development: Events Enduro Double Down: List Enduro Double Down: Rewards Enduro Double Down: Point rewards Enduro Double Down: Events Enduro Double Down: Used cars Latest: Asphalt DB v2.8.0n (generated_ 20-12-2016 18_24_41).zip Old: Asphalt DB v2.7.0r (generated 13-10-2016 20 19 31).zip Asphalt DB v2.7.0r (generated 13-10-2016 17 08 51).zip Asphalt DB v2.6.0m (generated 18-08-2016 15 41 03).zip Asphalt DB v2.6.0m (generated 17-08-2016 01 13 40).zip Asphalt DB v2.6.0m (generated 17-08-2016 00 35 31).zip Asphalt DB v2.6.0m (generated 16-08-2016 21 35 11).zip Asphalt DB v2.6.0m (generated 15-08-2016 21 12 02).htm Asphalt DB v2.6.0m (generated 15-08-2016 21 12 02).zip
  2. Because Gameloft not released car with id 141. It has redirect to id 29.
  3. All server items can not be hacked in this way. Boxes, mastery points and so on. Only items stored locally.
  4. Of course if you use time jump then game go ahead in future. And place timer to future. And after you restart game, magic is disappear. Game now in present but your timer in future. All as must be. Nothing odd.
  5. Tut

    For what? GG good work on Lollipop without any fix. Use latest version.
  6. Read about ASLR. It present on every android device. Because of that simple save/load of saved list can not work.
  7. ASLR on kernel level.
  8. Maybe you do not need be lazy and use web search. For example on youtube:
  9. Stop post huge log as text. They wrong. Iruna used Java timers. Java timers can not be speedhacked on ART (Lollipop and above). _______________________________________________ added 1 minute later Before post anything - try search:
  10. Click of count founded values and input new count. Or press menu - filter.
  11. @Asphalt2017 We can post your video if it suited for us. Read this:
  12. Read about ASLR. If game do not save some data then nothing can be done with it. You need every time search values as in first time.
  13. Thanks for yours suggestions. I understand it. 1. I do not think this is good idea. It can confuse users because action of button is contextual. It is not good for new users. Hard to predict action before press to they. Maybe in future we can allow select custom set of toolbar buttons. 2. It is more interest. We have some plans around it. In your case match by name is too magic. May be need dialog to choice 2 items for new align, from old and new list. We think about how better implement this.
  14. 1. You can save some results in saved list. Not many but it is enough in most cases. Emulator can be slow if your PC do not support virtualization. PC can be powerful but give bad results without it. 2. I do not know. 3. Google about it. It is just xor of address and value. Common defend practice. 4. Google about it. 5. Google about it. Byte is not Bit. Byte can be 0-255 or -128-127. 6. Do not understand what you mean.
  15. Place for suggest good challenges for everyone. _______________________________________________ added 2 minutes later Angry Birds Transformers.
  16. What's New in Version 8.18.0 Improved refine group search. Up to 20% faster. Improved search. Improved installer. Improved UI. Bug fixes. Updated translations.
  17. twd

  18. twd

    It is Macro Recorder, not video recorder.
  19. twd

    JitBit Macro Recordrer.