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  1. AliMak

    Thank you Enyby.

    Hi Enyby, I just want to thank you and everyone who worked on making GG, and I hope one day you can find a way to run GG without root. Thank you all for making this wonderful app.
  2. You are the best
  3. Hello Enyby, please optimized more virtual spaces like matey virtual and other. Maybe they better worked. Now i use Parallel space but it don't connect to google play games for game brothers in arms3. I hope you add more virtual spaces. Thanke you very much
  4. Hello enyby, please add new virtual space with access to google play games, i know parallel space has access, but it don't connect to google play games for synce game.
  5. Hello Enyby, i install gg on parallel space and i trying to Speed up the game clash of kings, The speed of this game increases but it does not affect the game. Can you resolve this problem?? Please
  6. Hi guys, who know how i must take backup games data without root by lucky patcher??8
  7. @Enyby hello, can you optimized parallel space to run Titanium back up and game guardian without root??? Please...
  8. Hello guys.. for hack a game i should custom patch it game by lucky patcher, but after patch i can't sync google account for it game because google play not work after patch what i must do for resolve this problem??? Please help me
  9. AliMak

    Thank you Enyby

    Hello @Enyby , finally i learned how hack online games without root, thanks for make GameGuardian.. this is awesome app
  10. AliMak

    I need virtual space

    Hello guys i need a optimized virtual space for run online games and run gameguardian , who can help me ?
  11. AliMak

    A question.

    I install all virtuall spaces like parrallel space , virtual xpoced and other from google play store they run online game without problem but when i install same virtual from this site don't run online games.. i say this to enyby that something is wrong in work he, but he don't accept, i think enyby alone optimized them for run offline games thats why online games stoped on optimized virtuals.. i wnat hack online game Brothers in arms3 and for this i need game guardian but enyby don't help me to resolve problem optimized virtuals
  12. AliMak

    A question.

    Hi please guide me further.. i install all optimized version virtuall spaces that enyby put in this site but no one of them do not run online games , when i want run online game virtual space stoped what i must do??? My phone is Samsung j7 2016 android: 8 , tell me what i must do for run game online on one of optimized version virtual spaces that enyby put here???
  13. AliMak

    A question.

    Hi guys. Which one of you can run online games on optimized virtual spaces that is in this site?? Please tell me what i should do?? I just playing game brothers in arms3 and i want hack it but this game don't run on no one of optimized virtual spaces that is in this site.
  14. @Enyby hi, when main version virtual spaces in google play store run online games without problem what i must say to their developer ?? Bro in your work somethings is wrong, please find and resolve it.. no one of your optimized version virtuals don't run online game but when i install same app from google play store online game run.. so your work have problem please resole it , i want run online game Brothers in arms3 on your optimized virtual
  15. Enyby is a developer when he can optimized virtual to run gg so he can work on it to resolve problem run online games [added 4 minutes later] @Enyby i hope you follow my request as one of person that use gg, i just want online games run on your optimized virtual spaces.. 1 years is that i have this request from you
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