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  1. 3 hours ago, nalcwap said:

    can please add a option in the chain to put a offset distance?i mean one value not be find with the chain but i find other value that is show and the offset betten the 2 values is same , is possible add that option to find the other value?thanks

    If you find such a value, simply increase the maximum offset by that value, and search from the original value.

    [added 0 minutes later]
    3 hours ago, nalcwap said:

    sorry not work when i restart


  2. He is looking for anything that may be like pointers. But not necessarily that this pointer. It may just be random data with a similar value.
    It may also be a pointer to something else, which is now located nearby, and in the next launch, it will not be near.

    Try specifying more depth and / or more offset.

    It is usually enough to conduct a simple test - find the value, make a script for the chains. Restart the game. Find the value again, and then compare it with what the script has restored.
    If there is no such value, then this method does not work.

  3. Chain of pointers. Pointer to pointer and so on. The chain length is the number of pointers.
    The first pointer of the chain is in static memory, which can always be calculated and it does not change.
    Further, moving on a chain, it is possible to calculate each subsequent element. And so on until the desired value.

    If the correct chain is found, then it is possible to restore the values, which change every time. when restarting the whole game or individual levels.

  4. 22 minutes ago, Jfr_911 said:

    shall I add any new value or just freeze the original that I had?

    Freeze original. But only if amount is small.

    If you have a lot in lust you need refine and refine and refine...

    11 minutes ago, Jfr_911 said:

    There is no icon in the game to pause! 

    In gg present pause. Pause work only if GG interface open. So you press pause in gg, hide GG UI and game unpaused, until you open GG UI again.

    Also present auto-pause option for permanent use this feature for all games.

    [added 1 minute later]

    See example video:

  5. If you have fire ball on previous search and now you search and ball still fire, then value unchanged. If Now ball not in file, then value changed.

    If in previous search ball not in fire and now too, then value not changed. If it now in fire, then value changed.

    It is too obvious for explain.

    If you do not understand this - GG too hard for you.

    22 minutes ago, Jfr_911 said:

    how can I freeze it on fire and the time of circle passes fast!?

    Pause game and freeze all found values when its small amount. If you try freeze when a lot value in list (too early in fuzzy search) game die.

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