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  1. No. I need hex or reverse hex for bad command, how it must be and how it in gg.

    For example

    E58B4508r must be "ldaxrb    w5, [sp]" but appear as "MOV X0, X0".

    Better in text, not as image, if possible.

    And do not forget specify arch: Thumb, Arm32 or ARM64.

  2. This is an apk from the market. After optimization, it works as it works. So this is the problem of the developers of this application. I can not do anything.

  3. Save old value to variable, before change. After that, when you need undo - restore it, from variable. 

    [added 1 minute later]

    You can try use undo button during script record and see how this implemented in recorded script. Exactly I described above.

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