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  1. File Name: iGameGuardian File Submitter: Aqua File Submitted: 09 Aug 2012 File Category: Official Downloads iGameGuardian 5.0 for iOS 6.x/5.x is published, but NOT free. For VIP+, you are entitled to get it for only USD $1.5. See more information here: http://igameguardian.blogspot.com or http://aquawu.blog.com ———————————– << V 5.0 >> * Support int8, int16, int32, and float32 data format! * Fix Save function in iOS 6. * Add Sort function: sort by name and sort by address. * Add Bias function: add a offset to all addresses in Saved List. * Change process name to avoid detection. (It will be blocked soon, just enjoy now) * Improve installation/uninstallation procedures. * Support long press in several tabs. ———————————– << V 3.1 >> * Improve the memory browser/editor . Support 1-byte, 2-byte, and 4-byte data format . Provide better UI control * Save the settings in More tab. * Dismiss the dialogs, which don’t have a “Cancel” button, by long pressing. * Fix one search issue. ———————————– << V 3.0 >> * Memory browser/editor * Use storage option: use disk storage instead of memory to reduce memory pressure. * Configurable search range -------------------------------- iGameGuardian 2.0 for iOS 5.x Overview: Without it, you are played by games; with it, you play games in your own rules! “iGameGuardian” is a game hack/alteration tool for iOS. With it, you can modify money, HP, SP, and much more. You can enjoy the fun part of a game without suffering from its unseasonable design. ** JB (jailbreak) ONLY ** This tool only works in jailbroken devices!! Main Features: 1. Search game value with precise number. 2. Search game value with vague instructions, e.g. larger or smaller. 3. Lock the game value to a fixed number. 4. Save/Load the managed list. Installation: 1. Put the file under directory /var/root/Media/Cydia/AutoInstall/ of your jailbreak iOS device. 2. Reboot your device, it will be installed automatically. 3. Reboot again to take new configurations. Un-installation: 1. Cydia > Manage > Packages > iGameGuardian > Modify > Remove > Confirm Known Issues: 1. iOS would disable certain sub-systems when screen is off; that may cause this APP failed. DO NOT let you screen off when iGameGuardian is busy, e.g. searching, scrolling. Notes: * Before install the newer version, please uninstall the old one first. Enjoy playing games in your own way! E-mail: aqua.wu@gmail.com -------------------------------- << V 2.0 >> * Remove AdMob!! -------------------------------- << V 1.1 >> * Fix the toolbar layout in iPhone landscape mode * Fix fuzzy search dialog layout * Reload AD when enter Help tab -------------------------------- Download: igameguardian20.deb
  2. Aqua


    1. No. You don't need to register to any advertisement website. You just keep the browser open for around 20 seconds. You shall see "Thanks for your support!" message. (I really do thankful) 2. There is no logical connection between advertisement and lock function. The hint to the mystery is: "One for all, all for one." Sorry about the confusing and inconvenience.
  3. Aqua

    GG FAQ

    . Root? How to? This application is for rooted device only! Well, the rooting procedure is device and Android version dependent. I can't tell you exactly how to root your device. You can try to google it, searching "root Android {your_device_name}". Usually, you could find something helpful. Following two links contain useful information. You can check them out first. http://www.addictivetips.com/mobile/how ... ne-device/ http://www.androidauthority.com/rooting ... let-10915/ . Set Temp Path GameGuardian store data in memory by default. It would require large space if you search "0" or use fuzzy search. You may run out of memory, and either GG or your game would be killed by system to free memory. You can set the temp path to "/sdcard", and GG would store data in file system instead of memory. However, it would be much slower, 7 times slower in my device. DO NOT use "/data" unless you have more than 1GB free space in your /data partition. GG can handle out of disk space, but Android handle it differently. Android will clear whole data partition if /data is full, all your data would be lost. The string length is restricted to a small number because it is expected to the name of a partition or mount point, not really a path of an arbitrarily folder. . Game Guardian? GameGuardian? It is Android Market changing the searching criteria. Type "Game Guardian" will search "Guardian" in game category. That's why you need to search with "GameGuardian" and I changed the App name to GameGuardian to match it. . No Ad? The advertisement provider is AdMob, which is owned by Google. The ad fill rate is more than 98%. If you could not see the ad, most likely you have anti-ad installed. Use "AdAway" app, you can specify the white list. All the following addresses are related to AdMob. You can add them into white list and press "Download files and apply blocking" button to generate new /etc/hosts file. jp.admob.com analytics.admob.com c.admob.com mmv.admob.com mm.admob.com admob.com a.admob.com p.admob.com mm1.vip.sc1.admob.com r.admob.com Of course, you can un-check them to have them blocked again. However, every time you change the configurations, you need to flush DNS cache to adopt new configurations. There is no easy way to do it in Android. 1) You can restart your device to activate configurations, or 2) you can wait for 10 minutes to have old configurations invalid. . Hot key For the Hot Key functionality, it only works for some devices. Some device drivers don't provide enough information. Some devices don't even have extra key for Hot Key. I have to give it up for not confusing users. . Name search To be frank with you, I really don't know how to implement that function. There are several reasons that I am less interested in investigating it. 1) To protect game source code, some companies would use obfuscator, such as ProGuard, to rename every function and variable. You can not find a meaningful symbol name in such games. 2) The symbol information only exists in Java layer, many games would use C/C++ to optimize the performance. You have no chance to get the symbol name in C/C++ world. 3) To guess the symbol name is very very tricky, I wonder what is the success rate. . Enable lock function The lock function is per-game basis. Once you enable lock function for a specific game, you don't need to bother it anymore. Unless you want to enable lock function for another game, you will need to go to enable lock function page again. . Game specific issues Some games may contain protection techniques to prevent form cheating. It probably needs to dig into the game to find out the reason. I am so sorry that I cannot help game specific issues for every game. Please use this forum to discuss with other users. I really need all users' creativity.
  4. Aqua

    gg icon disappear any fix asap!

    . Why does GG disappear? When memory is not enough, low memory killer in Android system would kill less important programs to ensure there is enough free memory. Before GG 5.1, GG is a background service, so it is easily selected and killed. (I tried to make it foreground, but Android 3.3.x~ ignore that. Because this technique is abused, android team decided to change the semantic of some APIs) . How about now? Now GG 5.1 gets higher priority than foreground Apps, e.g. games. When memory is not enough, what system can do is killing lower priority programs, i.e. you game. . Any solution? So, how to reduce memory pressure? Use "Set Temp Path" to put the temporary data into external storage instead of memory. That could reduce the memory usage. However, that also makes searching much slower. (Especially for Fuzzy search, it really requires lots of memory and time)