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  1. I did this on It works fine
  2. Managed to get the Emerald currency with your method by buying gas in adventure for emeralds, the addresses for the currencies seems to change when you enter adventure mode and then change to an encrypted value once you leave so if you want to edit any values for currency it looks like it has to be done in adventure. Just make sure you put -50 as your spending emeralds not earning them when you search for it
  3. Haha! Wonderful wonderful! Thank you my friend this is great news!
  4. Interesting stuff, some weird encryption going on in this game. Thanks for the help friend. [added 2 minutes later] You said the resources were heavily encrypted but what about resources that you gain during an adventure? Is it possible to change how much you receive instead of changing what you already have?
  5. Google Play Store Link https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.camex.kumus.adventure&hl=en_US&gl=US Description Seemingly offline unity game with but forced online for whatever reason. The game has a battlepass system that resets after the "season" is over. So I noticed in my attempt to see what I can do to this game is this path with two files: com.camex.kumus.adventure/files/haskellAPPgoogle01/js/haskell_game.js & haskell_ts.js Scouring through both of these files reveals game functions used throughout the game and when I modified them it did one of two things, either A. Softlock the game or B. Visually change how the game worked such as these few lines of code case IFuncExternalEvent_1.CombatExternalEventResultType.EXP_REWARD: if (er.expReward.expInc > 0) { actionExp = ensureActionExp(actionExp, _this_1.crBuilder); role.exp = er.expReward.expBalance; var effExp = actionExp.ensureEffect(role); effExp.addExpGain(role, er.expReward.expInc); effExp.addExp(role); } break; After my failed attempts I deleted both of the files listed above and the game did not re download them but still functioned the same albeit listed with the wrong version. There is a debug function that when activated will output logs if one taps the top left-hand corner a few times. And lastly I believe the entire shop and the respective ID's and price values are in the haskell_game.js but... I couldn't change the code in anyway to benefit me at all and my basic knowledge of GG did not prove fruitful for cheating. Hacks requested Resources, premium currency Other Information Out of all the games I've played on mobile, the way this apk is split is just odd to me compared to other split apk's I've seen.
  6. So after playing with the script for a while it works fine so long as you follow the steps at turbo's website (Yes the values displayed in his video and the values you get in game will never be the same however, simply follow what he does regardless you'll be fine). However, the free packs do not work as they either appear as a white box or simply prevent the gasoline order box from appearing which prevents you from getting any boxes (Bonus: The gasoline order box is simply invisible and will cover a part of your screen until you hit back on your phone however, hitting the buy buttons will give you coins much faster than using the map or spamming gasolines if using a modded apk). Also the lvl 99 hack just crashes your game if you reload an area and I'm not sure what exactly the infinite coins are doing. Other than that all functions work as intended really.
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