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  1. This isn't where you post requests.
  2. Further testing revealed that editing the float slider value to something higher than what is intended is possible. However, setting it to negative values is not making this transaction really not favorable. I had also attempted to manipulate the slider values for item selling however, the slider also checks the item count to set it's own limit so it won't sell 1000 HP Potions if you only have 70 and all attempts to change how much of X item I own have failed. [The maximum limit in this photo here is 10 not the edited 1000.]
  3. Google Play Store Link https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.abiss.roem&hl=en_US Description Right off the bat I will say, the game says it's online, it's not. It's single player only and can be filled with AI's if you want it too and you can have them join your party. However, on attempting to cheat this game myself (not proficient at cheating aside from basics and reading addresses) I noticed the game has it's own cheat detection and ban feature but it is easily bypassed by not logging in (has cloud saving) and deleting the save data (com.abiss.roem -> files -> data -> data.roemdata) should you be banned. I have done this many times and it works great for modifying values without risk so I was wondering if there was a way to get pass the cheat detection and make changes permanent. [I am going to assume that logging in, using the cloud save function (tied to abiss.co servers), and modifying in-game values will ban you permanently with no chance of ever being unbanned] Hacks wanted Perfectly fine with anything, I know speeding up time (no time-skips) works fine and isn't caught by cheat detection but if you use it on a real save game and use two different phones (bluestacks and galaxy 9+) one save will be days ahead of the other and you can only use cloud save every 30 minutes which you will never be able to reach unless you stop using the speed hack. Other Information I have been using Bluestacks for Game Guardian use and my Samsung Galaxy 9+ for regular play (because I got the Snapdragon variant). I also find this Korean game's poor translation to English really funny, they are brand new to the play store as they have only been on it for 3 months.
  4. So after playing with the script for a while it works fine so long as you follow the steps at turbo's website (Yes the values displayed in his video and the values you get in game will never be the same however, simply follow what he does regardless you'll be fine). However, the free packs do not work as they either appear as a white box or simply prevent the gasoline order box from appearing which prevents you from getting any boxes (Bonus: The gasoline order box is simply invisible and will cover a part of your screen until you hit back on your phone however, hitting the buy buttons will give you coins much faster than using the map or spamming gasolines if using a modded apk). Also the lvl 99 hack just crashes your game if you reload an area and I'm not sure what exactly the infinite coins are doing. Other than that all functions work as intended really.
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