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  1. kiynox

    What VM should i use?

    [ @wrenee2 ] --- I would always recommend to try: VPhoneGaGa, it support Magisk and compatible with most apps. It's best to use the modded version. ---
  2. [ @hexgameplays ] --- Just download the modded apk from the thread:
  3. [ @APEXggV2 ] --- Haven't tried F1VM myself. Can you install magisk on it? It would be better that way. ---
  4. [ @Olot ] --- To be honest, I don't really know since I haven't doing it myself. But probably it can cause bootloop or your device might brick. --- As it's name, it is temporary, the phantom will be turned on sometimes later (Overrided) ---
  5. [ @Olot ] --- it's really simple, just download: Termux. Then copy, paste and enter this command: su -c "settings put global settings_enable_monitor_phantom_procs false" To avoid any issues, before turning off your phone (Shutdown/Restart) re-enable phantom: su -c "settings put global settings_enable_monitor_phantom_procs true" Or you can disable it temporarily: su -c "setprop persist.sys.fflag.override.settings_enable_monitor_phantom_procs false" Or if you have Android 14+, just simply enable Developer Option and navigate: Android Settings -> System -> Developer Option -> Enable "Disable child process restrictions". --- *Still proceed with caution.
  6. [ @Olot ] --- Newer Android version (Android 12-14) uses Phantom processes, it will abruptly stop any processes that exceeded the limit. Perhaps try to disable it: Phantom --- Try it on your own risk, I'm not responsible for anything you tried. Proceed with caution.
  7. [ @Mojihacker ] --- It depends on the device. Games usually uses JH/A/CA/CD/XA. In some cases, values from JH in one device, can be found on XA on another device. So in terms of this, you should instead select all green-pink-red-purple memory region before fixated into particular memory region. --- My assumption is that, since games calls alot of system libraries (OpenGL, etc), it will be allocated into XS: System Code. So as it's name, it is probably related how game interact with your Android. ---
  8. kiynox

    What to do?

    [ @Nogggy ] --- You need to dump the game first. All the game information will be stored into dump.cs which you can see all the game offsets to modify. If there's multiple offset from dump.cs, you need to test it one by one. ---
  9. kiynox

    What to do?

    [ @Nogggy ] --- Generate the game SDK by dumping it using: Magisk and use: Zygisk-Il2CppDumper module -> then find something "unlock" or "skin" from dump.cs -> take the offset, and use BadCase Toolbox or other similar tools -> paste the offset and change the value accordingly. --- Yes it's simplified.
  10. [ @kalibro ] --- Send us some screenshot. There's 2 app protection, there's things like LiApp / AppGuard that responsible for detecting any kind of abnormalitis on the app level (External), then there's in-game Anti-Cheat that tracks any in-game values (Internal). When talking about Anti-Cheat, you need to address any aspects of the game/app, including External & Internal Anti-Cheat.
  11. [ @angel88888 ] --- Might be related to newer Android restriction, perhaps try to disable phantom processes: Phantom --- * Process with procaution, might have bad side effects.
  12. [ @kalibro ] --- It is likely caused by app detection, similar to LiApp or AppGuard. In this case, you need to hide GG from the game using Magisk modules: Shamiko HideMyAppList SafetyNetFix [MOD] Bootloader Spoofer ---
  13. [ @Saaammii ] --- That's why you need to install it through ADB. Just download the modded version of Game Guardian from the thread. This thread/topic have beed updated, go take a look. --- It is a command to switch directory to current directory. --- Your forgot to add the parameter. The key is here: --bypass-low-target-sdk-block Android will whitelist the APK from SDK Version detection. So do: cd/d "%~dp0" adb.exe install --bypass-low-target-sdk-block gameguardian.apk
  14. [ @1x1 ] --- What do you mean by this? Game Guardian is accessing application memory space, it is reading /proc. So if the game recognized the path difference, Game Guardian can also read it from memory. ---
  15. [ @Collen ] --- How to get "" ---
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