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Found 1 result

  1. [ Introduction ] Hi @everyone, in recent times, Android has just released version 14, which includes some SDK restrictions. The requirements are that apps should at least be under SDK version 24+, or else installation fails. Another problem is that Game Guardian hasn't been updated for years (March 22, 2021, since the last update), a total of 2 years. I understand that life can be unbothered sometimes, and I hope there's some confirmation regarding this instead of intending it as an "unforseeable future" kind of thing. I've seen a rising number of these issues on Help, General Discussion, and in other possible sections of the forum. I recommend anyone who has a newer device or just recently updated to Android 14 to follow this topic. Here, I propose several possible solutions regarding this issue: [ Main Course ] You can bypass SDK enforcement using shell commands, which you need to install Game Guardian manually through command line. You can achieve this through ADB: Android Debug Bridge or Termux: Terminal for Command Line application. This tutorial will split into 2: { ADB: Android Debug Bridge } This step doesn't require "Root" permission, but before proceeding into the main tutorial. We should prepare several things: Computer / Laptop running Windows OS A cable data Download ADB depedencies: here Android device with "USB debugging". If your device "cant be recognized" or simply not exist on "Device Manager", you need to install: Universal ADB Driver Then read: XDA: Install ADB & Enable USB Debugging. Now put this command on your command prompt / powershell / gitbash / or whatever terminal you use: # Check if our device works properly adb devices # Install Game Guardian manually through ADB adb install --bypass-low-target-sdk-block <path_to_game-guardian.apk> # If ADB is unresponsive / bugged, do: adb kill-server adb start-server { Termux: Terminal } The only requirement is you need "Root" permission, this is the most easiest way. Since you're going to Install Game Guardian, I assume you already have one (Yes, Game Guardian requires "Root" permission, duh). Download: Termux and Just go ahead execute this command: pkg update pkg upgrade pkg install tsu pkg install android-tools sudo adb install --bypass-low-target-sdk-block <path_to_game-guardian.apk> { Virtual Machine } This is suitable way for non-rooted users. Android 14 is relatively new, some of your ROM/OS might not support "Rooting" yet. Virtual Machine allows you to emulate another Android inside your Android 14 (or etc). Usually it comes with older Android version. I suggest to use Virtual Machine with Android 7 or 9 as you're not going to face any redundant issues, like Android 10-14 did. I would recommend using "VPhoneGaGa": VPhoneGaGa VMos Pro X8Sandbox F1VM { Modded APK } You can try to edit Game Guardian SDK: ("android:targetSdkVersion" to version 24+) and ("android:minSdkVersion" to 24+) on Manifest.xml using: APK Editor. You can also download already modded Game Guardian here (credit to @HEROGAMEOfficial ) : : Game Guardian : [ Aftermath ] With that, you can simply reference this topic in case there's someone that facing the same problem. I hope this topic can help you and other people. Thank you for reading.
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