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  1. Hi @BloodMoonScript, the only solution I can think of is to try the game first on: VPhoneGaGa -> then Install Magisk (Yes, VPhoneGaGa support Magisk) -> then use Magisk module. If it's working, I would say just with stick VPhoneGaGa.
  2. Hi @DimoNULL, you need to get the libil2cpp.so address first, then do calculate offset by simply adding the RVA address of the function. Here's what it looks like using the script: so = gg.getRangesList('libanogs.so')[1].start gg.alert(tostring(so + "0x129fc4")) -- "0x129fc4" is your function address -- The function will be located at libil2cpp.so + function address.
  3. Hi @harpov, you're trying to pass a string as parameter. It is kind of difficult in Game Guardian, since it can only replace existing memory. String is handled as pointer, when function asking for string types, it is asking the pointer of the string not the string itself. It is because string can consist more than one character, which there will be several hex/bytes representing each character. You might want to read this: ARM Patching I've seen that you're only trying to make it return null. First, you need to check wether the function is void or returning something. If you're intending to disable the function just do: BX LR 1E FF 2F E1 If it's void, disabling the function can crash the game. Alternatively you can pass one character to the parameter. You can try to convert character to hex: UTF8 to Hex. For example, character 'a' is '0x61' in hex. So you can do something like this: MOV R1, 0x61 61 10 A0 E3 Note that you need to adjust the 'R1' or the register according to the parameter. First parameter is usually passed into R1 register, but since it is a string, you might looking for LDR/LDRB instruction inside the function and change it with the instruction above.
  4. Hi @kashM, go to appropiate section of the forum, for example: HELP Section. Then simply click on "Ask a question" button:
  5. Yeah, I forgot. It's just printing the address of metadata and libil2cpp.so. Just use Zygisk instead for easy use.
  6. Hi @missmcp, that's weird. If GGIL2CPP works, then it can find it, otherwise it's not. For me it is working:
  7. MC874

    help dump legend slime idle

    Hi @Kest, Metadata doesnt matter. It uses Zygisk to dump from runtime. It is working thanks. dump.cs
  8. MC874

    help dump legend slime idle

    Hi @Kest, try to use: Zygisk-Il2CppDumper, it's Magisk module: zygisk-il2cppdumper.zip
  9. Hi @kotako, might tag admin as well @Collen- @NoFear.
  10. Serving my warmth welcome @kashM, glad you're joining us.
  11. Hi @Saaammii, the game has some kind of protection. Please read this comment: AntiCheat
  12. Hi @eliottalderson, it is depends on how the game/app implements emulator detection. Some through java classes and some through compiled library. My approach is to use: frida for java classes and do reverse engineering using: IDA Pro or Ghidra for compiled library. So for LIAPP use frida instead. Yes. Developers can name the 'emulator detection' whatever they want, also the approach can be different. So different app, different approach, unless they are under the same system with the same version (ex: tersafe/anog, liapp, etc) You're in the right category, don't worry. Welp, I've seen some videos that it is possible to disable LIAPP from being launched through smali. However, decompiling the APK requires you to disable the APK Signature first for most game/app which is a different kind of story. You're on the right track, keep tracing the game and you're a reverse engineer!
  13. Hi @serdarag, it is certainly possible to update mod menu values to newer version but not in a way that you moved the mod menu to new version. So, you can run the modded apk first -> activate mod menu cheats -> dumps the game library -> find differences between dumped library and the original library -> mark the differences -> reverse the library and find the address that's already marked -> reverse the new version library and find the same location, you can judge it by code structure, pointer or etc -> then you can create your own Game Guardian script.
  14. Hi @Collen, asking for permission to attach this apk to the thread.
  15. Hi @missmcp, you can use: GGIL2CPP to find metadata registration offset. require("Il2cppApi") Il2cpp() gg.alert(tostring(Il2cpp))
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