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  1. Need help hacking the game Panic Room | House of secrets: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=air.ru.nikitaonline.panicroom.mobile&hl=ru The game is hacked to get points while searching for items. I tried to hack the elements in the game, found the value, changed it, spent the element to make sure the elements were hacked, but in the end the value rolled back to what it was. The same situation with time. When searching for items, there is a countdown, I found this value with the Qword type, but my changes are rolled back.
  2. I don't know, but maybe everything works, although there are errors in the script. Maybe it's because I ran it through an emulator. I'll attach a screenshot below. I ran the script, but I didn't know where to activate the features in the game lobby or in the match. I recommend writing where to activate the functions.
  3. I watched the video and was happy with the update. That's what I said: Sometimes Hack Coin works, sometimes it doesn't, but the script turned out great, I like everything.
  4. Is there a chance that you can get a ban?
    Great script, I liked everything.
  5. You can download the latest mod for this game. If necessary, I can give you a link.
    The script works, everything is super. All characters are unlocked, coins are hacked. But the game itself is just terrible, for a year of its existence, you can achieve a lot of success. The game was created purely to earn money (IMHO)
  6. The toy is super, addictive, I did not dare to download it before, I thought that a bad and boring game, it turns out that playing it can kill a lot of time and nerves almost do not flutter. The script also works, the author is good, but you can hack not only coins, but also character characteristics to last longer in battle and get more points.
    The author is good. The script works, but since the game is single-player, you can hack anything.
  7. @Boss45 Are you updating your scripts? Or will you just do it once and leave it as it is? Don't think I have a bad opinion of you, it's just the impression I got. How many scripts were created for this game, and they are not updated, it is strange somehow.
  8. @Boss45 What other games will you hack in the future? I'm just curious, I don't know why
  9. @Boss45 Yes of course! Everything works perfectly! I watched the video and read the guide. Everything is cool, thank you
  10. Okay, I understand. I just tried several times to do it, but it didn't work out. Maybe I missed something. Thanks
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