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  1. zverilius


    Be carefull! For hacking games they give a ban, you can’t create your own clan or join another clan, only the storyline will be available to you !!!
  2. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bhvr.deadbydaylight Hooray, it went out! Today a global release took place !!!! Gentlemen modders, we are waiting for hacking and VIP scripts from you)))
  3. Yes, but for a simple layman this is a very complicated tutorial! You then again fill him with questions, such as how, why and where ...)))))
  4. Your video has been deleted !!! Either correct the link or delete the topic ((((
  5. Guys enough already! Even if NoFear uploads this video to you, you still won’t understand anything, everything is very complicated there and again no one is safe from the ban !!!!
  6. Do I understand correctly that I need to enter 3X1 in the search? But I don’t find anything at all (((
  7. Please provide a link to this video. It is interesting to take a look! But maybe that hack is already outdated, the developers fixed it !?
  8. zverilius


    Why a script ... Is it easy to describe? What is very difficult? At least where and what to watch?
  9. zverilius


    And true, it remained somewhere there ... Nerves shook and disappeared ...:-)))))))))))
  10. zverilius


    Suppose I look for the number of gold coins, then sift out the values by spending or adding coins, but in the end I come to one value that constantly “floats” ((((( I just have not tried ((((((( Maybe you need to search through the "search for unknown value (fuzzy)"?
  11. zverilius


    Genius! But how? What are the values and where to choose ???
  12. zverilius


    As I understand it, did you succeed? You're a master of your craft !!!
  13. zverilius

    Bow Land

    https://m.apkpure.com/ru/bow-land/com.doublestar.treasurehunt Here is a game like "Archero", but much more interesting and beautiful!!! If there is a desire, then hack on it!)))))) Encrypted values((((
  14. zverilius


    https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=mobi.blackbears.towerlands A bow to all craftsmen !!! Please help me hack this game into gold coins and diamonds! The values are somehow encrypted, I just can’t figure it out (((((( The game is offline.
  15. Big Bow! https://badcase.org/downloads/mortal-kombat-mobile/ Greetings! I have a question, for using your script, is it possible to ban?
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